Best Finch Feeders Of 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Droll Yankee 2. Brome 3. Woodlink NATUBE9
Droll Yankees Brome Woodlink Natube9

Finches are one of the most colorful birds which can be seen in our backyard. However, just like many other small birds, finches too are having tough challenges in finding food in semi urban and developing rural regions.

You can be a dedicated bird watcher, a nature lover or simply a soft-hearted nature loving person who can feel the warmth of birds feeding in happiness.

There can be nothing more blissful a sight to see those colorful pretty creatures feeding happily in your backyard, bringing the warmth of nature in in its complete bliss at your doorstep.

However, these cute little beauties can be finicky eaters as well. It might not always be that easy to attract these fellas to your backyard if you do not have the best finch feeder.


There are different types of feeders available in the market designed for finches, but knowing more about finches, their fascination for different foods, how their diet is connected with their shades, the benefits and disadvantages of different feeders gives you an edge over the decision of getting the right feeder.

Therefore, there is a vital step between buying a feeder and having a flock of colorful finches feeling your backyard to your soul with essence of happiness and that is empowering yourself with the knowledge and understanding of ideal finches’ feeder in the market.

Types Of Finch Feeders

Since finches are small and they feed on even smaller seeds like that of nyjer seeds, more commonly known as thistle.. The right choice of feeders plays a vital role in offering nutrition to the birds. A feeder should be designed to suit the bulk of birds feeding from it, also to offer them food easily yet not waste food.

Your choice of feeder might vary in accordance to the type of feeding habits you are looking up to. This means if you are one of the dedicated finch feeders you can choose a tube feeder or mesh feeder, and for occasional bird feeders, just inviting those little friends to your backyard, you can try other alternatives as well.

1. Sock Feeder

These feeders are designed to offer finches with maximum space to cling on to the feeder and perch. Moreover, you can also pick this type if you have many finches to feed. This is an old form of finch feeder which is popular as well for its easy storing advantage.

As the name suggests, these kinds of feeders are made from nylon net like material in the shape of a sock, which is also great for storing small seeds like nyjer.

So, if you are one of those dedicated bird feeders, with many birds to feed at a time, this is perhaps the best pick for you.

However, you also need to know that these feeders get dirty quite easily, and it might require cleaning quite often to avoid spreading of infectious and contagious diseases like conjunctivitis and trichomoniasis. Again, you need to change the feeder after every 2 to 3 refills.

2. Mesh Feeder

If you are concerned about durability, a metal mesh feeder is what you need. This also popular for bird feeding in areas where you have squirrels wrecking on the food supply of birds.

The wire mesh design make it difficult for squirrels to avail the food inside. This feeder comes with platforms underneath the feeding surface in form of circular plates which offers flinches space to sit and perch on the food.

Moreover, since the mesh is throughout the surface of the feeder the flinches can conveniently feed from any direction and at any angle. The fine mesh also keeps the seeds crisp and dry and does not let moisture to get in.

3. General Platform Feeder

A platform is perhaps designed to feed a flock of birds together. If your backyard is the home to many species of birds, quail to flinches, sparrows to parrots, choosing a general platform feeder is a great idea.

But one of the greatest disadvantages with this kind of feeder is that often when big birds and small ones like flinches feed together there are chances that the aggressive birds like sparrows or big birds can harm small ones. If you intend to feed of flinches, buying a dedicated flinch feeder is perhaps better.

4. Tube Feeder

Tube feeders as the name hints is a hollow tube where you can put seeds, which remain dry and clean in it. With metal vents attached to these feeders they become perfect form small birds like flinches, chickadees, pine siskin and so on. You can increase the size of the

feeder according to the flock of flinches feeding. This kind of feeder design also discourages squirrels from hovering around.

5. Upside-Down Feeder

Upside-down feeders have the feeders positioned below the perches, so that the birds can hang upside down while they feed on the seeds. Since here flinches are being discussed, flinches like to eat hanging upside down and therefore this kind of feeder designs are perfectly suited for these birds.

