Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders Of 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Squirrel Buster 2. Roamwild 3. Squirrel Buster
Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder best squirrel proof bird feeder Roamwild Bird Feeder Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

One of the few luxuries of life is having a spacious home to return to. A green paradise that helps you wake up rejuvenated but most of all, cherishing the songs of birds is a dream nurtured by every city dweller. Few are lucky to have that dream turn into reality. Perhaps you already have a bird feeder in your backyard and are enjoying the relaxing sounds and sights of those birds as they perch on the feeder and make chirping sounds.

People love to have a bird feeder as it is a source of relaxation watching those colourful birds come in and go. It is a great way to experience nature. However, as most of the bird feeders are not squirrel proof, it is not uncommon to see those squirrels come and scare the birds off or worse damage the plastic and wooden feeder with their claws. What you need here is the best squirrel proof bird feeder which is 100% squirrel resistant.


Squirrels, too, love what the birds eat, for example, nuts and seeds. Thus, when you place those bird seeds in the feeder, it would indeed be tough to keep the squirrels away. While one would really not mind their occasional visits, they can become a nuisance if they visit frequently and finish off everything. Unlike birds, they carry a voracious appetite and are unwilling to share. Moreover, they scare away the birds because of their domineering attitudes. Hence, your bird feeder can soon turn into a squirrel feeder.

Before you go ahead and start looking for a good bird feeder, it is essential to understand Squirrels and their behaviour. Once you understand thembetter, you will be able to make out what will work best in your case and what kind of bird feeder to look for.

Squirrels, A Welcome Visitor, Or An Annoying Intruder?

The squirrel can be a delightful member of your outdoors, as long as they do not interfere with your lifestyle and needs. They are not afraid to get close to humans. While they are indeed fun to observe and follow, they can be annoying if they start stealing the birdseeds you have kept for the birds.

Squirrels, like other woodland mammals, like to explore every possible nook and corner in search of food. And if they come across a bird feeder, it is like an easy target for these animals full of determination. So, do not be surprised to see the squirrels running back and forth in your garden and playing havoc with your bird feeder. They not only steal away the birds’ feed but might even damage the feeder as they claw and struggle with it.

Well, the squirrels are sure not trying to drive you crazy, but the situation can become a bit overwhelming for the birders. Like any other creature, squirrels are just in search of food, and if you pay some attention to understanding their behaviour, it might become easier for you to accept what they do and why.

Squirrels love to eat nuts, seeds, and berries that are a favourite with the birds too. As they do not hibernate in winters, their presence can be a nuisance for the birdfeeders the whole year long. Living in proximity to human beings has altered their habits and activities. As they like to collect and horde foodthey do not mind making endless trips to the bird feeder hanging in the garden. As they breed two times per year, you are likely to have dozens of squirrels in your outdoor area within a couple of years.

While nature plays her role with these species, as humans we often feel bout of annoyance when our bird watching activity gets hampered by squirrels. While the bigger birds are not so much threatened by the presence of a few squirrels, the smaller birds face the bullying. In case you are choosing to side with the birds, opting for a quality squirrel resistant bird feeder is the way to go.

Let us take a look at the different kinds of bird feeders that are available in the market. Based on the information, you can make the right choices when looking for the best squirrel proof bird feeder.

Types Of Bird Feeders

1. Seed Feeders

These feeders are certainly the most popular and common type. However, they can differ in shape, size, design and hold trays or tubes. The seed feeders are designed to store and dispense seeds like sunflower seeds and mixed seeds to attract a wide range of birds.

2. Suet Feeders

The suet bird feeder comes with a cage-like construction that holds the block of suet to feed the birds. The suet is made of sunflower seeds and wheat, which is mixed with coconut oil and pork fat. Many birds like flickers, nuthatches, woodpeckers, and others need a rich and fatty diet during the winters to keep them well-nourished during the cold winters. Suets are avoided by squirrels so a suet feeder can be a good choice in case you are looking for low maintenance feeders.

