Best Window Bird Feeders Of 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Nature’s Hangout 2. Nature’s Hangout 3. Roamwild Arch
Nature's Hangout Nature's Hangout Comedero Roamwild Arch

Nothing could be more joyful than being woken every morning by the sound of birds in your garden or backyard.

Ask any poet and they will tell you the joy of listening to the song of the birds and how each note gives wings to their imagination.

It is indeed a heavenly experience for the bird lovers, who simply can’t resist the sight of colourful birds resting on a branch or one of the best window bird feeder and hearing their chirping sounds.


Even if you are not a bird watcher, you should know that spending time outdoors in nature is a lot healthier than sitting in front of your TV or computer the whole day long.

So, if you have seen a couple of birds in your neighbourhood why not take advantage of their presence and lure them to your backyard? It is an excellent idea to use a window mounted bird feeder if you want to see them again and again.

Before you go ahead and start looking for a good quality bird feeder, why not learn more about them?

What Is A Window Bird Feeder?

Bird watchers are often in search of window feeders that can easily attract all those colourful birds in their area. Having the right bird feeder means regular visits from their feathery friends and the easy accessibility of watching all kinds of birds without startling them.

Bird feeding and watching have already become a hobby with most, and those feathery friends are indeed a complete source of joy for most. The bird feeder comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes and can be fixed easily to the windows.

Typically, many window bird feeders are made of very durable acrylic and carry suction cups that are used to attach them to the window.

These suction cups are clear and strong and can help fix the feeder to any glass window. The feeder can vary in size and are big enough to accommodate a couple of birds at a time or more. In fact, a suction cup bird feeder is strong enough to withstand the weight of a squirrel too!

Most window feeders carry perches for the birds so that they can sit there and wait for their turn to get the feed. The bird feeders often come with removable feeder trays to add the feed and remove them to clean from time to time.

The window feeder fits inside the window frame and offers a clear view from inside. The pitched roof at the top of the feeder ensures that it remains safe from cats and squirrels and prevents any snow build-up.

The design also helps to keep the rain out and to ensure that there is no condensation between the glass window and the feeder. Many feeders even come with a side mirror effect so that while the people inside can see the birds clearly, the birds do not get distracted by their movements.

Go ahead and get an up-close and personal’ experience with the birds with the right kind of bird feeder. It is a good idea to get guidance from expert birders on the various types of bird feeders available and know as to what kind is the best for your window.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Window Bird Feeder

When you start looking for the bird feeders, you are sure to get overwhelmed by the variety available in the market.

There are so many different models and brands to pick from, and each of them claims to be the best. However, you should be aware of what factors to keep in mind that can impact your buying decision.

Take a look at the different factors that can help you base your decision as to what kind of window bird feeder is the right one for you. Here are some questions t you need to ask yourself:

1. What Kinds Of Birds Exist In My Neighbourhood?

Before you go ahead and buy any bird feeder just because you like it, focus on the kind of birds you are likely to have as visitors. The kind of birds will determine the size of the feeder.

For example, if you have mostly sparrows and hummingbirds, you will need a smaller sized feeder, and if there are birds like the cardinal, you need to opt for a bigger one.

2. How Much Feed Do The Birds Need?

The food capacity of the feeder is the next essential factor to consider. Some birds carry much bigger capacity, for example, while the finches are happy with just one or two cups of feed, for the Blue jay, you need to place 3 to 4 cups. The larger the food capacity, the more refills you need to do.

3. What Kind Of Design Will Work Best For My Window?

Some designs will work just right for some window types, while others may not. If your window is big enough to accommodate the flat-roofed bird feeder, it means you can see those birds at all times. However, for those with a much smaller option, they need to go for the tube feeder design type.

4. How And Where Do I Place The Feeder?

Feeder placement is yet another essential factor to consider, and you need to buy the right size and design of the bird feeder for proper placement.

Make sure that the bird feeder is far away from any tree branches and ledges, or you might have more squirrels visiting you than those birds.

5. Will The Birds Feel Safe And Comfortable?

When buying the best window bird feeder, consider the safety and comfort of your feathery friends. The feeder you are interested in should carry different perches for both big and small birds so that they can feel safe and comfortable while feeding.

