Best Oriole Feeders Of 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Birds Choice 2. First Nature 3088 3. Perky-Pet 253
Flower Oriole Best Oriole Feeder First Nature 3088 Perky-Pet 253

Spending time surrounded by nature is one of the most relaxing experiences that one can ever have. Hearing the chirping or humming of the birds, particularly after waking up in the morning or returning from a hard day of work, fills the heart with joy and enhances the mental spirits to a much extent.

Not all are lucky to stay surrounded by greenery, but you can still have some wonderful moments to bring out the innocent mental joy with the best oriole feeder in your garden.

Well, it is time to think about buying a feeder and place it at a strategic location to enjoy the lovely scenario while a variety of birds come flying and enjoy savoring their food.


It is time to feed the birds and also watch them in the backyards, lawns, or the porch. They are specially designed containers so that the feathered species can have their favorite food while one watches them with excitement and enjoyment.

Today, the market is flooded with many designs, sizes, and colors of feeders for orioles, but it is best to gather some details before sealing the deal. It is essential to know about them, their benefits, and how to buy them before proceeding further.

What Is An Oriole Feeder?

It is not unknown to all bird watchers and enthusiasts that orioles are the most beautiful feathered species that visit the lawns. They have a simple diet, and one of the best ways to enjoy their beauty is to attract them by keeping a feeder for them.

They get excited about the food on the feeder and flock from time to time, allowing watching them and enjoying their beauty.

Since orioles are a little bigger in size, their feeding port also needs to be extra large. Since orioles are picky eaters and do not feed in any feeder you hang in your garden, most feeders come in bright colors to attract them.

Since orioles have a wider variety of feast than just birdseeds, feeders for them also have provisions for jellies, nectars and oranges.

Apart from that, many feeders have structures attached to them where the birds can sit and enjoy the food or the nectar that is kept in the food ports. The birds sit on the perches of the feeder and direct their beak towards the food ports. They get hold of the food or the nectar kept in them and enjoy.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of the colorful and attractive feathered orioles in your own garden, then it is recommended to find a feeder that is attractive to look and has all the compartments to meet the needs of orioles.

The pure joy of watching the birds while they are feeding cannot be simply explained in words, but can only be experienced. Have a great feeling feeding the birds by placing a feeder in your lawn.

Do something different to feel the joy and excitement with your loved ones by your side. However, before buying a feeder, one should know about them and proceed accordingly.

Benefits Of Having An Oriole Feeder

You must be thinking about why you should spend money on a feeder for orioles when you can do away with a normal bird feeder. But you are wrong. Orioles are different birds that have different feeding preferences and requirements. Here are a few benefits of having one in your garden

1. Bird watching is one of the most enjoyable and innocent activities that one can experience. However, it is not possible for all to visit the countryside or the woods with the binoculars. However, one simple step that you can use to invite birds to your own backyard is to keep there a bird feeder filled with bird food.

2. Birds are always in search of food. Once they get to know that a feeder is kept for them in a particular spot, they will flock the area time and again. By having a feeder in your lawn, you can have a mesmerizing view of the birds with beautiful colors enjoying the food you have kept for them.

3. When you have a bird feeder in your garden, you can enjoy the pure joy of watching birds without going anywhere. Due to unplanned urbanization, the forests and woods are shrinking, and birds are having trouble finding their food and habitat. As a result, they are migrating towards cities, and a little effort of putting a feeder in your garden benefits the birds to have a proper diet.

4. The chirping and humming of birds, the flocking of the birds around the feeder, and the water bath kept in the garden relaxes the nerves to a much extent. Indeed, the birds singing and playing in your garden works as a stress buster, and one can feel the difference in life quality sooner or later.

5. Having birds flocking in your garden adds to the aesthetic appeal of your landscape. After all, who doesn’t like the look of colorful orioles?

6. When you feed orioles in your bird feeder, they gain energy enough to migrate from one place to the other whenever needed. In other words, you help in keeping them full with nutrition, so that they can travel long distances with ease, and also reproduce.

7. Since birds do not have table manners, feeding them in a bird feeder creates minimum mess, and it is easy to clean too in case it gets dirty or spoiled.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Oriole Feeder

Before purchasing a feeder for the orioles, one should consider some of the fundamental factors, as there are multiple varieties of them available in the market. One should consider the following factors and buy the best product.