What To Look For When Buying Best Finch Feeder

Nowadays it is quite easy to shop for bird feeders. You have all different types of feeders available online, from where you can choose as per your preference, budget and material preferences.

But when investing in something like a bird feeder it is important to peep into a few vital factors like that of material, functionality, durability, utility, maintenance etc. you use a feeder to feed birds, who might be your pet or might just hang them in the garden to attract birds and have lively garden with colorful birds.

But it is important to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of these feeders to maintain the health of the birds. Keep the surroundings clean to avoid diseases.

Moreover, as per the birds you are expecting to invite aka finches, their choice of food, feeding style and preferences, you need to pay attention to the kind of your finch feeder which will be right for the birds and your surroundings.

Here are a few most essential factors you need to scrutinize before swiping your card to make the final purchase.

1. Material

Material is the thing which decides on the durability, maintenance, handling of any item and so it is in case of a good golden finch feeder. The most common materials used in these feeders include iron, wood, plastic, polycarbonate and plexiglass, etc.

When you hang a feeder, you essentially need to do it outdoors so that birds can spot it. Then you need a feeder material which can withstand different weather conditions, preferably focus on the climatic conditions of your region, if it’s a dry region, humid, etc. to choose an according material.

Reliability when it comes to finch’s feeder is also related to the sturdiness of the feeder. You always need to consider the fact that when you are offering food for birds, it is not like that a single bird will come to feed. Birds love being in flocks and expect an entire flock to visit when it comes to finches.

Therein your feeder must be sturdy enough to manage many birds at a time. Iron mesh feeders suit this purpose quite well with an added advantage of tiny holes, which enable birds to conveniently perch yet prevents the seeds from falling off.

The frame is sturdy, yet the mesh is made of soft sock like nylon material, making it easy to maintain as well.

When you are selecting plastic feeders, you need to focus on the built of the feeder. Plastic is a material which can essentially withstand the harshness of weather as well t is easy to clean, and the designs available are offer convenient visibility inside.

They are comparatively light weight and easy to handle, but can be easily attacked by squirrels, big birds.

2. Durability

Investing a bird feeder is not something that you do every day. Moreover, in this age when expenses are rising like it known no limit, you have to make investments which are smart, offers you productivity over long term.

Therefore, make sure you buy a feeder for your finches which lasts long, and in order to know which feeder will offer you greater durability read through some buyer reviews and feedbacks, take into consideration size and material of the feeder.

3. Maintenance And Handling

Assembling and dismantling a feeder happens to be a vital factor to determine your buy. As in, it is important to clean a feeder every week so that the hygiene remains intact, and your birds remain healthy as well.

But whenever you will have to clean this feeder you will need to open it, wash it and once again assemble it back to refill it and hang it in place. The entire process needs to be convenient for the user.

4. Price

The price of a finch’s feeder may depend on a range of factors. You also need to consider whether you want to buy so1mething expensive and durable offering long time usage or you want simple sock feeders which needs to be changed every month or even before on wear and tear. Investing in high quality feeders will involve higher price.

5. Minimizes Waste

Many seeds with high nutrient content are pretty expensive and you would never want to waste these seeds. When you refill a feeder, the intention is clear that you want your little feathery friends to feed upon them.

But buying a feeder with large vents or perching ports will encourage wastage as well since small sized seeds would fall off even before the bird feed on them. Therein look for feeders with smaller ports but well sized to allow convenient feeding for finches.

6. Capacity

Now different people buy feeders for different range of guests which means some buy to attract finches around the area to the garden, while other buy to feed all the finches already living in the garden.

So, it is important to gauge the capacity of the finch’s feeder you consider. The larger the flock of finches feeding in your yard the bigger the size you will need or else you will need to refill the feeder in every two days.

However, a fact which also true is that seeds don’t remain fresh for too many days and more so in extreme humid conditions, cold, etc.

