Best Woodpecker Feeders Of 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Birds Choice 2. Brome 3. Natures Way
Birds Choice Best Woodpecker Feeder Brome Nature’s Way

Choosing the best woodpecker feeder is not easy, there are many options available online and choosing one among them is a tad bit confusing. Having tried and tested multiple bird feeders, we know a thing or two about it. In this buyer guide, we have covered the top woodpecker feeders available currently.


Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Woodpecker Feeder

When you are looking at the woodpecker feeder, you should ensure that you know what features are going to be important when making a choice. There is a lot that you need to think about and check out when it comes to the models, including.

1. Accessibility

The birds would enjoy being able to lounge on the item that can be seen from a good distance away. This is why you need to ensure that the feed should be such that it is easy for the birds to access the food and not as easy for the squirrels and other larger animals.

You should look for one that allows the birds to eat easily, but that also prevents mice, rats, cats, squirrels and even snakes from getting access.

2. Basic

Another thing to think about is if the woodpecker bird feeder would do what is needed. There are options that are extremely basic and simple in terms of design, but that would give the capacity that is required.

You should think about what type of items you want to give them, including seeds or suet cakes and find one that can hold that.

3. Comfort

You also want to think about how comfortable the birds are going to be using these spaces while they are eating. One of the things to think about is getting the tail prop model that would give the bigger birds a place to rest their tail feathers and get the right balance.

4. Ease Of Use

You also want to ensure that you are picking a model that is going to be easy in terms of usage. Think about how you would have to refill it and how easily you would be able to see how much of the cake or other items are remaining.

5. Durability

Also, you want to find a model that is extremely durable, especially if you live in a harsh weather environment. You would not want to end up spending money in replacing the feeders.

It means finding the one that is made using the highest quality materials available and it should be weather resistant. You want a sturdy model that isn’t going to dangle or move with the movements of the bird or even the wind.

6. Price

You also want to take the price into consideration when you are looking at the various options. Think about what you want to spend in terms of the platforms for the birds and then find the best one within that range that would have what you need and want.

7. Material

Another thing to consider is the material that they are made of, especially if you are trying to attract some more birds. This means that you should think about getting one made out of cedar or even one that is going to be easily visible.

8. Capacity

You are going to need to check out how much the model you are looking at can hold. Think about this in terms of suet cakes if that is what you are going to give them or seeds and other types of food as well. This is important and you should make sure you are picking the right sized model.

These are all important features that you are going to need to ensure that you are looking at when you are making the choice about which one to purchase. If you want to take proper care of the birds, then make sure you are getting one that they can access easily and that squirrels and other nuisances can’t get into easily.

Top 25 Best Woodpecker Feeders 2022

1. Birds Choice

Birds Choice Best Woodpecker FeederThis is a simple single suet cake model that is made using recycled milk jugs and plastic. The tail prop is 6”, which means that any large bird is going to be comfortable using this model while they are eating.

It is also extremely durable and you won’t find that the squirrels or the birds can eat or peck at the material that holds the suet cake or the casing itself.

Not only can you put a suet cake here, but if you want to add some larger pieces of edible items, then you can like peanuts. It is also very easy when it comes to hanging it up and very affordable without compromising on the build.


  • High-quality build
  • Easy to fill and use
  • Nice design
  • Durable and can withstand various weather elements
  • Affordable
  • Made using recycled materials


  • Squirrels can lift up the lid to get the grates moved and remove the entire suet cakes

2. Brome

BromeDo you feed birds and squirrels in your yard, then, there is no need to scatter things around, rather, you can opt for this feeder by Brome.

This model is from Brome and it is entirely squirrel proof and is ideal for smaller ingredients like seeds and nuts.

The shroud that is on the model would close entirely if a larger squirrel was to try to climb on and all of the parts that are used are chew proof. It would attract various types of birds like chickadees, jays, titmice, nuthatches and much more.