6. Can I Place Different Kinds Of Feed?

In some bird feeders, the feeding tray has a divider in the middle,that allows one to place different types of food. Now you can place peanuts on one side and sunflower kernels on the other. This way you can keep birds from fighting each other and at the same time attract different kinds of birds.

7. How Easy And Convenient Is It To Clean The Bird Feeder?

Ensure that the perching area and feeding tray is easy to clean. The sliding feeding tray should be easy to pull out and remove, clean, and refill. It is essential to provide a safe and clean environment for the birds.

8. Can I Get An Unobstructed View?

Sure, you can if you buy a good quality feeder made of clear durable and through the plastic. In case the quality is not good, the plastic is likely to fade and turn yellow with time. So, always check the quality of the plastic used to make the bird feeder. Even the suction cups should be completely transparent.

9. What About The Suction Cups?

You would, of course, want a strong suction to fix the feeder to the windows so that there are no risks of falling. The suction cups should be enough in number and lined in a straight row and create strong glass suction.

10. Is It Essential To Have A Sloping Acrylic Roof?

A sloped roof on the feeder prevents the birds from defecating all over the feeder. Moreover, any snow on the roof falls away easily and thus prevents the build-up of snow. It also prevents the occasional intruders like rats and squirrels from disturbing the birds.

11. Is The Bird Feeder Strong And Weatherproof?

The factors of strong build and being weatherproof, too, are very important when buying a bird feeder. The correct window bird feeder should be strong enough to bear any kind of weather.

So, if your window gets wet easily during rain and snow, look for an appropriate design to protect the seeds.

Keep the above factors in mind when buying one of the best bird feeders. After all, feeding those birds is indeed a great hobby and an interesting way to spend time while drinking your morning cup of coffee.

Read the reviews and compare the quality and price to make the final decision.

Essential Basics Of Window Bird Feeders

Now that you are ready to invest in a bird feeder, you should keep a couple of those bird feeding basics in your mind before buying.

Here are a few tips.

1. Do Not Compromise On Quality

Think of long term and never settle for the cheaper feeder simply because it is easier on the pocket. Bird feeding may be just a hobby for some, but it is indeed a long-term investment.

Look for a good quality feeder that is strong and durable and go for it, even if it is slightly expensive. Keep in mind that the bird feeder is likely to face extreme weather conditions and several backyard pests.

2. Look For An Upgraded Feeder

Consider the constant need to go outside to refill your bird feeder in harsh weather conditions like winds, rains, and snow.

So be a bit generous with the bird feeder and look for one that holds 2 lb of seed or more. It is seen that typically; the birds eat half their weight in seeds each day.

3. The Squirrels Are Your Enemy Number One

Get a squirrel-resistant feeder as they are likely to be your most persistent enemy when it comes to bird feeding.

If you are not careful, those pests are sure to invade the feeder and disturb your bird watching and feeding time. So, pick the window bird feeder and place it in the right location.

4. The Mess And The Cleanliness

Prepare for the mess as having bird feeder means lots of untidiness because of the seeds and bird droppings. So, look for the bird feeders that are easy to clean and sanitize and are safe from the bird droppings.

The design should keep the birds perched away so as to keep it from getting soiled. Keep in mind that feeders made of plastic, steel, or glass is likely to be freer of germs when compared to wood or clay, which are difficult to sanitize.

Last but not least, use your intuition when shopping for the window bird feeder. Avoid buying any feeder with sharp edges or points, and there should be ample space for the birds. Look at the bird feeders like an investment and go for one that is great to look at, and easy to fill and clean.

Now that you have made up your mind on what kind of bird feeder you would like to get some info on the kind of birds you can attract and what kind of feed would they love to eat.

How To Attract The Birds?

At times, you may need to make ana effort to attract those different birds in your neighbourhood to the window feeder. Well, there are several factors that can certainly make the feeder a lot more attractive for your feathery friends.

Here are some tips.

1. Why not add a birdbath as the birds would love to play with water and enjoy a cool drink after their feed? Using a birdbath is a great idea to attract birds to your location, and moving water will even work better.

2. Use popular seeds that are a favourite with most birds like sunflowers and black oil seeds. Use a high-quality mix to attract those birds, and soon you will have more and more visits to your feeder.