While it is important how you serve your guest, it is also important make sure you serve the right way and the right kind of food which meets the required nutritional requirements.

In general a Goldfinch consumes more variety of seeds to meet up the dietary needs, however the remaining half needs to be supplemented with sufficient portions of vitamins, rich protein, minerals and antioxidants.

Therefore, offer good food in sufficient portion and make sure you get a feeder which is essentially strong built and with a secured design to safeguard the food from attacks of other animals in the garden or yard. Here are the top 20 best buy finch feeders for 2020:

Top 20 Best Finch Feeders 2022

1. Droll Yankees

Droll Yankees Best Finch FeederThe New Generation Finch Flocker Birdfeeder from Droll Yankees is a sturdy built 4 chambers, 8-inch feeder designed to feed a flock of finches at a time.

The design of this feeder is yellow based with an attractive cap style opening which ensures the goldfinches easily catch a sight of this bright colored feeder in your yard. The feeder is designed to feed a flock, and thein it has an extensive capacity of ½ pounds of Nyjer seeds refilling at a time in the 4 ports of the feeder.

When the finches start feeding, the movement of the seeds inside directs the seeds to lower down, chamber by chamber to the lowest one and ensures that the birds can feed on all the seeds and the feeder empties with no wastage of seeds.

The feeder is designed with a sliding metal cap of top which ensures easy refilling. It can also be suspended from the hanging wire made out of stainless steel, or it can also be pole mounted conveniently


  • Internal baffle to ensure smooth seed flow
  • Material is made to withstand UV rays, making it last longer
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Drainage ports to keep the inside dry


  • Squirrels can chew the ports

2. Brome

BromeFinch Squirrel-proof Feeder from Squirrel Buster is a uniquely designed advance tech finch feeder with full proof design which safeguards the seed inside from squirrels.

The feeder design ensures that whenever there is a excess weight than a finch, supposedly of a squirrel or any other animal, the seed ports get automatically closed, restricting access to the seeds, and that too without any physical harm to the animal.

Not only squirrel proof but the feeder has an integrated ventilation system to keep the seeds inside dry and fresh. The feeder comes with at transparent seed tube which traps solar energy as well as the conventional design of the seed traps air inside.

The advanced Seed Ventilation System allows fresh air within through the vents designed at the top and allows humid air and hot air inside to escape as well, which keeps the seed fresh and dry.


  • Lifetime care guaranteed
  • Actually squirrel proof
  • Easy to dismantle and clean
  • Patented seed ventilation system to keep seeds fresh


  • A bit expensive
  • Does not come in yellow which is a favorite of finches

3. Woodlink Natube9

Woodlink Natube9Audubon Woodlink NATUBE9 is a simple, within budget feeder which you can buy if you are not looking for something extensively advanced and high end.

The simplified design of the feeder includes 8 ports, which makes this thistle feeder quite useful, since the birds can easily feed from different angles.

The feeder is designed to feed multiple finches at a time with a measurement of 5-1/2-inch by 5-1/2-inch by 15-inch height, with an extensive capacity of refilling 2 pounds of seeds at a time.

One of the intriguing features of the feeder which differentiates it from many other feeders in the market are the presence of vents on the feeder which are oblong in shape that helps the finches to feed better and conveniently.

The feeder is pretty cheap, a good buy for enthusiastic bird loving kids as well who want to buy a feeder from within the pocket money.


  • Easy to use
  • Pocket friendly
  • Easy to dismantle and clean


  • Does not come in yellow


4. Aspects Thistle Tube Feeder

Aspects Thistle Tube FeederThe Thistle Tube Feeders crafted by Aspects comes with a sturdy design. The one thing which makes it a unique addition for your yard, aesthetically appealing as well is the antique brass design.

The feeder integrates attractive die cast metal caps which are heavy, with 8 distinct feeding stations as well as a clear UV stabilized tube made out of polycarbonate. All these features needless to say make the product a long term investment with all durable features.