There aren’t any tools that would be needed to put this together or take it apart and it is going to be very simple when it comes to cleaning it.

There is also a small tail prop on the model that makes it simpler for the birds to enjoy eating and the design is elegant, yet useful.


  • Completely squirrel protected
  • Can use nuts, seeds and other ingredients inside
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Durable and can stand up to all weather elements


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Need to ensure that the nut on the bottom is securely fastened or the entire model can fall apart

3. Nature’s Way

Nature’s WayThis is an upside-down model where the suet cake can only be accessed from the bottom. This is made from high-quality cedar wood, which is insect and rot resistant and this draws all types of birds.

It has a beautiful design, which is simple, yet elegant and makes it easier for the birds to get to the cake as it goes down in size.

This is going to limit the types of birds that would be able to access this model since there are only a few that can eat upside down.

However, this is going to be a good option if you want something different and if you want something that you can easily maintain.


  • Ideal for birds who eat upside down to avoid all types of birds
  • Deters rodents and squirrels who can’t cling
  • Stunning design using cedarwood
  • Chains and roof are rust-resistant


  • Suet can fall on the ground, which attracts pesky ground feeders
  • Can tilt when the birds are eating, which can damage the structure

4. Squirrel Shop’s

Squirrel Shop’sFor those who are looking for a larger model, then the double suet tail prop model from Squirrel Shop is great. This will attract a wide variety of birds to your home or the backyard and there is a large tail prop on the bottom for the larger ones.

It can hold 2 suet cakes and the exterior is covered with some vinyl that gives it a better grip. It is very durable and it can withstand a lot of wind without falling down, which means the hanging wire is also high quality.

The cakes can be loaded into the cages easily and you can see the levels, which means you know when to replace it.


  • Affordable
  • High-quality materials
  • Can use 2 suet cakes at once
  • Can stand up to storms with high wind speeds and other weather elements
  • Easy to load
  • It comes with a unique ventilation system which keeps the food in it fresh


  • Not squirrel proof

5. Kettle Moraine

Kettle MoraineIf you are searching for an affordable and stunning cedar model, then this one by Kettle Moraine is great. It is made using solid cedar wood with stainless steel screws in the construction and there is stainless steel hanging cable as well.

It can hold 2 suet cakes and the roof can lift up to make filling easier and you can clean it easily as well. This can be placed on any tree in your backyard or even in the garden or if you want to watch them eat, then by your window.

It is a simple design, but it still has a tail prop that all of the birds would love to use and it will last for a long time even if the squirrels try to get inside.


  • Made of cedarwood
  • Stainless steel used for the screws and the hanging cable
  • Holds 2 suet cakes
  • Easy to fill
  • Simple to clean


  • Suet cakes can easily be removed by squirrels

6. Nature’s Way Bird Products

Nature's Way Bird ProductsOne of the ways that you can attract birds is by the woodpecker foods that you add to the feeder, but also if you use cedar, then it would attract them as well.

However, the bigger birds are going to keep coming back to your area because of the tail prop that is installed. This is a vertical and elongated cedar model with some deep skerfs, which is used by the birds to rest their very long tails.

Nature’s Way Bird Products introduces its cedar suet cake bird feeder which is perfect for attracting birds. There are other birds that will come and visit this model like bluejays and even chickadees.

You can see exactly how much of the suet cake is left and refilling this model is very simple. It also doesn’t sway like some of the other models do and it is weather resistant.


  • Simple to use
  • Weatherproof
  • Gives a stable experience for eating for the larger birds


  • Wooden lid can be chewed through by squirrels giving them access to the food inside

7. Kettle Moraine

Kettle Moraine Window MountFor those who want to watch the birds eating from their windows, then this one is ideal. It mounts to your window and this is going to be great since there won’t be anything that would be in the way of you watching.

Also, you can always check on this easily since it would be easy to see the level of the cake and replace it. It is very easy to mount this feeder because it is equipped with extremely powerful suction cups which makes sure that the bird feeder stays exactly where you placed it.