3. Ensure that the feed is visible, and it is a good idea to scatter some seeds directly beneath the feeder. Birds can then easily see the food and find your feeder and become a regular visitor.

4. Many people wonder as to what kind of seed mix or bird food to place in their feeder. Typically, the feed includes peanuts, dried fruit, small suet nuggets, mealworms, and more. You can always experiment with different kinds of food according to the kind of birds in your neighbourhood.

5. Now that you are a proud owner of the window bird feeder, and enjoying those visits by your feathery friends, it is essential to know how to take good care of the bird feeder. After all, you would want those visits to continue and keep the feeder in good shape for years.

Taking Care Of Window Bird Feeders

Window feeders need to be cleaned on a regular basis so that they remain in good condition. If you do not take good care of the bird feeder, the seeds and dirt can accumulate and clump together. That will make the feeder get an unclean and mouldy look.

The good news is that they are very easy to clean. It is the feeding tray that needs to be cleaned the most, and as it is removable, you can take it out, remove the old feed and use soapy water to get rid of any dirt or bird droppings if necessary.

Use a soft cloth to wipe the feeder, its sides, the roof, and the base, so that there is no dirt inside. Make sure that the window surface is absolutely clean and free of any smoky film.

Inspect the edges of the suction cups and ensure that they remain smooth with the help of petroleum jelly. You should take down the whole feeder every four or five weeks and soak it in a mild bleach soapy solution.

Rinse and clean the feeder from inside out, so that it becomes clean and looks almost like new once again. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning the feeder.

Top 20 Best Window Bird Feeders 2022

1. Nature’s Hangout

Nature's Hangout Best Window Bird FeederIf you’re someone who loves birds and cannot do with low quality, then this is the right feeder for you. It offers great visibility allowing you to enjoy birds the whole day long. Now you can enjoy bird watching from the comfort of your room while working at your desk or having coffee in your favourite chair and more.

The bird feeder is made of see-through acrylic, and the removable tray makes it easy to clean. The drain holes in the tray keep the tray free of any moisture. Look forward to a guarantee for the strongest suction cups and professional customer service with the bird feeder.


  • top-of-the-line bird feeder
  • easy to clean
  • strongest suction cups


  • the size makes cleaning a bit difficult

2. Large Window Clear Acrylic Bird Feeder

Nature's Hangout ComederoThe large window feeder is neither too large nor too small, making your bird watching experience like a breeze. Look forward to hours of enjoyment for children and the elderly in the house and keep them entertained throughout the day.

Thanks to the special design and removable tray, it is the easiest bird feeder to clean and maintain. An exceptional quality product that comes with a guarantee for the strongest suction cups, you can be sure of an amazing hold, as the suction cups work very efficiently and securely.

If you are thinking of a great gift for bird watchers, this is just the perfect choice.


  • strongest suction cups guarantee
  • mould-free drainage holes
  • easy-to-clean design


  • at times the tray can slide out

3. Roamwild Arch

Roamwild ArchGet closer to nature with this awesome bird feeder that comes with an attractive arch design. Enjoy maximum visibility of your feathered friends, thanks to the crystal clear and ultra-strong polycarbonate plastic. The no-mess design is easy to clean and maintain.

Now you can feel 100% confident of a feeder that will remain securely on your window, even in extreme weather conditions because of the loaded dual suction technology that promises ultra-strong hold.

The larger 4lbs capacity means that there is no constant refilling. Go ahead and place the feeder on your home, or office, balcony window.


  • dual suction technology
  • crystal clear plastic
  • no mess design


  • Lots of seed waste
  • small for large birds

4. Nature Gear

Nature GearThis is a fascinating bird feeder that seems very appealing for birds. A perch right along the side ensures a comfortable landing for the birds. Thanks to the special design, now you can refill the feeder right from inside your house.

The feeder will work great in all weather conditions, because of the weatherproof design. The sidewalls and roof of the feeder not only keep the squirrels out but keep the bird seed dry and safe inside for the birds.

The removable feed tray with drainage holes means easy cleaning and moisture removal system. The large suction cups erasure extra strength to hold the bird feeder.