1. Material

One of the critical factors for the perfect selection of a feeder is to look into its material for construction. They should either be made from non-toxic plastic or high-grade steel. If the feeder is made from steel, preference should be given to the product that is powder-coated.

The powder coating can prevent the steel from rust due to exposure to extreme outdoor weather. The feeders made from plastic should be sturdy enough to last for a prolonged period, as it would need to withstand heavy use by the birds. Check the quality carefully and read the reviews of the product you intend to buy before ordering it.

2. Design

The feeders are available in various shapes and sizes. One should always choose a feeder that is best to feed the orioles. It may be a simple flat design or a circular design.

Since orioles have a wider variety of food preferences, make sure that their feeder has appropriate compartments so that the birds can enjoy jam, nectar, or the oranges with ease. Therefore, one should buy a feeder that has multiple perches or enough landing places for the birds to sit and enjoy the food.

3. Color

Orioles are attracted to the bright orange color. Therefore, one should go for a feeder that has a bright color and does not fade quickly due to exposure to the sun. The color of the good feeders lasts long, and the same feeder can be used for years to invite the birds.

4. Ports

There are combo feeders where one can put jelly, nectar as well as orange slices, or there are single feeders that hold only one food for the birds. It is always better to buy a combo feeder, as no one can predict what will be the mood of the orioles and what they would like to consume on a particular day.

There is one more advantage of having a feeder with multiple ports. If you are running out of stock for one particular food, you can substitute with the other alternatives. Therefore, a combo feeder has several advantages over the single feeder.

5. Cups For Holding The Nectar Or Jam

It is known to everybody that orioles love grape jelly and nectar over anything. Therefore, the cups for holding the nectar should always be of good quality. However, one should look at the size of the cups too, and ensure that they are big enough to hold the required amount of syrup to feed the birds.

Again, the depth of the cups should not be too deep, since the beak of the orioles may not reach till the end, and one needs to maintain a certain minimum level at all times.

This would require refilling the cups at regular intervals of time to give a sweet treat to the birds. It is always preferred to have a feeder that comes with a glass or high-end plastic cups, as they do not get scratched or break easily.

6. Ant And Bee Guards

Unwanted invaders like ants and bees would also want to have a share of the food you have kept in the feeder for the orioles.

So, one should always prefer to buy a feeder that comes with an ant and bee guard. It prevents the ants and bees from eating the jam, jelly, and nectar meant for the birds, so that there is no shortage or unwanted wastage.

7. Overhead Shed

Many feeders come with an overhead shade. They allow the food kept on the feeder to stay fresh for a more extended period due to less exposure to sunlight and rain. Again, the birds can rest on the shed, and it becomes a beautiful sight watching them.

The wood house shaped feeders with overhead shed are perfect for the purpose. They also enhance the beauty of the lawn, yard, or porch.

8. Edges

Make sure that there are no sharp edges on the feeder except the fruit piercing rod. Sharp edges can injure the birds while they are engrossed in having their share of food. It is always better to buy a product that is ergonomically designed for the safety and comfort of the birds.

9. Ease Of Cleaning

The feeders need to be cleaned at least once every week in the ordinary course of use. Therefore, one should always buy a bird feeder that is easy to clean and refill. Some of the best quality bird feeders are dishwasher safe, and one can consider buying them after reading the reviews or looking at the design carefully.

It is best to visit the neighbors who also feed the orioles and observe the feeders they are using. Simple feeders can be cleaned with water or using a wet cloth.

The more complicated the design, the more is the difficulty in cleaning them. Customer reviews can prove to be of great help to decide on the feeder that you want to buy.

10. Budget

Budget is one of the key factors for the selection of bird feeders. They are available in various price ranges, and one should buy them according to their budget. It is always better to buy a simple feeder for the first time enthusiast, as they are less in price as compared to other combo feeders.

One can gauge their interest in bird feeding by buying the less-priced feeder and can change to different varieties of feeders when the interest grows.

For the avid bird watchers, the budget is not always a constraint, and they can buy a product in high price range and enjoy bird watching while feeding them.

Top 20 Best Oriole Feeders 2022

1. Flower Oriole

Flower Oriole Best Oriole Feeder

Flower Oriole Bird Feeder from the house of Birds Choice is simple yet elegant looking. It is small in size with food pots that can fill 3 oz of jelly, which is enough to attract and feed the orioles. One can keep oranges, grapes, or other citrus foods on the dedicated ports.