It is very sturdy and it can hold around 3 small birds at the same time without falling off. It attracts a wide variety of birds, including black birds, blue jays and sparrows and is perfect for those who live in an apartment.


  • Light, simple and practical design
  • Removing and refilling the suet is easy
  • Very reasonably priced when compared to other models
  • Can withstand plenty of weather changes


  • Can’t hold more than a single suet
  • Possibly can create a big mess around your window area

8. iBorn

iBornFor those who are searching for a simple design and effective bird feed, this is the perfect model. The mesh is made of stainless steel and it is a circular design with copper brushed finish on both the top and the bottom.

There is a very sturdy handle on the top that can be used for carrying it as well as hanging it up and it is ideal for attracting nuthatches, chickadees, titmice, cardinals, finches, kinglets and much more.

It is also very easy when it comes to filling since you just need to lift the lid away so you can pour the seeds or nuts inside. This would be extremely durable and can withstand all types of weather and you can place this by your window so you can enjoy watching them eat.


  • High quality in terms of build
  • Perfect for smaller food items
  • Weatherproof
  • Affordable


  • Raccoons and squirrels can knock it down and access the food inside

9. Birds Choice

Birds Choice SNWPThis is a woodpecker feeder that is made from various recycled materials and it is going to be appealing to the environment-conscious birders.

Besides, its simplistic look, this feeder is made of steel screws, poly lumber, aluminium that is rust-resistant, a seed diverter that is removable and it has routed edges. It has given it a sturdy build along with a pleasing look.

It is a well-designed piece since it has the perfect balance in terms of functionality and looks. There is some clear plexy that would allow you to see the level of the seeds or the nuts so you can easily tell when it needs to be refilled.

There are 2 ports to access the food and there is a wire loop that is attached, which means you can mount it on a pole.


  • Simple to clean
  • Elegant and strong design
  • Made from plastic that is recycled


  • Not squirrel proof
  • Roof might leak when it is raining

10. Heath Outdoor Products

Heath Outdoor Products SFWIt is a very simple design that looks like a chalet and it is made out of cedarwood. It can hold 2 suet cakes on either side of the wood, which means birds can eat from whatever side is free or has more suet cake left.

It is extremely high quality and it feels and looks great when you hold it and hang it up for the birds to enjoy. The snaps on this cage are heavier, which means that the squirrels might or might not be able to get to the cakes depending on their determination.

It can be used anywhere in your garden and it would work perfectly in your window for those who want to see the birds enjoy the food.


  • Low price despite the high-quality build
  • Double suet capacity on both sides of the model
  • Made of cedarwood
  • Simple to use and even clean


  • Squirrels can easily open the clasp and get the suet cakes out

11. Gray Bunny

Gray BunnyIf you are planning on feeding the birds peanuts, sunflowers or other types of larger grains, then the Gray Bunny steel sunflower and peanut feeder is the best.

It comes in 2 different sizes for your needs, which includes 9.5” and 15” that are both high quality and easy to fill. It is fully assembled and easy to use and maintain since you just need to wash it down with hot water.

It is an extremely affordable model where you can attract a huge array of birds like jays, titmice, nuthatches, chickadees and many more.

It is perfect if you want to gift something to a bird lover or watcher and it has an attractive design that would be ideal for your front porch or window area.


  • Durable and made of high-quality materials
  • Allows for numerous birds to access the seeds and peanuts at once
  • Sliding lid to allow for easy access and filling
  • Chew proof iron bottom and top
  • Comes in 2 sizes


  • No protective roof to keep the seeds or corn from the rain

12. Birds Choice

Birds Choice Brown TopIf you want a heavy-duty bird feeder this is the one to go for and there is a thick, yet elegant cedar block holding the 2 cages for cakes. It is a very durable model and it will allow the larger birds to easily eat the cakes since there is a tail prop for them to use.