3. Oriole Feeders

The Oriole feeders are orange in colour and supply artificial nectar and jelly. They are specially designed for the Orioles, who has a remarkably different beak and tongue. These birds prefer fruits like oranges and grapes. This is why the Oriole feeders carry a glass or plastic vessel with nectar for these birds. Apart from catering to orioles, the bright coloured feeder is surely going to add the pop effect in your garden.

4. Hummingbird Feeders

There are special feeders created just for the Hummingbirds. Instead of having seed, these feeders nourish the hummingbirds with sugary syrup or nectar. The best sugar to use in the making of the ‘nectar’ is cane sugar. While beet sugar is not too bad, you must avoid the powdered or brown sugar and no organic is not the solution too. . Do not use honey as it can encourage fungal growth. Hummingbird feeders are mostly made of red shaded glass to attract hummingbirds and have a funnel-like opening to fill the feeder.

No matter what kind of feeder you are looking for, every birder is keen on one that is squirrel resistant. Even those bird feeders that claim to be squirrel proof are not 100% safe and secure from those pesky pests. As a buyer, you need to put in an extra effort to locate the best squirrel proof bird feeder. Apart from buying a genuine squirrel proof bird feeder, you can look for ways to discourage the squirrels and keep them away from the bird feeders.

Tips To Keep Away The Squirrels

You should remember that squirrels are an important part of the wildlife and ecosystem in your outdoor space. Do not be surprised to see squirrels in your front or backyard, nestling and thriving in numbers. So, it is not easy to keep them away as they belong here, just like those jays, cardinals, and finches. What you can do is look for tips and tricks to keep them away from the bird feeder.

There are many homeowners who have given up on their fight against the squirrels and keep them out of their bird feeders. They can look for the best squirrel proof bird feeder that carries unique designs and also follow some tips to keep the feed safe for your feathered friends.

1. The Location And Height

Place the bird feeder above10 feet as the squirrels can easily jump through. Make sure that there is no launching surface near the feeder, such as wires, trees, branches, roofs, and porches.

2. Surround By A Cage

It is a good idea to cover the bird feeder with a wire cage that can allow the birds to come in but will keep the squirrels away. Some bird feeders are already equipped with cages and work as a barrier for the squirrels.

3. Adding Baffles

Another useful tip is to make use of plastic baffles so as to prevent the squirrels from reaching the bird feeders. About 15-18 inches wide, these baffles are placed above the bird feeders, and as the squirrel climbs, it loses its balance and is thus unable to reach the feeder.

4. Use Birdseed Less Attractive For Squirrels

Although squirrels do love all kinds of birdseed, there are some seeds that they do not like, such as sunflower and Nyjer, because of their bitter taste. You can use those seeds exclusively to discourage the squirrels.

5. Place Spicy Seeds

it is seen that while birds are not that sensitive to the capsaicin present in pepper to create spicy seeds, squirrels are. So, it is a great idea to add pepper or similar spices to birdseed to keep those squirrels away. However, you need to add the spices consistently to get the desired results.

6. Keep The Area Clean

If you are not very careful about the cleanliness of your bird feeder, chances are that seed, and other debris lying on the ground will attract squirrels. Thus, ensure that you clean the bird feeder and the area around to not attract squirrels.

7. Making A Squirrel Feeding Station

Some birders make a separate feeding station for the squirrels, which is some distance away from the bird feeder. The squirrel feeding station is made more tempting for them with treats that they love, such as berries, nuts, and corn.

8. Create Spinners

Place spinners on the horizontal wire that supports the bird feeder, so when the squirrels climb across the wire, the spinners will spin and prevent the squirrels from reaching the feeder. Even if they try to cross the spinners, they will fall away.

It sure can be frustrating to keep the squirrels away and annoying to see them inside the bird feeder instead of the birds. No matter how desperate you are, there are certain practices that should never be followed to keep away the squirrels.

Keep Away From The Following Tactics

1. Hunting Them Down

You should know that hunting is illegal in many areas, and all guns are not suitable for killing them. You might even hurt or kill other animals when taking aim at the squirrels..

2. Poisoning To Feed

It is a very bad idea to use poison for squirrels. You might end up seeing more of dead birds, and in any case, improperly used poisons can affect other wildlife in the area. Hence, it is a very risky proposition that should be kept away from.