One can even keep them impaled on the side hooks so that the birds can enjoy the food while sitting or flying around the frame. The main pot comes in attractive orange color, and there is no need for assembling the entire structure, as the product arrives in assembled condition.

It is one of the most exciting moments to see the orioles gather around the feeder and enjoy the food. One can enjoy bird watching by hanging this feeder in any outdoor area and attract the birds.


  • The feeding pot is made of high-quality plastic and does not scratch or break.
  • It comes with prongs on the frame so that one can pierce the oranges and lemons when the pot is filled with jelly.
  • No assembly required. Just buy and use it to attract the birds.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • The look is too simple.

2. First Nature 3088

First Nature 3088If you are looking for a wide-mouthed bird feeder that has a reservoir for the nectar, then this is the model to ho for. The pot is straightforward to fill with juices, nectars, or honey and clean it after the orioles have enjoyed them. First Nature had introduced unique sealing rings to prevent any leakage.

The reservoir has a capacity of 32 ounces, and there are ten feeding ports through which the orioles can put their beak and enjoy the juices. The feeder comes with an S hook for hanging, and the perch design is round. So, it is time to enjoy bird watching by filling the reservoir with the favorite juices of the birds.


  • The reservoir is made from durable polymer to last long.
  • The orange color base attracts the Orioles.
  • Multiple feeding ports allow many birds to flock around it and enjoy feeding.
  • It is easy to clean and refill the reservoir.


  • Except for juices and nectar, raw foods cannot be placed on the feeder.

3. Perky-Pet 253

Perky-Pet 253It is known to everybody that birds like orioles love jelly made from grapes. The Perky-Pet 253 is one of the best bird feeders that one can have to fill the pot with jelly and attract the birds. There is a bottle with a unique stirrer that holds the jelly. One can dispense the jelly on the tray as well as per need.

The bottle has a capacity of 32 oz. The complete unit is made of plastic and can be hung at any open space. It is an excellent product if you are looking for a perfect inverted jelly jar to feed the orioles and enjoy the view of chirping birds to have a great day.


  • The plastic jelly jar can be replaced by any standard jelly jars bought from any supermarket.
  • The gravity feed mechanism helps to pour out the jelly steadily, and one can feed the birds from dawn to dusk.
  • This feeder holds enough jelly in the jar to feed the birds throughout the day.
  • There are rain holes on the tray for draining out the water. It also helps to clean the unit comfortably.
  • The tray and the chain are of orange color, and they attract the birds more.


  • If the weather is hot, the jelly may melt and make this feeder a bit messy.
  • The auger knob needs to be turned on every time the tray is empty, and human presence at regular intervals makes the birds skeptical about flocking around the feeder.

4. Songbird Essentials

Songbird Essentials SE905While looking for a combination feeder for the orioles and hummingbirds, this is one of the perfect products to hang in your outdoors. The disc for nectar and jelly has a circumference of 12 inches, and the pot attached to it can hold 32 oz of jelly or nectar at a time.

It is simple in design and can be hung anywhere in the garden or the lawn to attract the birds. Although it is made of plastic, the hanging rod is made from metal, that makes it sturdy and durable. The disc has enough space to hold two oranges cut into halves.

Filling and cleaning the feeder is straightforward. If you are looking for a combo-feeder for orioles, then your search for one of the best products ends here.


  • The ant moat keeps the ants away from the jelly.
  • The disc is big with perches along the sides for the birds to sit while feeding on the fruits and jelly.
  • The cups are large enough to hold sufficient quantities of jelly.
  • The plastic container is sturdy to withstand rough use and adverse weather.


  • The orange color of the feeder fades over time.
  • The container for the nectar is too deep, and small birds find it difficult to reach the nectar when the levels are low.

5. Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore Orioles NP1009If you are looking for a multipurpose Baltimore Oriole feeder that can hold jelly, nectar, and oranges, then the model NP1009 from Birds Choice proves to be a great solution. It has four trays for jelly, four ports for feeding the orioles with oranges, and four holes to fill the nectar.

It is made up of durable plastic and is supported by a metal rod with S-hook to hang. The nectar holding capacity is 12 oz, and one can even get 8 oz of nectar made from pure sucrose while sealing the deal and buying this feeder. The bonus is that there is an ant guard too that keeps the ants away from the jelly or the nectar.