The intelligent designing integrating an auto deflector which helps the finches have even the last bit of thistle. The feeder comes integrated with smart raised ridge design adjacent to the feeding ports in order to divert rainwater therein keeping the seeds dry and fresh.

The revolutionary base integrated within the feeder design is easily removable on the press of a button. You can attach an added tray when you think of cleaning the base. The Aspects dome designed on the top of the feeder protects and offers shed to the tray. The feeder comes with a capacity of 1.25 quart capacity.


  • Simple design makes it easy to clean
  • Metal base for more stability
  • 8 feeding stations


  • Not squirrel proof

5. Perky-Pet 080086

Perky-Pet 080086The Perky-Pet designed Shorty Finch Feeder comes with circular perches on a diamond-shaped mesh surface which allows finches to cling or hang accordingly and feed from all angles and sides, without much hustle bustle.

The mesh in the feeder creates a perfect landing space for finches which means they can actually sit and cling on any position. Not only the mesh, the feeder comes with an integrated tray at the base which allows 360 degrees scope of perching.

Perky Pet designs this feeder with 0.7 lb capacity which means it can easily feed multiple finches throughout a day or two, when you have good craze. The feeder also stresses on durability through its design and material which is an all metal resisting damage even when it must sustain load of too many finches at a time.

The feeder is crafted with a simplified design with a wire mesh and easily removable lid which makes refilling easy as well as the cleaning and maintenance easy. The wide mouth opening allows you to refill without much spill around.

An added advantage of the Perky Pet’s feeder is that it comes with an integrated drainage and ventilation system which does not allow water to accumulate inside, encourages free air movement so that wet seeds can dry out fast and seeds remain fresh.

The top overhang part is a broad plate creating a shed securing the seeds in rainy season.


  • Bright yellow color to attract finches
  • Mesh try for 360 degree perch scope
  • Easy to clean and refill


  • Tends to lose seeds

6. Nature’s Hangout

Nature’s HangoutIt’s like feeling the nature, experiencing the playful perching of birds being one of them with the innovatively designed Window Bird Feeder from Nature’s Hangout.

This feeder is a window hung version unlike other feeders which you need to hang on poles, branches or a hook. Crafted out of high transparency acrylic this 11.5 * 4 * 5inch feeder is highly durable and perfect for all seasons.

Designed with powerful suction cups you can easily attach them to windows without a nail or hook, yet completely visible, where you can watch and enjoy every move of the finches or birds.

Eliminating the need of a yard or a garden to hang feeder and invite those little flying feet, you can now attach a bird feeder to even your apartment window or office window and keep in the warm touch of nature.

If you are thinking for an exciting, innovative and interesting gift for your kids, beloved, parents or friends, you need not look any further if the concerned person loves nature and birds.

Nature’s Hangout Window Feeder has crafted an amazing feeder with padded grip perch in order to comfort the feeding session of the birds.

With this feeder you also have enough shed for the seeds inside as well as the birds feeding in rainy or snow times. Fitting within budget of $25 to $30 this feeder has a capacity of holding 4 cups of seed at a time.


  • Ideal for every weather
  • Simple design to clean
  • Strong suction cups to prevent falling


  • Not squirrel proof

7. Squirrel Buster

Squirrel BusterSquirrel proof Bird Feeder from Squirrel Buster offers the ultimate solution and safeguard from squirrels. The seeds you offer to the birds needs to be there for them.

But in many gardens with lots of trees and bushes around, squirrels pose the greatest threat by eating up on the seeds. The lid of the feeder automatically closes on recognition of weight of an adult squirrel.

This feeder comes with a measurement of 18-inch/47-cm which can be hung from any pole or branch. The feeder is claimed to be squirrel proof not only because squirrel cannot feed on the seeds but also because of the material used to build it, which is chew proof.