3. Encourage Cats To Hunt Squirrels

Cats are as much of a threat to the squirrels as to birds. Therefore, there are chances that you might end up killing more birds than the squirrels, and this is certainly not a good idea.

4. Greasing The Pole

While squirrels may not be able to climb a pole or a hanger greased with oil, t the oil will coat the fur of the animals and birds’ feathers as well. That will increase the vulnerability of these creatures and even cause illness.

5. Placing Glue Traps

It is a cruel way to get rid of squirrels as these traps are very dangerous and can cause serious injuries to the animals and can even harm the birds., Do not employ this inhumane way of trapping squirrels,

When all your tactics fail, and despite using the right techniques, those squirrels still visit the bird feeders, what you should look for is the best squirrel proof bird feeder. However, one needs to be careful as even if some bird feeders claim that they are squirrel proof, they are not.

So, what is it that makes a bird feeder squirrel proof? Well, these feeders come with special designs and features.

What Is Special About Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder?

The best squirrel proof bird feeder is designed specially to keep away the squirrels and discourage them from using the feeders. For countless homeowners, it is a constant battle to drive away the squirrels from the bird feeders. And most of the time, it is the squirrels who are enjoying all the nuts and other feed kept for the birds.

One that should always be kept in mind is that squirrels too are following the path of nature. With the urbanisation of their natural habitats, squirrels find it increasingly difficult to provide nourishment for them. Killing or maiming their population is not a solution. A properly designed will deter the squirrels from reaching the bird feed but you should try making a different feeding station for squirrels too.

In case of squirrels still trying to wriggle their way into the bird feed (even though they have their own buffet place) you can firstly try to make them lose interest in the feed. If something is inedible for them, squirrels will lose interest in that particular bird feeder and scourge else (preferably going back to their own station). If you lack higher space or they squirrels have found a way to bypass the pole baffles, then you can always switch the bird feed.

Squirrels, along with blackbirds, do not like safflower seeds while titmice, finches and cardinals simply thrive on them. White proso millets too work wonders. As mentioned above, spicy food is a great deterrent for mammals. And no, these spicy foods have no ill effect on your avian friends. If you have the space and the determination, you can invest in a quality squirrel proof bird feeder, but only after doing a thorough research.

However, even if some of the bird feeders claim to be squirrel proof, they are not. This is because the squirrels are very determined and will do everything possible to reach the feeder and eat the feed kept for the birds. They will use everything possible to challenge the device and design in the bird feeders to achieve their goals. Hence, looking for birds feeders which actually deter the intrusion of squirrels is time consuming but also a necessity.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

When buying a squirrel proof bird feeder, ensure that it is indeed 100% squirrel proof as it claims to be. Along with a sophisticated design, it should offer genuine protection for the birds and keep the squirrels out..

The squirrel proof bird feeders come with specials designs and mechanisms to keep the squirrels away. For example, some may have small openings that the animals cannot get through. Others come enclosed in a cage or carry a weight-sensitive mechanism that prevents the animal from reaching the feed meant for the birds.

1. Weight Activated Mechanism

These squirrel proof bird feeders are specially designed to curb squirrels’ access to the bird feeder. For example, in some feeders, the hatches get triggered because of the greater weight of the squirrel and close itself. However, the doors will remain unaffected when the birds perch on them. Look for an automatic weight system that can keep the squirrels away but not the birds.

Many bird feeders carry a weight-activated small motor to deter those squirrels. Nothing will happen if birds land on the feeder, but the motor starts and scares the squirrel away as they are heavier than the birds.

2. Bird Feeders With Cage

It is not uncommon to see caged bird feeders that allow the birds to enter but keep the bigger birds and bullies like squirrels outside. You can opt to buy a bird feeder with a sturdy cage around.

The best squirrel proof bird feeder carry the seed containers in a cage, and this is indeed one of the best ways to keep the squirrels from even reaching out to the feed. Even if they try their very best, they will only get frustrated and discouraged in the end.