  • The product comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.
  • The colors do not fade as it is UV protected.
  • The model NP1009 feeder is easy to clean.
  • It is lightweight, still durable.


  • One can get many other better feeders within the price range of this product.

6. Kettle Moraine

Kettle MoraineThe Kettle Moraine orange fruit feeder can be used if one wants to feed only oranges to the Orioles. It is an eco-friendly effort from Kettle Moraine, as the feeder is made from recycled plastic. Aluminum perches are attached to the hut shaped feeder so that the birds can enjoy the fruits as they are kept pierced on the side hooks.

The design is simple, and it comes with an open-end hanging hook with a big curvature. The product is guaranteed against any manufacturing defects. It comes in bright orange color to attract the birds. If you are looking for a single feeder, then go for it.


  • The kettle Moraine feeder is quite sturdy and can withstand strong winds.
  • Easy to hang, use, and clean.
  • Keep the ants away since it does not have a jelly or nectar chamber.
  • The ergonomic edges save the birds from any injury.


  • The price charged by the supplier is on a bit higher side as it is a single feeder, and one can get many combo feeders within this price range.
  • It cannot be used for feeding the birds with jelly or nectar.
  • The tips of the piercing rods should have been more sharpened to pierce the oranges easily.

7. Perky-Pet Opus Plus

Perky-Pet Opus PlusIt is unique in design, as it is decorated with fake orange slices. The birds are attracted more due to this decor. The Opus Plus 449-2 is made from non-toxic plastic and has four feeding ports.

The feeding ports come with bee-guards so that unwanted invaders do not consume the nectar or jelly you have kept for the birds. The reservoir can hold 32 oz of jelly or nectar. It is made from transparent plastic and enables one to gauge the nectar levels even from a distance, allowing refilling when needed.

There are multiple perches for the birds to sit on and enjoy the nectar through the ports shaped like an orange slice.


  • Cleaning and filing the transparent orange slice shaped reservoir is straightforward.
  • The plastic is shatter-proof.
  • Reduce the attack of the bees in search of nectar, as the bee-guard prevents them from reaching the nectar levels.
  • The reservoir can hold enough nectar, as it has a capacity of 32 oz.


  • Leakage and overflowing through the ports are some factors that need to be looked at by the manufacturers.

8. Heath Outdoor Products CF-133

Heath Outdoor Products CF-133CF 133 is one of the best oriole feeders that is simple in design and sturdy in build. The frame is powder-coated and UV resistant. It is a circular feeder made from steel and has a glass cup to hold the nectar, jelly, or the mealworms.

It has provisions for piercing orange halves. Cleaning and filling the cups is easy, and the total arrangement is hung using the chains attached to the main structure.

Colored in bright orange, it is one of the simplest and cheapest feeders that one can hang in the lawns and gardens to attract the birds and watch them while feeding. Get clear views of the birds in your own garden while using it.


  • One can use the glass cup to put jelly, nectar, or the mealworms. The glass cup is for multipurpose use.
  • It is lightweight and easy to clean.
  • The powder-coated metal frame is sturdy.
  • The price is exceptionally pocket-friendly in less than $14.


  • It does not have an ant cover; therefore, ants can reach the nectar and jelly easily.

9. Birds Choice Orioles

Birds Choice OriolesUse this multipurpose feeder that is suitable to hold nectar, jelly as well as orange slices. The product is a straightforward combo feeder for the orioles and is made from recycled plastic. The tray can hold two 8 oz. cups of jelly or nectar, and there are two ports to pierce orange halves.

The feeder also provides roof to the birds by having a clear plastic shed on the top. The hanging string is sturdy and can be used to hang the feeder in your lawn. The feeder can be quickly filled with jelly, nectar or orange slices and can be hung anywhere in the garden or the lawn to attract the orioles and watch them eat.


  • It is a lightweight product yet sturdy.
  • It is easy to fill and clean.
  • Has a shed too.
  • Eco-friendly, because it is made from recycled plastic.


  • The price is on the higher side when compared with other multipurpose feeders.
  • Does not provide protection from ants, bees, squirrels and racoons.

10. Strokes Select

Strokes SelectIf you are looking for attracting orioles in your backyard or lawn, then this full orange-colored feeder is perfect to hang. The jar has a large nectar capacity of 34 oz. There are plenty of perches along the circumference so that the birds can happily eat while sitting on them.