The feeder is designed in such a way that smaller birds would perch on the top of the model to eat the suet cake. While placing this feeder, ensure that you choose a spot which the birds can easily locate, especially when it rains.

It doesn’t have a very large roof so the rain can affect the suet cakes, but they are also protected slightly. Ensure that you are checking them after rain or after a few days to see if they need to be replaced.


  • Durable
  • Ideal for larger birds
  • Simple in terms of use
  • Can hold 2 suet cakes


  • Smart squirrels can open the cages and take the suet cakes

13. Kettle Moraine

Kettle Moraine CedarWhen it comes to some of the most effective models of a bird feeder, then this cedar single suet cake one from Kettle Moraine is one of the bests.

The wood on the outside has been slightly roughened up to make it easier for the birds to grip and perch on it while they are eating. There is also a plank on top that allows for more birds to perch and eat from the top.

You can also spot a tail prop here for all of the larger birds, which helps them to keep their balance while eating. There are so many types of birds that you can see when they come to eat the suet cake you have inside, including chickadees, black-capped and much more.

It is also extremely simple to insert the cakes and clean it when it gets dirty.


  • Made of cedarwood
  • Stainless steel hanging cable and screws
  • Affordable
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Can be used anywhere in the backyard, including by the window


  • Squirrels are able to access the cake and can remove it

14. Stokes Select

Stokes Select HiattIf you are looking for a durable bird feeder, then you must have a look at the buffet-style bird feeder. It made from high-quality steel.

The single roof ensures that rainwater easily flows down and the material is waterproof, thus ensuring that the feeder is not impacted by weather conditions.

It can be placed in your show garden and the cages are rust-resistant and there is space for 2 suet cakes here.

The suet cakes will fit nicely since the cages have a bit more space, which is different than other models. It is a very deep model and sometimes the current suet cakes get pushed so far back into it that the birds weren’t able to eat the food.

However, this is a good priced model that would work in any garden or backyard.


  • Durable
  • Has space for 2 of the suet cakes
  • Attractive and durable
  • Besides, you can store nesting materials and oranges
  • It comes with the double closure locking system thus ensuring the safety of the food


  • Suet cakes can get pushed back into the cage preventing the birds from accessing them

15. Kettle Moraine

Kettle Moraine La ClingerThis clinger from Kettle Moraine is made of solid cedar and stainless steel screws. It can be mounted easily to a post or can even be hung from a nearby fence or in any other place.

There is a single port for food along with a screen backing, which allows for 1 seed to be released at a time, which prevents them from consuming all of the seeds at once.

This woodpecker feeder would also be great for other birds like nuthatches, titmice and chickadees. It can be filled with peanuts or even some bird mixture and it can hold around 1 pound of seeds.

However, this isn’t going to be good for smaller birds like sparrows and this is a way to keep smaller birds away.


  • Offers various feeding options to the birds
  • Build quality is good
  • Stays in one spot


  • Isn’t squirrel proof
  • Space for food is smaller compared to the size of the feeder

16. Naturesroom

NaturesroomIf you want a simple yet stunning design for your birds to enjoy, then this is the one. It has a single piece of well-crafted cedarwood with a tail prop on the bottom for various birds to enjoy their meal.

On both sides of the cedar plank, there are cages, which means that you can add 2 suet cakes for more access.

It would be great to go in your garden or even in any space in your backyard, especially near the windows. The cages for the suet cakes are very sturdy and made of high-quality metal and you can easily open them and replace the cakes.

Also, the way that it is made it would be hard for the squirrels to cling on and try to open the cages.


  • High-quality red cedar used for the middle plank
  • 2 suet cakes can be used
  • Nice quality hanging hook
  • Can be used for fruits and nesting materials
  • Comes with different types of suet cakes you can purchase or make


  • A bit more expensive than some of the other models

17. Songbird Essentials

Songbird EssentialsIt is an alluring design for a bird station and the green colour of this feeder easily camouflages with your yard. It is green with a long tail prop on the bottom and a sturdy roof and top.