3. Made Of Strong Material

As the squirrels are determined to reach the birds’ feed, they will do anything possible and will claw and scratch at the feeder. A bird feeder made of sturdy materials like metal which is less likely to get damaged easily as compared to those made of plastic or wood.

4. A Tube Feeder

At times, the bird feeders carry a tube feeder inside, and the tube is loaded with seeds for the birds. Only smaller birds can make way inside and enjoy the variety of seeds, while the bigger birds and squirrels can only make futile attempts.

5. Specially Designed Tops

It is seen tthat the bird feeder with rounded or slanted roofs tend to deter the squirrels away. This is because the squirrels are not able to stay on those sloping tops for a longer time and are not able to extract the seeds properly..

One of the major drawbacks of most squirrel proof bird feeders is that while they are able to deter the squirrels, they do not encourage larger bird species like Blue Jays and Cardinals to use the feeder. So, this is not good news for the birders looking to feed larger birds. Thus, it is essential to research and study the features of the best squirrel proof bird feeder you are interested in. Here, you can note that adding baffles or opting for slanted roofs can ease your problem. These slopes deter squirrels while allowing access to the larger birds to the feed along with the smaller ones.

Now that you have a good idea about what the squirrel proof bird feeders are all about and why they are much needed, you can go ahead and start researching on the best squirrel proof bird feeders in the market. What you need to observe are the essential features that make them 100% squirrel proof.

Why not enhance your knowledge about the squirrel-proof bird feeders and go through the following questions to know more about these feeders?

Top 20 Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders 2022

1. Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder

Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder best squirrel proof bird feeder

If you are truly serious about keeping those squirrels away, then go for this fantastic squirrel bird feeder with patented Squirrel Buster technology. Equipped with innovative design and features, this is a great choice for bird lovers. This feeder is truly squirrel proof as it is based on weight automatic system that closes the feeder automatically when a squirrel arrives.

Made of chew-proof materials, the feeder is easy to set up and install and without the need for any tools. Thanks to the patented seed ventilation system, now the birds feed can remain fresher for a much longer time. What’s more, the feeder comes with a lifetime maintenance guarantee!


  • chew proof materials
  • patented seed ventilation system
  • weight automatic system
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • perches could be bigger
  • food can get stuck in the port

2. Roamwild Bird Feeder

Roamwild Bird Feeder

Roamwild has done a fine job by creating this PestOff bird feeder that comes with a copper finish and boasts of a huge capacity of 3lbs. The 100% squirrel proof can keep away squirrels of all sizes as well as chipmunks and large birds, basically the weight sensitive system is well calibrated. It is so simple and easy to set up and use the Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder, and it is even easier to clean and maintain it.

Keep the seeds fresh and dry in the weatherproof & waterproof bird feeder and prevent any clogging. You will love the seed container with impressive capacity and made of UV stable Polycarbonate.
Hassle-free warranty and money-back guarantee mean that you can enjoy peace of mind when you buy this product.


  • weather proof & waterproof
  • no seed clogging
  • 100% squirrel proof


  • squirrels can damage the plastic at the bottom

3. Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

The Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder will never run out of style or favor with the customers. What makes it both attractive and effective is the sleek design, reasonable cost, and the fact that it is impossible for the squirrels to access this feeder.

Get lifetime care when you buy this truly squirrel proof Bird Feeder that is based on the weight-activated feature. The feeder denies any access to the squirrel and closes the shroud at the bottom automatically. As the feeder is made of RoxResin, which is a special chew-proof material, it is safe from any damage. The patented adjustable spring mechanism and seed ventilation system are other unique features of the feeder.


  • lifetime care
  • truly squirrel proof
  • chew proof
  • seed ventilation system


  • Some seeds drop every time a bird flies away

4. Standard Squirrel-proof Feeder

Standard Squirrel-proof Feeder

The standard squirrel-proof feeder is highly recommended because it is truly squirrel proof and comes with lifetime care from the company. Based on the weight-activated mechanism, the feeder closes automatically when a squirrel tries to access it. It is strong and sturdy as it is made of chew-proof materials. The patented seed ventilation system means the feed stays fresh and dry for a longer time.