As the mouth of the jar is wide, it is easy to refill and clean. It comes with a long sturdy S-hook that makes it easy to hang.


  • The wide opening of the jar helps to clean the ends with a bottle brush that is otherwise hard to clean in many other feeders.
  • It is made from durable plastic.


  • The slot for fastening the S hook is too tight and spills the nectar while hanging.
  • Does not have ports to pierce oranges.

11. Kettle Moraine with Roof

Kettle Moraine with RoofIf you are looking for a beautifully designed premium quality feeder for the orioles, then this product would be your perfect choice. It is made from non-toxic recycled plastic with a galvanized steel roof. Enhance the beauty of your garden by hanging this feeder that comes with two bowls, and two piercing rods for orange halves.

The roof diameter is 14” while the base diameter is 12 inches. The orioles can enjoy the shade while eating from the jars that can hold nectar, jelly, or mealworms. Although the price is on a bit higher side, it is worth to pay for this product considering the features and the design.


  • Cleaning the feeder is easy.
  • The size is big and the built is robust.
  • The colors do not fade even after using it for many seasons.
  • The feeder enhances the beauty of your garden or the lawn to a much extent.


  • It is a premium-priced product, and many may find it out of their budget.
  • One needs to assemble the product before using it.

12. Woodlink 35319

Woodlink 35319The Woodlink 35319 feeder for orioles and other nectar loving birds is immaculately designed. It is in the shape of a woodhouse, though made from metal. The total structure is powder-coated and orange in color so that the birds get attracted and flock the feeder to eat nectar, jelly, or the orange slices.

There are long perches on the walls of this feeder so that the feathered species can rest while eating. The piercing rods for the orange halves are also on the side.

It comes with a glass tray to hold the nectar or the jelly and can be hung easily with the help of an eye hook attached to it. If you are looking for the right product in and around $25, then this product needs to be on your consideration list.


  • The design is simple yet enhances the beauty of the lawns and gardens.
  • The orange color attracts the birds.
  • The cover on the top protects the jelly or the nectar from being washed away by rain.
  • As it made of steel and it is powder coated, the feeder can withstand any harsh weather.


  • The metal structure may get dents if not handled carefully.

13. Akerue Woodlink NAO1

Akerue Woodlink NAO1It is another simple and easy to use feeder for the orioles, hummingbirds and other nectar loving birds. The dimensions are enough to hold nectar and jelly and feed the birds to their delight. The feeder is easy to clean and is even dishwasher friendly.

There is a built-in ant guard so that the ants can’t invade the jelly or the nectar. There are enough perches along the circumference for the orioles to sit and enjoy the treat.

The orange color of the top part attracts the orioles, and they flock this feeder to have an excellent feed. A sturdy and long metal hook hangs it.


  • The price is pocket-friendly under $10.
  • There are removable hangers for the orange halves.
  • The plastic material is non-toxic and durable for extended use.
  • Ant or bug problems are considerably reduced, as it comes with an ant-guard.


  • The colors sometimes fade over time.
  • The jelly recess is smaller in size compared to other similar products and needs refilling quite often.

14. Songbird Essentials SEBCO212

Songbird Essentials SEBCO212It is one of the most uniquely designed bird feeders with an orange top designed like orange blossom. It is a jelly or a jam feeder that comes with a hanger. The jar size can be varied, and one can fit 12 oz or 14 oz jam jars depending on the requirement.

The cleaning of the pot and other parts of the feeder is quite easy. The orange-colored plastic top attracts the birds, and one can enjoy bird watching to their heart’s content using the model SEBCO212 from Songbird.


  • The feeder is not at all cumbersome and is easy to clean.
  • Although it is made of plastic, it is still durable to last long.
  • The jar sizes can be varied.
  • There is no dripping problem using this feeder.


  • The jar needs to be filled to the brim as the beak of the birds does not reach till the end.

15. Kettle Moraine Single Fruit Feeder

Kettle Moraine Single Fruit FeederIf you are looking for a single feeder for feeding the birds with fruits only, then this orange and fruit feeder should be one of the perfect choices. It is made from recycled non-toxic plastic.

The aluminum perches along the two sides are long enough for the orioles and other fruit-loving birds to sit and enjoy eating.