  • weather proof design
  • friendly customer support
  • crystal-clear acrylic with large suction cups


  • Side opening can be used by smaller squirrels

5. Impact Nature

Impact NatureIf you are looking for a great bird feeder, well, there are a few reasons why this makes for the right choice. First, it is very easy to install and is inexpensive.

Another reason is that the feeder comes with extra strong suction cups and will not come off even during heavy rains and winds. Blue Jays, Cardinals, and Woodpeckers, the birds are going tom love this feeder.

The bird feeder is easy to clean and refill, thanks to the design and the removable tray. The feeder comes in a beautifully designed packaging and thus can make for a great gift for someone who loves to watch birds.

With a one-year warranty and 100% satisfaction guaranteed, there is no need to get anxious about your purchase.


  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • one-year warranty
  • easy to install and clean


  • squirrels and raccoons can get in

6. Nature Gear with Window

Nature Gear Window 2018The Nature Gear window feeder is a top-quality bird feeder that comes with a simple and practical design. Now you can enjoy those birds right from your family room windows, and thanks to the 100% crystal clear design, you get the best views like never before!

The four suction cups are very sturdy and provide a secure attachment to the window. The removable feed tray with drain holes, easy refills, overhanging roof, and the all-weather design make it a lot safer for the birds to feed safely.

Feed as many birds as possible and watch a huge variety of birds, and there is no need to refill as often.


  • 100% crystal clear design
  • 4 Cups of Seed
  • 4 suction cups


  • squirrels can come in

7. Nature Gear Hanging

Nature Gear HangingDo you want to enjoy a blend of traditional and modern design in Bird Feeder? Well, then this birdhouse, this birdfeeder that comes in a crystal-clear design, makes for a perfect choice for you.

Thinks to the three suction pumps, you can look forward to a firm and secure attachment to the window.

Made from 100 % crystal clear acrylic and removable design, it is a lot easier to clean and refill the bird feeder as well as enjoy the best views with no obstruction.

The extended roof and feed tray with drain holes keep the birds safe and protected as well as dry while they feed. Enjoy the feeder that comes with 100% satisfaction and expert customer support.


  • easy and convenient design,
  • 100% crystal clear design
  • large suction cups


  • Can be frustrating to put together

8. Wild Birds of Joy

Wild Birds of JoyThis spacious bird feeder is simply great if you are looking for a simple and functional design. Boasting of a lovely design, the powerful suction cups hold the feeder firmly in place.

A round, rubber-coated perch makes it much comfortable for the birds looking for a good grip. Thanks to three 100% clear acrylic, you get maximum visibility and clear views when watching those beautiful birds.

As the bird feeder is built from heavy-duty and shatterproof acrylic, it can easily last in tough weather conditions.

If you have a child at home who loves birds or known someone who is a bird aficionado, it indeed makes for a perfect gift. You can look forward to professional customer service with an unmatched satisfaction guarantee.


  • heavy duty and shatterproof acrylic
  • best-in-class customer service.
  • can handle 2 types of seeds


  • squirrels can come in
  • flimsy tray

9. Birdious

BirdiousThe Birdious see-through window feeder is simply great, and its spherical design makes it stylish and compact. If you are looking forward for a complete birdwatching bliss, then go for this ultra-sturdy and lightweight bird feeder made of 100% transparent acrylic.

The large generous food section with two water troughs is enough to attract hungry and thirsty birds. The drain holes in the food section keep the feeder dry and away from any moisture build-up.

The three all-weather suction cups mean a more secure attachment. Easy to mount and take off, it ensures that the feeder is very easy to clean. Because of the divided tray design, you can feed different bird species like wrens, jays, cardinals, and goldfinches.


  • lightweight and ultra-sturdy
  • 3 all-weather suction cups
  • super easy to clean


  • doesn’t do well in cold weather
  • not squirrel proof

10. Nature Anywhere

Nature AnywhereGo for this house-shaped bird feeder that comes with four strong suction cups. Now you can enjoy maximum visibility because of the open design on both sides.

This is a great gift for all those who would like to see colourful birds from up close. The feeder can easily attach to any plain glass window.

The sliding tray can hold two cups of birdseed and is easy to pull out. It means easy clean and lesser refills. Even children can take care of those refills.