The feeder can be easily set up without the help of any tool and is even easier to clean and maintain. All its parts are f UV resistant, and thus the feeder will keep looking great and new for a much longer time.
The feeder attracts all kinds of birds like mockingbirds, sparrows, cardinals, blue jays, chickadees, doves, and even woodpeckers.


  • patented adjustable spring mechanism
  • seed ventilation system
  • chew proof, waterproof, rustproof


  • perches could be bigger
  • dispensing ports are small

5. Squirrel Proof 200

Squirrel Proof 200

This genuine squirrel-proof feeder has always enjoyed great reviews, and it deserves them. Thanks to the innovative design and use of UV resistant components, the customers simply love the feeder that lets them enjoy unobstructed views of the colourful birds without the interference squirrels.

Seed Ventilation and weight-activated system enhance the functionality of the feeder with transparent seed tubes. Use the free seed funnel to fill the feeder and lifetime care and warranty, allows you peace of mind. Go ahead and set up the easy to use and maintain feeder and enjoy your experiences with the birds.


  • truly a squirrel-proof feeder
  • UV resistant components
  • weight activated system
  • Seed Ventilation


  • Seeds can fall to the ground because of the small holes in the bottom of the feeder.
  • Non-adjustable

6. Classic Bird Feeder

Classic Bird Feeder

Customers simply love this squirrel proof bird feeder as there is something great about the chew proof and weatherproof feeder that comes with lifetime care. UV resistant components make it 100% chew proof, rustproof, and waterproof. The feeder closes the seed ports automatically when a squirrel tries to access it because of the weight-activated mechanism.

A conventional seed tube design with a patented seed ventilation system keeps the feed and dry. Moreover, the bird feeder is very easy to fill and clean. The maximum-seed-level indicator prevents over-filling. Go ahead and place the squirrel proof bird feeder just about anywhere and without worrying about squirrels.


  • chew proof, rustproof and waterproof
  • weight activated mechanism
  • patented seed ventilation system


  • Not dishwasher-safe

7. Roamwild PestOff Bird Feeder

Roamwild PestOff Bird Feeder

The squirrel proof bird feeder from Roamwild is probably one of the best in the market today. It comes with a large 3lbs capacity in a red cardinal design with an all-metal body. With a Roamwild warranty included, you can enjoy peace of mind that you will get your money back if not satisfied.

There is no need to adjust those spring-loaded perches, and the product is automatically pest proof. The feeder is so simple to set up and easy to use. The seed container is made of unbreakable polycarbonate that makes it easy to be removed, replaced and refilled. Keeps the seed dry & fresh in the weatherproof & waterproof and with no worries of any seed clogging.


  • Hassle Free Warranty
  • 100% squirrel proof, including baby squirrels
  • weather proof & waterproof


  • squirrels can eat through the plastic at the bottom
  • No stands so the mechanism will not work unless it is hanging

8. Perky-Pet 338 Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet 338 Bird Feeder

You will love the simple design with a removable roof peak. The country-style bird feeder in bright red looks pretty and can easily attract finches, flickers, cardinals, jays, sparrows, wrens, juncos, and kinglets. Now you can enjoy feeding those birds minus those sneaky squirrels.

The Perky-Pet 338 bird feeder is a great addition to any outdoor and is equipped with adjustable springs. The bird feeder is fully assembled and can hold 8 pounds of feed. The feeder is strong and beautiful in appearance and very well made.


  • fully assembled
  • very attractive
  • great design


  • should have a more secure top

9. Perky-Pet Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet Bird Feeder

A close look at this Perky-Pet squirrel Be-gone bird feeder reveals those innovative squirrel-resistant features. The attractive design can indeed transform your outdoors into a paradise for any bird lover. With a decorative leaf- design and a rustic powder coating ensure higher durability and rust resistance.

The weight-activated cage can keep even the most determined squirrels away. Made of sturdy metal, you can be sure that the squirrels cannot damage it no matter how much they claw at it. The capacity of to 2 pounds of seed means no more frequent refills, and those six feeding ports ensure that multiple birds can perch and enjoy their feed.