The orange-colored plastic board attracts the birds more, and one can enjoy watching them while they feed on the fruits and orange halves pierced through the rods on the sides. It is easy to clean and can be used without any clutter.

There is a sizeable open-end hook to hang the feeder anywhere in the open space in your vicinity. The product comes with a lifetime guarantee.


  • The material is sturdy enough to last many seasons.
  • The oranges and the fruits stay easy after piercing.
  • The orange block in between the piercing rod is ergonomically shaped.


  • As it is only a fruit feeder, it does not have provisions to keep nectar, jelly or jam for the birds.

16. Woodlink 24177 Audubon

Woodlink 24177 AudubonThis model of bird feeder is shaped like an orange. There are three feeding ports, and the perches can be removed as per desire and requirements. The base section can be removed to clean the feeder comfortably. Model 24177 can hold 32 oz of jelly or nectar, and it is leak-proof.

It has a dimension of 10.5 x 10.5 x 8 inches and weighs only 5.6 ounces. One can keep the feeder on the ground removing the perches or hang them with the sturdy hook and attach the perches for the birds to sit.


  • Easy to clean and refill.
  • It can be placed on the ground or hung fusing the hook.
  • The perches are removable, making it easy to place anywhere.
  • Priced reasonably around $10.


  • It can leak if the attachment is not fixed properly.

17. Heath Outdoor Products CF-131

Heath Outdoor Products CF-131The model CF-131 feeder from the house of Heath Outdoor Products is made from dishwasher safe plastic. Made in orange color, it not only attracts the orioles but other similar species of birds as well. It comes with a built-in ant guard so that the unwanted intruders do not invade the jelly and the nectar.

The feeder can hold 6 ounces nectar and 4.5 ounces grape jelly. It can be completely disassembled for easy cleaning. It comes with a long open-ended hook to hang easily.


  • The plastic is durable and can withstand rough weather for a long time.
  • Cleaning and refilling are easy as one uses this feeder.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • The color sometimes fades over time due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

18. Gray Bunny GB-6887

Gray Bunny GB-6887If you are looking for a two in one bird feeder, then this model GB-6887 from the house of Gray Bunny is challenging to ignore.

There are two perches so that the birds can sit on them and enjoy the fruits or the jam or jelly. The prongs of this feeder are angled at 45 degrees, helping the birds to eat the fruits properly.

The jar for the jelly and nectar is made from glass and is easy to refill and clean. The orange Clementine structured feeder is hung using a chain.

It is made from high-quality steel and is powder coated to prevent rust and withering due to exposure to outdoor weather. It is one of the great products to buy and use, and the price is within anyone’s budget in less than $12.


  • It not only attracts the birds but also enhances the beauty of the yard.
  • The design is incredible and is oriole –friendly.
  • It is easy to clean and can be hung in the patio.
  • The steel quality is excellent, and the powder coating does not peel off.


  • The perch length is a bit short.

19. Orioles Strokes

Orioles StrokesIf you are looking for a good quality 3 in 1 feeder for the orioles and other similar birds, then this item from the Strokes Select will definitely please you.

It is round in shape and surrounded by perches so that the birds can sit and enjoy eating. It can hold nectar, oranges slices or grape jelly, the favorite cuisine of the orioles.

The bee guard is patented and keeps away the bees and the wasps. One can detach the saucer and clean it effortlessly.

The bright orange color of the dish attracts the birds, and one can have an enjoyable moment watching the birds feeding in their own garden. It comes with a long open-ended metal hook for easy hanging.


  • It is easy to assemble and clean.
  • The plastic material is quite sturdy.
  • Enough capacity of 14 ounces for nectar.


  • The jelly rolls out if not properly filled with a steady hand.

20. JCs Wildlife 3000

JCs Wildlife 3000This hut- shaped feeder from the house of JCs Wildlife is simply fantastic in design. It has a transparent, angled roof so that the birds can view the food kept inside.

There are two feeding jars, and the manufacturers guarantee against any crack, split, or color fading. The structure is made from high-grade poly lumber plastic and is ergonomically designed.

It can be hung using the closed-end wire ropes to a hook. The birds love flocking around this feeder and enjoy sitting on the top while eating the nectar or jelly.

It has a dimension of 7 x 7 x 11 inches and weighs around 1.68 pounds.