It is made with some recycled materials and it has a good size that makes it perfect for hanging in trees or in your garden. It can also attract plenty of birds into the area with the double suet cakes, which means more space to eat.

If you are looking for something that would hold larger types of birds, then this is the way to go. This is perfect for all sized birds, but the larger ones love it due to the long size of the tail prop.


  • Easy for large birds to use
  • Stunning and alluring design
  • Created using recycled products
  • Double suet cake capacity
  • Affordable


  • If the cages aren’t installed properly, then the suet cakes can be hard to replace
  • Can be hard to clean

18. Stoke Select

Stoke Select SuetIf you want to attract a larger number of birds to your yard or if you don’t want to have to change out the suet cakes as often, then this 4 suet cake model is good.

It has a stunning design, which means that you can place it anywhere. It has a good roof that will protect suet cakes during any bad weather, including snow and rain.

The construction is very durable and the coating on it is weather resistant and the cage is made of solid steel to allow birds to cling easier.

There are 2 compartments on either side of the wood that can hold 2 suet cakes, which means more food for the birds. It is also very easy to use and you can see the cakes and replace them when they are close to being gone.


  • Can hold 4 suet cakes
  • Squirrel proof
  • Can feed more birds
  • Perfect for birds of larger sizes
  • Attractive design
  • Very affordable


  • Some squirrels can open the doors so you might need to rig it so they can’t open it

19. Cottage Garden

Cottage GardenFor those who want something that is not only useful but has a great look and feels to it, then the Cottage Garden metal outdoor nut model is ideal.

You can get it in both black and copper tones to fit your needs and even the scheme of your garden or home. You can place all types of ingredients in here, including seeds, nuts and much more.

It is a highly durable material or it is powder-coated colour which makes it weather resistant. It can easily store 1 pound of food, so it is sufficient enough to feed birds.

It doesn’t need to be assembled and it is very simple to refill it and you can see just how much is left. You can also clean it easily by washing it with some hot water or even with the garden hose.

It has a few perches on the bottom for birds to perch and the cage allows for more perching for smaller birds. It has slick metal on the top and bottom is used to discourage squirrels and other animals from stealing.


  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Easy to use, maintain and refill
  • Metal roof is leak proof to protect the seeds and nuts
  • Affordable
  • Slick top and bottom parts to keep out the squirrels and other large animals


  • Mesh is too large to use for thistle
  • Squirrels can chew through the mesh to access the food

20. Birds Choice

Birds Choice BeigeIf you are looking for a simple and functional bird feeder, then you must have a look at this singe cake feeder by Birds Choice. It is made from recycled plastic with a light brown body and a darker brown top with a cage where you can place a single suet cake.

It is also extremely lightweight and very durable when it comes to withstanding various weather elements. The larger birds might find using this smaller model harder, but it is perfect for the smaller types.

There is also a tail prop that makes it much more comfortable for birds to sit here and enjoy a meal.


  • Lightweight
  • Made using recycled plastic
  • Basket is very sturdy
  • Good build
  • Durable


  • Easy for squirrels to access
  • Doesn’t have a lot of protection from the weather

21. Home Garden

Home Garden CedarLarger models are great since they give more space for the birds to eat, which means that more birds can have access to the suet cakes. It is an easily accessible bird feeder that is made from cedar wood and is coupled with a metal cage to slip in the suet and bird’s food.

This bird feeder is not only designed for a woodpecker, but also for sparrows and hummingbird. This is something that you can use for everything and it will be extremely durable and versatile.


  • Can hold suet cakes safely
  • Larger size is suitable for woodpecker, hummingbirds and sparrows.
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easily accommodates 2 suets
  • Large roof for protection of the food and birds


  • It can be inconvenient for large woodpecker

22. The Woodpecker Family

The Woodpecker FamilyIf you are looking for something which is attractive and colourful birdfeeder, then this woodpecker feeder is going to be great.