As you can fix the feeder at the height you want and keep it away from branches and squirrels, there are no chances of any pests disturbing the birds.

A patented air circulation system keeps the interiors fresh and dry. A lifetime guarantee and expert customer care only add to the attractiveness of this feeder.


  • heavy duty suction cups
  • 100% squirrel proof
  • patented air circulation system
  • lifetime guarantee


  • could be improved by tinting the roof and sides

11. Birdious Hanging

Birdious HangingIf you like to get really close with your feathery friends, then consider this round, acrylic Birdious hanging feeder. A powerful suction cup hook secures the feeder to a window and allows you to enjoy the complete experience of being a bird watcher.

The see-through bird feeder can be hung anywhere and wherever you want. All you need is a hook or peg to position the feeder with a steel chain.

As the feeder comes with drainage holes, there is no need to worry about any moisture build-up within the hanging bird feeder. Just hang it high enough to prevent the squirrels from getting to the feeder.

The feeder is very simple and easy to install, and there are different compartments for food and water. It indeed makes for a great gift for someone who loves birds and is very reasonably priced too.


  • easy to assemble and hang
  • powerful suction
  • nice and sturdy and affordable


  • The perches are small

12. Hhxrise

HhxriseIf you are looking for a bird feeder that is easy to assemble, reliable and weatherproof, then this large size bird feeder indeed makes for a good choice.

What you will love about the feeder is its capacity to accommodate small birds comfortably within. 100% clear acrylic material ensures the best view of birds.

Thanks to the three strong suction cups in line, the feeder can hold on to the weight of the seed, water, and the birds easily.

The feeder comes equipped with 2 in 1 bird feeder and four bamboo pillar support. With a bottom drain hole and an upper roof, the weatherproof design means a special home for birds. The feeder is easy to install, clean, and refill, thanks to its unique design.


  • 100% clear acrylic
  • 2 in 1 bird feeder
  • 4 wood pillars support
  • separate drinking-water sink


  • Careful not to overtighten the four wood pillars
  • No perch

13. Nature-Decor

Nature-DecorNature Decor is one of the top go-to brands when it comes to bird feeders. The stylishly designed feeder is made from high-quality clear acrylic so that you can enjoy unobstructed views of the birds.

What makes the feeder more attractive for bird lovers is that it is super easy to install, refill, and clear. Thanks to the three extra strong suction cups, you can be sure of having the feeder firmly attached to the window, even in extreme weather.

Customers love the feeder as it is very easy to refill as well as clean. Those who have bought this feeder have only one thing to say, and which it that it is a high-quality bird feeder. Enjoy watching your feathered friends visit and feed and keep them well-fed and content.


  • high quality clear acrylic
  • extra strong suction cups
  • holds up well in wind and rain


  • bit on the expensive side

14. Miracliy

MiracliyYou will simply fall in love with this uniquely designed quality birdfeeder that is sure to bring you closer to nature and birds like cardinal, warbler, finch, hummingbird, chickadees, bluebird, and more.

Get this amazing bird feeder that comes with a built-in bird swing that is sure to attract different species of birds.

Its user-friendly& unique design made of transparent material allows a wide viewing angle. The feeder can hold up to 3 cups of seeds, and the holes in the tray prevent any mould from forming.

The practical designing makes it easier to clean. The 3mm thick acrylic is of top quality and scratch-resistant. Those extra-durable, strong suction cups ensure a safe and secure position on your window.


  • built-in bird swing
  • premium quality material
  • very sturdy and great design


  • could have better suction

15. Go Simply Amazing

Go Simply AmazingWhen it comes to a great bird feeder at a reasonable price, having a lower price does not mean low quality. This amazing bird feeder is proof that one can enjoy premium quality even if they have a low budget.

Now you can put away those binoculars and enjoy looking at those colourful birds in your neighbourhood, come right up to your window and feed.

There is no need to struggle with the seed tray or deal with mouldy seeds. The clever designing allows the smaller holes in the tray to align with larger holes in the base and ensure complete drainage.

As the tray can be pulled out easily and effortlessly, because of the unique locking system, you can clean and refill struggling. The capacity of 4 cups of birdseed means less often refills. Look forward to a secure mounting of the four suction cups.