  • weight-activated cage
  • rust resistance.
  • attractive and functional seeds


  • squirrels can chew through the thin plastic “tube”
  • flimsy bottom piece

10. Woodlink Bird Feeder

Woodlink Bird Feeder

If you really do not wish to have squirrels anywhere near your bird feeder, then the Woodlink Bird Feeder is highly recommended. The Squirrel Resistant feeder is designed to keep those pesky pests away. As it is made of the highest quality durable powder-coated steel body, it is not easy to damage.

A special TopLoc feature allows the lid to open easily for maintenance and cleaning. Unlike other regular feeders, this feeder comes with a 12-pound mixed seed capacity. The adjustable weight perches keep the squirrels away, and as it is double-sided, you can attract more birds.


  • durable steel body
  • Fully assembled
  • special TopLoc feature
  • weight adjustable perches
  • double sided


  • flimsy plexiglass windows
  • weak solder points

11. Droll Yankee Bird Feeder

Droll Yankee Bird Feeder

Every customer looks for some fundamental aspects in the squirrel-proof bird feeder and which are the design, the functionality, and the durability, apart from keeping the squirrels away. Droll Yankee Bird Feeder is a popular one among the customers as it is successful in being squirrel resistant and is well known for its efficacy and durable.

The motorized bird feeder with four seed ports carries a 17-inch tube bird feeder that can hold 5 pounds of birdseed. What makes the Bird Feeder squirrel proof are the perch ring spins that get activated with the weight of a squirrel. A heavy metal cap on the top prevents the squirrels from reaching the seeds.


  • Internal baffle ensuring even distribution of seeds
  • Motorized perch ring spins
  • Squirrel-Proof Design
  • Lower seed spill


  • Expensive battery

12. Suet Bird Feeder

Suet Bird Feeder

Customers prefer this feeder simply for the reason that it is impenetrable for the squirrels. This is a truly squirrel-proof feeder that shuts off automatically whenever a squirrel tries to access the feed. So, now you can feel confident in seeing more of chickadees, jays, orioles, wrens, nuthatches, titmice, and warblers instead of squirrels. Thanks to the adjustable spring mechanism, you can decide as to what kind of birds you would want to visit the feeder.

There is no need to touch the greasy suet that can hold two 5×5 suet cakes when filling the feeder. The feeder is very simple to assemble and set up. You can easily hang the feeder anywhere with the help of hooks or brackets and at the location and height, you want. Look forward to lifetime care and great customer support once you buy the product.


  • patented adjustable spring mechanism
  • grease free handling
  • sturdy and assembles easily


  • difficult for birds to reach the rest of the suet cake furthest back

13. Myard MBF 75160-G

Myard MBF 75160-G

When it comes to simple design and high durability, this squirrel proof bird feeder leads the market. The product is a perfect example of how one can keep those squirrels away even in an area full of those determined mammals. This bird feeder can keep its promise of keeping them at bay and let you enjoy those finches, cardinals, and towhees.

Birds will love this feeder that is made of acrylic, and what makes it durable is the powder-coated steel body. The feeder shuts off the moment a squirrel sits on the perch. You can attract more birds, because of the Double-sided design and the adjustable spring force on perch bar can help you decide on the different sizes of the birds you would want. It is very easy to fill and clean and can hold 6-9 lb seed.


  • Double sided design
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Adjustable spring force on perch bar


  • can be tough to keep the racoons away
  • no drainage holes in the bottom

14. MNM Line Bird Feeder Hanger

MNM Line Bird Feeder Hanger

If you are looking for functional and practical design in squirrel proof bird feeders, well, your search ends with this MNM Line product. Made of transparent, acrylic plastic, you can hang the feeder outside the window and get closer to nature as you watch those beautiful birds come and go. With two individual feeding stations, you can attract more birds with more variety of feed and seeds.

Place the feeder at a suitable height to prevent the squirrels from climbing up and accessing the hanging bird feeder. Thanks to the ultra-strong suction cups, the bird feeder will remain put and with no fears of getting dislodged. Take advantage of manufacturer warranty and efficient customer support when you buy this MNM Line bird feeder.