It is made from handcrafted wood, which is great for those who are environmentally friendly while still wanting to feed the birds. It holds a single suet cake and there is a green roof that would give a perching spot to the birds and protection during the weather.

It comes with a single opening lid that allows easy placement of suet or bird food. It is also extremely affordable, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t the highest quality possible. The design also makes it impossible for the squirrels and other animals to steal the cake.


  • Beautiful looking feeder
  • Made from good quality wood
  • Simple and beautiful design
  • Easy to wash down


  • Since it looks like a bird, there is a greater probability that other birds might not get attracted

23. Songbird Essentials

Songbird Essentials ComederoThis model is from Songbird Essentials and they know that the larger birds need a way to balance themselves when they are eating, which is why this model is created. It has a tail prop to rest the tails, which is important for the larger birds.

The green colour will help to attract more birds to the area while looking good at the same time. It is made from recycled plastic, which is tempting for environmentally friendly birders.

The material is also thick, which means it is going to last a few years and it will stay in the same shape even if it falls from a high distance. It is a good model that would work well, especially if you replace the hanging wire that is provided to a better one.


  • Attracts more birds
  • Has the tail prop
  • Made of recycled plastic that is thick


  • Hanging cable isn’t the sturdiest around

24. Sorbus

SorbusIt is an attractive looking circular model that has 2 metal perches on the sides for the birds to access the food. It is going to be ideal for your garden and you can fill this with various types of ingredients, including seeds, fruits and even suet balls depending on what you have available.

It is also easy to use and fill. Moreover, you can easily see how much is there and you can take the lid off and pour it in.

The good part about this feeder is that you can hang it in your yard, patio, garden, trees etc. and attract birds. It has a sturdy metal wire that is used to hold it up and suspend it from wherever you want and it is great for all types of birds.


  • Perch allows birds to rest and eat easily
  • Very simple to clean and fill up
  • High-quality build
  • Squirrel proof


  • Holes might be too small to get certain types of seeds out
  • Smaller seeds can’t be used due to the larger holes

25. Mekkapro

MekkaproIt is another one of the favourite suet cake style models and you can insert 2 of the normal-sized cakes into the sides. It means you can also put orange halves in it or even some nesting materials if you want. One of the best features of this feeder is that it is easy to use and birds can easily access the food.

Also, there is a good roof on top of it, which means you don’t need to worry about the cakes when it rains since they are well protected. The cages that are there are perfect for birds to hang on to while they are eating.


  • Can accommodate around 2 to 4 birds at one time
  • Very easy when it comes to cleaning
  • Easy to maintain and set-up


  • Squirrels can easily access and remove all of the cakes

What Is A Woodpecker Feeder?

One of the first things that anyone is going to ask is just what is a woodpecker bird feeder? In simple words, it is a container that holds edible items that would attract the woodpeckers.

It also allows them to get into the foods easily and there are models that are created for all types of birds. Many people add them to their yard to attract birds.

It would allow the birds to access the food inside without having to peck numerous holes and even hoard what they find.

These can hold various types of items for the birds that they love, including suet, insects, berries, fruits, seeds and even nuts. It is important when you are looking at what type you are going to purchase, so think about what you want to give them.

Why Are Woodpecker Feeders Needed?

You would also want to know why the woodpecker feeder would be needed, especially if you are a bird watcher. Having one of these placed in your garden or backyard can be very helpful and some of the benefits include.