  • unique locking system
  • 4 cups of bird seed
  • 4 suction cups


  • Not squirrel proof

16. Trustzi

TrustziIf you are looking for a highly reliable bird feeder, then the premium window bird feeder from Trustzi is sure to offer you one of the best bird-watching experiences ever.

This strong and steady window bird feeder is designed to last and won’t fall off, thanks to the three strong suction cups.

The 100% transparent construction means you get close and unobstructed views of the bird from within your room and can watch them feeding for hours.

Moreover, the Trustzi bird feeder is super easy to install use and clean. The large & divided seed tray can hold 4 cups of seeds. Enjoy 100% customer satisfaction, and 1-year cash back guarantee when you buy this feeder.


  • 100% transparent construction
  • strong suction cups
  • Trustzi guarantee
  • detailed manual


  • Not squirrel proof

17. Tfwadmx

TfwadmxTfwadmx Bird Feeder comes with a crystal clear, weatherproof design that is made of a high-quality 3 mm clear sturdy acrylic.

The feeder is very different from the traditional birdcage and works equally well in winter. Thanks to the top cover, the birds and the feed stay protected from rain and snow.

Upgraded and stronger suction cups mean secure attachment under all weather conditions. As the feeder is durable and lightweight, it is easy to handle. The feeder indeed makes for an excellent gift for bird watching enthusiasts.


  • high quality acrylic
  • Upgraded suction cups
  • extremely well-made


  • not really squirrel proof

18. Papagai

PapagaiIf you are looking for a bird feeder with a simple yet elegant design that can be easily mounted, then you are sure going to love the Papagai bird feeder.

With a beautiful curved design, you can easily hang this feeder just about anywhere. Enjoy extra-large viewing window in this extra-strong premium feeder made of single piece moulded components.

The weather-resistant bird feeder is rust-proof & waterproof, thanks to the curved walls of the roof and side, the birds enjoy a protected area, where they can feed.

The feeder is easy to clean and refill because of the sliding seed tray, and a partition inside means you can use two different types of feed to attract more birds.


  • partitioned seed tray
  • 100% money back satisfaction
  • squirrel-proof
  • extra-strong construction


  • Bigger birds can discourage smaller birds

19. Prepared4x

Prepared4xIf you want to enjoy a very clear and unobstructed view of the birds, then go for the PREPARED4X feeder. It’s simple and straightforward design makes this bird feeder popular among buyers as well as the birds.

Get ready for an experience with birds like never before and take your bird watching to a whole new level.

The feeder is designed for one or two birds, and thus there is no more fighting and crowding. Thus, you can focus on those one or two birds and get a personal view of your avian friend.

A weatherproof design means that the feeder can work well even in extreme weather conditions. Drain holes keep the feeder safe from any wetness and mouldy growth. Those three super suction cups keep the lightweight feeder completely secure and firm in one place.


  • free bird watching book
  • simple design for 1 or 2 birds
  • super suction cups
  • moneyback guarantee


  • too small

20. Tranquil Outdoors

Tranquil OutdoorsIf you want a highly dependable and sturdy bird feeder that you can easily install, then go for the large acrylic feeder for a great bird-watching experience.

Get a crystal-clear view of the birds, thanks to the simplistic design made of 100% clear acrylic. Tranquil Outdoors feeder offers you an unparalleled up-close view of your feathered friends.

With a 2cup capacity, it is a win-win situation for the birds as well as you, as the birds get ample food while you do not have to worry about refills.

Thanks to the included steel hooks, it becomes easier to remove the feeder for cleaning and filling. Other features include strong suction cups and a rubber perch tray.


  • 2 cup capacity
  • see-through design
  • squirrel proof


  • Promoted as squirrel-proof, but it’s not

Types Of Window Bird Feeders

For those who are looking for a best window bird feeder, they should read about them and their reviews to know about the best bird feeder and the kinds available. Having the right kind of bird feeder attached to your window can let you enjoy the colourful birds for hours.

There are generally two types of bird feeders for the window, the windowsill feeders and the suction cup feeders.