  • higher-quality and Ultra-Clear Vision
  • two feeding stations
  • ultra-strong suction cups
  • manufacturer warranty


  • feeder may not be strong enough for the larger birds

15. Perky-Pet 339 Feeder Home

Perky-Pet 339 Feeder Home

This is one of those squirrel proof bird feeders that keep their promise and will not let any squirrels come in. Thanks to the seed protection cover ports that are weight-activated, the feeder shuts off under a squirrel’s weight. Now you can enjoy your feathered friends all the time as they fly in to enjoy the feed.

With all-metal construction, this is a string and study feeder that comes with a removable roof, which makes it easy to clean, fill, and maintain the bird feeder. It can hold about 8 lbs of seed, and the ideal location for the feeder is when it is hung from a pole.


  • weight-activated ports
  • all-metal construction
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • super customer service


  • squirrels may figure out the feeder

16. Droll Yankees Dipper

Droll Yankees Dipper

Droll Yankees squirrel proof bird feeder is highly recommended because of its efficient squirrel proof design. Moreover, the bird feeder is made of a powder-coated metal that makes it very durable and long-lasting. The UV-stabilized polycarbonate tube will not fade with time, and the internal baffle ensures an even seed dispersal to its ports.

Another good thing about this squirrel proof feeder is that it can hold five pounds of birdseed, which means no more frequent trips for refills. The perches collapse and shut off the feed under the weight of a squirrel. Enjoy the company of your feathered friends and keep those pesky squirrels away with this thoughtfully designed feeder.


  • UV-stabilized polycarbonate tube
  • powder-coated metal
  • internal baffle


  • part of the seeds fall and are wasted

17. Perky-Pet Hummingbird Feeder

Perky-Pet Hummingbird Feeder

Nothing could be better and more functional than an enclosed feeder, and this is what the top-fill glass hummingbird feeder, a Perky-Pet product is all about. The squirrel proof bird feeder comes with a stunning glass construction with a patented Top-Fill feature. It is a hit with both the hummingbirds and the birders.

Thanks to the wide-mouth design of the feeder with an interesting flower-shape, you can keep the feeder-free of mess. Birds love to sit on those soft and flexible feeding ports as it gives them a natural feel. As it is easy to disassemble the entire feeder, it is easier to clean the feeder.


  • patented Top-Fill feature
  • No leaking because of gasket in the base
  • attractive and easy to maintain


  • Bottom feels like metal & plastic
  • Hummingbirds may not like the red flowers

18. FORUP Caged Bird Feeder

FORUP Caged Bird Feeder

Enjoy nature completely with the squirrel proof bird feeder, and there are many good features about the bird feeder that make it a hot favourite among the buyers. The large cage around the feeder keeps not just the squirrels away but can also keep the raccoons, and large birds at bay. You can hang the feeder in your garden, backyard, or front porch or wherever you like.

The hanging bird feeder is very durable as it is made of high quality and weather-resistant material. Use the steel metal wire handle to hang the feeder securely at the desired location. The steel cage and the internal tube will keep the feed safe from the pesky pests in your neighbourhood and allow only the birds such as finches, titmice, nuthatches, and more to enjoy the bird feeder.


  • Premium steel cage
  • Four feeding ports
  • chew-proof gage


  • seeds can sprout in wet conditions

19. Audubon NATUBE3 Bird Feeder

Audubon NATUBE3 Bird Feeder

Audubon squirrel proof bird feeder model NATUBE3 is true to its description. With features like metal gridwork cage and four seed ports, the feeder can keep the squirrels out. As it is enclosed in a sturdy steel cage, which is powder-coated, you are looking at a strong and sturdy product. Now you can be sure that it is not just the squirrels but even large birds that will not be able to access the feeder.

The bird feeder that comes with a forest green finish can hold up to 1.25 lbs of seed. Two nickel-sized disks secure the plastic lid on the seed portal. Customers are happy with the bird feeder that works like a charm. The squirrels give up after a couple of days and keep away.