  • Protects the supply – These days the designs that are being created are done so that it provides protection to the food material inside it. It means that not only are the ingredients inside held securely, but it also prevents mice and squirrels from gaining access.
  • Not messy – Another benefit of using these is that once the food has been placed inside, it isn’t going to make a mess. If you want to keep the area clean and make it easier for the birds to pick up and eat the food.
  • Saves your trees – Also, one of the things that this particular bird does is peck at the trees and if you let them access food, then you are saving your trees. If they can access food easily, then they aren’t going to peck at the trees since it is harder work.
  • Pest direction – If you are having a pest problem, then one thing you can do to solve it is put one of these in the area. Not only would the birds attack the cakes and seeds that are inside, but they would also eat the insects. This is important since you can keep the area clean of annoying insects.

You should always make sure that you know the reasons why using this is going to be important and what the benefits are that you can enjoy.

Various Types Of Woodpecker Feeders

There are various types of bird feeder that you would need to know about so you can make the right choice. You should always think about what type of container you are going to put the foods into. It means that you need to know some of the top types of the item, including.

1. Suet

It is just the most commonly used one and this is animal fat that has been rendered down and mixed with raisins, various seeds, berries, corn, nuts and much more. These can be made, but it is time-consuming, or you can purchase them at the store.

2. Basket

It is the most popular one and it is hanging in plenty of backyards. It is just a cage basket in a square shape that can hold 1 or more of the suet cakes. There are also various models that will attach these suet holders to the main part of the house and any birds that can cling can eat from this model.

3. Basket With Tail Prop

If you wish to attract larger birds to your yard, then this is a great choice. It would be much more comfortable for the birds to eat the food while they are in the house.

4. Log

This house type puts a solid cylindrical log made of wood with numerous holes drilled into it. These holes are then filled with some suet plugs and these are a great way for the item to look natural. It is the reason that the majority of birds prefer this model over others.

5. Ball

If you are using balls, then they are often put in a ring-shaped mesh or wire holder that would hold various numbers of balls. These aren’t as popular as the other styles because the birds can’t get the food while they are upright or vertical.

6. Wire Mesh

While birds love the suet that is created, they also like to have a varied diet like sunflower seeds, raisins, nuts, peanuts and much more.

If you have a wire mesh variety, then it makes it easier to feed them these items along with suet nuggets in this model. However, if you are purchasing one of these, you need to ensure it has larger holes that would work for the foods and their larger beaks.

7. Platform Or Tray

These aren’t a dedicated option just for one type of bird, but they are a flat option that would allow all birds to eat the contents. You can use this for plenty of feeding options, including dried mealworms and much more.

However, you need to ensure that you are getting one that is made of the highest quality material and that has a roof to protect the contents along with a good system for drainage.

Tips For Picking The Right Woodpecker Feeder

Are also going to want to think about which model and type is going to be ideal for you. The first thing that you need to consider when you are thinking about what to buy are the factors that are important, including.

1. Location

Besides, choosing the right kind of woodpecker feeder, it is important to place them at the right place so that birds can easily locate it. If you are thinking about the garden, then any model would do, but think about the design if you have a certain theme going on.

It is also important if you want to have it placed in your window since you might want to go for a smaller model.

2. Food Type

You should also think about the type of ingredients that you want to feed them. Do you just want to give them suet cakes or do you also want to give them seeds and some nuts?

This would help to decide what model would be good for you, especially if you want to give them a huge variety throughout the year.

3. Brand

Another thing to consider is the brand that you are interested in since this can make a huge difference in what options you have. Check out some of the feedback for various brands so you can decide which one is the best for your needs since there are so many that you can pick and choose from.

4. Reviews

You always need to check out the reviews that are being posted by previous customers. This can help you to figure out if there are any common problems with the model that you are looking at.

It can also help you in seeing how many people were happy with their purchase and what birds they managed to attract.

With a wide number of choices, it might become a bit difficult to find the right feeder, but here we bring you some of the popular woodpecker feeder options that you can consider if you are planning to buy a bird feeder.

FAQs on Woodpecker Feeders

1. How Do I Start Attracting The Woodpeckers To The Feeder?

Besides just putting up the right foods, which should be healthy and supplemental, you must create the appropriate and perfect habitat for them. It includes.