The advantage with such a design is that of maintenance, that is it can be cleared from all sides. Besides you need no additional tools to dismantle the feeder, it can be easily handled manually.

The Seed Ventilation System helps to keep the seeds fresh and dry so that birds can enjoy feeding longer. Moreover, you can decide which bird you want to feed with this exclusive feeder integrated with adjustable spring mechanism which allows control of size of the feeder.


  • Lifetime care with free replacements
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble for cleaning
  • RoxResin used to make it chewproof
  • UV resistant so the feeder looks new for a long time


  • Bit on the expensive side
  • Not available in yellow

8. Perky-Pet Copper Panorama

Perky-Pet Copper PanoramaThe Perky-Pet designed Copper Panorama Bird Feeder is an attractive addition for any garden or backyard. Along with unique stylized design comes automatic seed dispensing system which allows seeds to evenly dispense in the seed tray, until the tray is full. With a sizable seed capacity of 2 lb you don’t need to refill the feeder every day..

Apart from enough seed capacity it is indeed important to keep the seeds fresh, and the inbuilt drain holes in the feeder does not let water to accumulate inside keeping seeds fresh.

Whether it is a rainy day, snowing, or the scorching heat is unbearable, the long shed on top of the feed offers a comfortable shield for the birds who can feed on the tray from 360 degree.

Perky pet being a renowned feeder manufacturer takes care of protecting the feeder from squirrel attacks as well with Sure-Lock cap system offering a tight lid to disallow entry of squirrels.

Besides all these the exquisite antique copper finish makes this one of a possession for your backyard or garden. In spite of so many features and advantages, the feeder comes smartly within a pocket friendly range.


  • Patent lock design to prevent squirrels from accessing the seeds
  • Copper finish prevents rusting
  • Budget friendly and under $15.


  • Material is not squirrel proof

9. Woodlink Natube 20NB

Woodlink Natube 20NBAudubon Tails Up Nyjer Thistle Finch Bird Feeder from Woodlink NATUBE20NB is one of the best golden finch feeder in the market, cheap, easy to handle, hassle free maintenance, voluminous seed capacity along with sturdy material.

It is indeed one of the best buys in the market if you are looking for a something affordable yet of a standard size. This feeder measure 17.25inches with an eye-catching design integrated with yellow top and bottom, which attracts finches from a distance.

This is a feeder which allows the finches to feed upside down, one of their favorite positions while feeding. The bottom and the top of the feeder is exclusively built out of Polypropylene. Besides that, the six perch counters have a capacity of total 1.25 pounds of Nyjer thistle seed, enough to feed an entire flock of finches.


  • Yellow color to attract more finches
  • Easy to clean
  • 6 perches to feed more finches


  • Caters to only golden finches who feeds in an inverted manner

10. Perky-Pet Upside Down Thistle

Perky-Pet Upside Down ThistleThinking about picking the right feeder for your loving flock of goldfinches, besides offering them nutritious seeds, fresh seeds, sufficient amount, you should also give a thought to their favorite upside-down dining fascination by buying Upside Down Thistle Feeder from Pet Perky.

Goldfinches not only cling while perching, they kind of love feeding upside down. The Upside-Down Thistle Feeder designed by the reputed bird feeder manufacturer Perky Pet is a tubular shaped long feeder with 2lb thistle seed holding capacity.

The unique feature of this feeder is the perches positioned typically to benefit the finches to feed in an upside-down position. When you buy a feeder, it is essential to check if the feeder comes with enough station for finches to sit and perch.

In case of this feeder, each station is positioned just above the feeding perch port, with all total 6 feeding ports. Separate stations offer finches with complete leisure and comfort to dine according to their wish.

If you want to avoid the clumsiness of too many finches cluttering and rushing to get a seat, this is a good feeder design which will allow finches to feed seamlessly.