  • sturdy steel cage
  • four seed ports


  • narrow breaks between the cage wiring

20. Gray Bunny GB-6847M Birdfeeder

Gray Bunny GB-6847M Birdfeeder

The squirrel proof bird feeder is well known for the effective and practical design that can keep it safe and secure from the squirrels. Customers love the product because there is no way squirrels can invade the feeder’s system.

The feeding ports are well-spaced and thus allow numerous birds to feed at the same time. Fill up to 4 cups of seeds in the enclosed circular seed housing with a contoured base and keep the feed dry and fresh. As the components of the bird feeder are chew-proof, you can expect it to last a long time. Maintaining and cleaning the feeder is like a breeze.


  • A well-thought-out design
  • Four Metal feeding ports
  • enclosed circular seed housing
  • strong, durable and chew-proof
  • GrayBunny guarantee


  • special long brush and some effort to clean the feeder
  • Improperly finished feeder access holes.

Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder – Conclusion

Now there is no need to get frustrated about your bird feeder, and if you are beginning to lose patience because of those squirrels, all you need to do is follow the given guide. Make your experience of feeding birds rewarding and enjoyable once more, now that you know how and where to look for the bird feeder squirrel proof.

There is no need to hate those squirrels or hunt them down. All you need to be careful about is the choices you make as a well-informed buyer. Many companies fast realise the issue of handling squirrels and are designing different models of squirrel-proof feeders.

Keep in mind that making the right choice is important here when it comes to squirrel-proof bird feeders. The squirrels are very agile and determined animal that can find ways to overcome devices of any kind in the feeders. Just follow the above guide on how to keep the squirrels away and look for some of the most popular squirrel-proof bird feeders. Buy the best squirrel proof bird feeder and use the above tips to keep those sneaky squirrels away.


1. What Kind Of Seeds Is Liked By Most Birds?

Some seeds are more popular with birds, for example, the black sunflower seeds. These seeds are preferred by a wide range of birds, and as they are smaller in size and perfect for those birds like the sparrow, junco, and goldfinch with smaller bills. Mixed seeds and Thistle seeds, too, are liked by most birds. Thistle seeds are loved by pine siskins, house finches, and American goldfinches.

Mixed seeds are cheaper, and the list can include safflower, wheat, linseed, milo, and millets. You should be aware that different birds prefer different seed types, but the black oil sunflower seeds remain the most popular among the bird species. While it is the first choice for most, it may be a second choice for blue jays.

2. What Kind Of Bird Food Is Not Liked By The Squirrels?

It is a good idea to keep the squirrels away by placing bird food that is not liked by them at all. For example, squirrels certainly do not like Millet, Niger, and Safflower seeds. So, you can place a mix of these seeds in the bird feeder and deter their frequent visits. Suets and spicy seeds too are a major deterrent for squirrels and other smaller mammals trying their luck at the bird feeders.

3. How Does One Keep The Bird Feed Fresh And Dry?

It is possible that the birds’ feed can get wet and mouldy due to weather conditions or neglect. As this can be harmful for the birds, it is important to keep the bird feed fresh and dry. To prevent this, one should keep an eye on the feeder, and if there are any signs of moisture, the feed should be removed completely, and fresh bird feed should be added only after the feeder has been cleaned and dried. Therefore, it is recommended to check the feeders to ensure that the feed is dry and free-flowing.

4. Is It Okay To Give Peanuts, Bread, And Fat Balls To Birds?

Stay away from placing those in the feeder as these food items are primarily meant for human consumption. While only the good quality fat balls might be good for some birds, avoid giving peanuts and bread to birds. While the birds may nibble away at the bread, what they are getting is a diet deficient in the vitamins. Always check the ingredients of the bird feeder with the supplier and ensure that you are giving them a proper diet that they need.

5. How To Store The Bird Food, And For How Long Can It Be Stored?

Always store the bird feed in a cool, dry place preferably in air-tight boxes or containers. As they come in a variety of sizes and kinds, you can label the containers with the date on them. Most manufacturers offer a guarantee of freshness for about six months for the dry bird feeds. However, soft bird food may last for no more than four months.

A lot relies on how and where you store it, the weather conditions, and if you are following the instructions carefully, you can store the birdseed for about a year without any problems.