  • Setting up bathing areas – These bathing areas are going to be good for the birds to drink as well as bathe, but they often like the more natural bath areas than the decorated pedestal style. You should use one of the “ground bird bath” styles that can be set up to use a dripper, which can attract them more.
  • Shrubs and trees – You might not think about it, but having the right shrubs and even trees around the area are important. Some of the trees that you can plant around this area include deciduous, conifers and especially oak or pine. These are going to give the birds enough shelter and more food sources and you should think about adding shrubs and trees that bear fruit too.
  • Nectar and jelly – These birds have a sweet tooth and they love their nectar and jellies. If you want to give them nectar, you would have to buy a specific feeder that can dispense it, but it needs to have larger than normal holes.
  • Avoid pesticides or insecticides –It is another good food source for the birds and if you use these chemical-based agents in the area, then they won’t come around. The insects draw the birds to the area, so don’t ruin it if you are considering how to bring them around.

2. Where Is The Ideal Place To Hang My Bird Feeder For Woodpecker ?

You might have the best bird feeder and get the best food for the birds, but its important that you must place the feeder at the right place.

The best place that it can be hung is by mature and large trees to give them more opportunities for foraging. Also, you should think about leaving some stumps, dead trees and snags in the space to create more areas for them to hunt.

3. How Do You Clean It?

The question of cleaning is something that everyone has and it really depends on what type you have. If you are using the metal suet style option, then you just need to use some hot water and you should avoid using detergent or soap.

If the basket has become dirty and messy, then you can clean it out with a watering hose and dry it with a cloth and leave it to air dry before hanging it back up again.

However, if it is extremely dirty, then you can easily wash it with a solution of hot water and diluted bleach or even with vinegar. If there are debris and dirt stuck to the metal, then use a brush to clean it off before you wash it down.

4. What Do The Birds Eat?

These birds can thrive on a varied diet and they can eat a huge array of things, such as various insects, unsalted peanuts, dried mealworms, raisins, corn, sunflower seeds, peanut butter and nuts.

It means that you can give them a huge variety in terms of what you are giving them, but do the research before you put it out for them.

5. Do They Eat Suet?

It is one of the things that the birds love to eat is suet, but the ones that are visiting your woodpecker feeder might not like the fancy ones.

This is why you would need to try a few varieties before you find the one they like and during the summer you need to ensure that the suet balls and cakes don’t go rancid or melt.

6. What Are The Types Of Bugs That They Eat?

In semi-urban or urban areas these birds are thought to be a nuisance, but they are great at being a component for balancing in organic gardens and woody neighbourhoods.

It is due to the fact that they are natural-born exterminators and they like to eat a wide variety of insects like beetles, ants, mosquitoes, flies, bees and so much more.

7. What Is Required To Make My Own Suet Cake For The Cages?

If you want to give the birds something that you are making yourself for them, then suet cake would be ideal. You need to know what ingredients you are going to need, such as.

  • Saucepan on the stove
  • Large mixing spoons
  • Beef or other meat fat that has solidified
  • Birdseed mix or other loved ingredients
  • Molders

You just need to mix all of these ingredients in the large pan that is placed on the stove to ensure that they are all mixed evenly. Once this is done, then you can place it in your refrigerator for around 1 hour and then put it in your cages.

Whenever you are thinking of what type of foods you are going to feed them, you are going to need to think about the model that you are using.

There are some that would be ideal for suet cakes while there are also some that have larger mesh spacing so you can use peanuts, seeds and more. Based on the kind of food, you must choose the kind of feeder.

Also, you should think about other ways that these can be used during the summer and spring, including by leaving some fruit or even nesting materials that they can access easily.

These are just some of the top models that are available and they can cover any needs that you might have. It is important that you are thinking about why you would want to have one of these in your yard, which can help to protect all of your trees.

Also, it is great for those who love to see birds come and eat, which make for great presents, so check out each of these models to decide which one would be perfect for you.