  • Windowsill feeder

Windowsill feeders are also referred to as the solarium feeders. As they are supported by the window, and placed inside the windowsill, they are often larger in size. In order to install them and use them, the window has to be open, as they rest on the windowsill. The feeder is then secured with adjustable side pieces that are fixed to the sides of the windowsill.

  • Suction cup bird feeder

The Suction cup feeders are indeed the most popular type among the customers. Made of durable clear plastic, these feeders are fixed to the window with the help of the suction cups. The feeders are light enough for the powerful suction cups to hold their weight, along with the feed and the birds. So, there is no risk of them falling down.

Read on to learn about some very good reasons to buy bird feeders.

Reasons To Buy Window Bird Feeders

There are several benefits of bird feeders apart from looking at the colourful birds from close.

  • Get a close and clear view- As the bird feeders are made of transparent acrylic, you can get an unobstructed view of the birds. You can watch them for hours coming in and going, as they peck on the bird seeds or feed and without disturbing them.
  • Easy to use- The suction cups and sliding trays are very strong and stable, and you can feed and enjoy the birds even during bad weather. It is very simple and easy to set up the feeder, refill and clean it for regular maintenance.
  • Very safe for the birds- You would, of course, want complete safety for the birds as they enjoy their feed. Their predators such as cats, squirrels, snakes or raccoons might be hovering nearby. However, as the feeders are fixed on the window and are close to human homes, those predators are likely to keep away. You also provide them a shelter if the day gets rough.
  • A comfortable perching area. – The bird feeders are designed so that there is ample space for the birds to perch. So, they can come in and eat comfortably and in peace. It is indeed a joyful sight to see them come and go or simply perch and wait for the feed. The perches are often covered with rubber for a firmer and comfortable grip for the birds.

So now that you have learned a bit about what the bird feeders are all about the many advantages of buying them, why not take a lot at the essential factors to consider when buying.

FAQs on Window Bird Feeders

1. How To Attract Birds To Window Feeders?

Attracting those birds should not be a problem, especially if the bird feeder is in a garden with flowers and plants. Just keep the feeder and the feed-in their flying vision, so that the birds can see it easily. You can place colourful seeds or colourful nectar to attract birds.

2. Is There A Risk Of The Birds Hitting The Window With The Feeder?

Research shows that window feeders in fact lower the risk of a bird hitting the window. So, there is no need to get worried about a bird strike into a window.

The incidents of birds hitting the windows with bird feeders are almost zero as the birds do not have enough speed and momentum from so close. And it is likely that they can sense the presence of the glass window from so close. If you are still anxious about any bird crashes, you can buy a sticker for the window.

3. How To Fix Suction Cup Feeder Properly?

There are some essential points to follow here so that that suction cup feeder fixes perfectly, and there are no risks of falling down.

First of all, you need to clean the window surface thoroughly with a glass cleaner. The suction cups, too, should be completely clean and free from any dirt or dust. If needed, clean with a warm soapy solution and dry with a soft cloth.

If possible, warm the glass surface a bit so that the suction cups adhere properly. This is important if you live in a cold place and are attaching the feeders during winters. Use a hairdryer to warm the glass for perfect adherence.

Coat the inside surface of the suction cup with oil – just a tiny dab is enough. Place the suction cup on the glass surface and pressing down in the middle and burp the cups to eliminate any air bubbles to create a complete vacuum.

4. How To Prevent Undesirable Birds And Pests From Using The Feeder?

You can remove perches from the feeders and surround the seed reservoir with a wire mesh to keep away those unwanted birds like Blue Jays, House Finches, and large birds. It is a good idea to use Raccoon & Squirrel Repellents to deter them. These repellents carry capsaicin pepper, which is irritating to squirrels and raccoons but not to the birds.


If you love birds and bird watching, then one of the easiest and simplest way to enjoy your hobby is by buying a window bird feeder and feed the birds. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you can make a confident start if you make the right purchase.

Once you have a great feeder on your window, life will never be the same again. Now you can enjoy safe and easy feeding of the birds and enjoy their company for hours and with unobstructed views. Go ahead and attract different birds and enjoy your hobby during all seasons.

As the bird feeder market is saturated with a wide range of designs and models, it can be an overwhelming decision to buy the right one. Just remember the basics above, and browse through the following list of the top window feeders available in the market.