  • The holders are easy to refill and clean.
  • The feeder is sturdy to withstand rough weather.


  • The glass feeders are too deep, and one needs to maintain the nectar and jelly levels.

FAQs on Oriole Feeders

1. How Do I Select A Feeder For The Orioles?

One should always select a feeder that is simple to use. The feeder needs to be cleaned and refilled at regular intervals, and a simple design feeder is, therefore, best to select. It is preferred to choose the feeder that comes with a bee, wasp, or ant guard too.

2. How To Attract The Orioles Towards The Feeder?

If you are hanging a new feeder for the first time, it might take some days for the orioles to get used to what it is. The feathered species are quite skeptical and doubtful about anything new. Have patience, place some nectar, grape jelly or orange slices on the feeder and hang them at a quiet place in the yard.

The orioles will get the smell and come attracted to the feeder. In the beginning, there might be 1 or 2 birds only, but gradually the number will increase. It is also a good idea to keep the feeder near the birdbath that the orioles use in your yard. The birds, while coming for water, will get gradually attracted by the feeder and flock it.

3. When Should I Refill The Feeder?

Refill the feeder as soon as it is empty or the levels of the nectar or the jam or nectar are beyond the reach of the beaks of the birds. Again, in certain weather conditions, the jelly or nectar may taste bad or become hard. It is time to clean the fluid ports and refill them so that the birds are attracted to the fresh juices.

4. Where Should I Ideally Hang The Feeder?

One should ideally hang the feeder under the shade and not under direct sunlight. The place should not be too windy as well, as it may make the feeder unstable. The heat from the sunrays may turn the taste of the nectar or jelly bad or dry the citrus fruits.

So, hang the feeder in such a place that you can watch the birds from a distance while having a clear view.

5. Can I Use Soapy Water To Clean The Feeder Used For The Birds?

Mild soapy water can be used once a week to clean the feeder. However, one should make sure that after cleaning with soapy water, the feeder should be thoroughly cleaned with clean water. Best oriole feeder is the one that is easy to disassemble and is dishwasher friendly.

6. When Is The Ideal Time To Hang The Feeders?

It is best to hang the feeders in late March or in the first week of April. Orioles are spring migrants and one can enjoy the beautiful yellow plumage and their activities while the migrating birds are attracted to the feeder. Once the birds come to know that there is a feeder for them, the numbers will increase within a few days.

7. Do Other Birds Get Attracted To The Same Feeders Used For Orioles?

Yes, indeed, other birds are attracted by the feeders used for orioles. Hummingbirds and other small birds that love to feed on nectar, jelly, or orange slices can also get invited to the same feeder. Therefore, a feeder for the orioles can attract other seasonal birds at different times of the year, which means that your garden is never short of chirps.

8. What Is The Cost Of Having A Feeder For The Baltimore Orioles?

One can get bird feeders of different styles and designs, and the initial cost can vary to a much extent depending on the attributes and the quality of the feeder. Apart from the feeder cost, one needs to spend money to buy grape jelly, nectar, and oranges for the birds too.

However, there is immense joy in watching the Baltimore orioles flocking your yard and eating from the feeder. This happiness cannot be quantified in terms of money. There are feeders to site every pocket and budget, and one should accordingly proceed while purchasing the feeder.

So, What’s Your Pick Among The Best Oriole Feeders?

Bird feeding, particularly the orioles, is one of the most joyous experiences in life. It brings out the joy of watching them flock in your own yard, lawn, garden, or patio. One can even enjoy the moments watching the birds from a distance and have a great day.

Walking up with the chirping and humming of the birds in the morning or listening to the songs throughout the day works as a stress buster. However, to feed the birds, one needs to have proper arrangements so that they are attracted to the foods kept in them.

One can get the bird feeders in various shapes, sizes, and prices. It depends on the budget of the person willing to have some of the magnificent moments in life. One can get multiple varieties of feeders online and select any of the top 20 products listed above. So, it’s time to act and feel the difference.

It is best to look at the top 20 list of the bird feeders mentioned above and decide to purchase the best oriole feeder within your budget. Read the features and the reviews of the products mentioned here and click the links for more details and purchase the best product available online.

Bring back the featured species in your yard not only to feed them but also to protect them from becoming an endangered species. It does not cost much to turn your garden into a bird’s paradise with these feeders. So, go for any of them and enjoy life.