  • Budget friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Weather resistant


  • Not squirrel proof

11. Perky-Pet Solar Lighthouse

Perky-Pet Solar LighthouseAbsolutely fashionable addition for your garden, the Solar Lighthouse Finch Bird Feeder designed by Perky Pet is undoubtedly a complement for any yard. With a seed capacity of 1.5 pounds this is a feeder designed after a solar light house, with a metal mesh design.

The metal-mesh layer is powder coated all over, which makes it weatherproof as well as it controls the pooling of water inside the tubular feeder and keeps the seeds inside fresh for longer period. The solar lighthouse comes with clinging and perching stations where there are a total of 15 stations.

The lighthouse is not only in the name but the concept has been brought life with a lighthouse design as well curved in black and white with strokes of bold red.

The feeder has unique design with distinct ladder like structure connecting the bottom feeding tray to a perch ring located mid-way on the feeder. This means the finches have greater space to rest and perch.

The lighthouse structured feeder uses no plastic no wood in the structure, yet it is reliably strong built, durable, easy to maintain and clean, squirrel-resistant and unparallelly voguish.

Evening and nights in your garden with this lighthouse feeder will become intriguing for the amazing, dreamlike glow that it offers owing to the integrated LED light.


  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • LED lights for a glowing evening souvenir
  • Can feed 15 birds at a time
  • Easy to clean


  • Not squirrel proof

12. Droll Yankees New Generation Flocker

Droll Yankees New Generation FlockerThe New Generation Finch Flocker Birdfeeder with 20 ports, comes with an astounding capacity of 3-1/2 pounds of Nyjer seeds.

Droll Yankees is a renowned manufacturer of bird feeders and creates attractive and functionally high-end feeders, like this one which has an attractive yellow base and bright yellow cap designed to attract the attention of goldfinches.

All the 20 ports inside this tubular feeder is connected in way so that seeds can swiftly make their way through each port till the bottom and ensures that the entire tube empties completely and that the birds can feed on even the last pinch of seeds.

The feeder comes with common hanging and mounting option of hanging it to a wire or it can also be pole mounted. With a convenient measurement of 5-1/2 by 5-1/2 by 40-1/2 inches it can be hanged from standard wire.

UV stabilized tube sustains color even in harsh weather conditions. Besides the feeder has an active ventilation system which keeps the seeds fresh for finches to enjoy.


  • Yellow to attract more finches
  • UV resistant to make feeder last long
  • Simple design for easy maintenance
  • Squirrel proof


  • Too expensive given the simple design

13. Stokes Select Thistle Tube

Stokes Select Thistle TubeFinches are attracted by bright colors and Strokes Select understands how to attract the attention of finches to your yard, and this is the reason why Thistle Tube Bird Feeder can be your perfect pick if you are in love with the bright, cheerful finches.

The design of the feeder is quite simple and easy to handle whether you speak of refilling it with thistle seeds every time or clean it.

Polycarbonate built; this feeder is essential rust proof which makes it a great buy for humid regions. Moreover, the roof top comes with plate like portal offering adequate shed to birds perching.

This protective shed helps to keep the seeds inside dry in rainy seasons. Strokes Select is a reliable name in bird feeder industry, and therein this feeder is not only an inexpensive pick, but also a quality one.


  • Bright yellow to attract finches
  • Shed to keep seeds dry and fresh
  • Rust proof body so feeder lasts longer
  • Budget friendly


  • Not squirrel proof

14. Yellow Straight Sided

Yellow Straight SidedIf you are redesigning your garden with new theme and want those little bright finches to add to the charm of your garden, you need one of the Perky-Pet Yellow Straight-Sided Finch Feeder. Durability and maintenance ease come hand in hand with this 1.5 lb capacity feeder.

The durability of the product comes strictly out of the design and the material used which eliminates the use of plastic and wood, and involves an all metal structure.

The wire mesh structure, which is an inbuilt feature, is powder-coated which offers it rust resistance. Besides, as it is metal made it is that it is sturdy and chew proof, restricting squirrels rom feeding of the bird meal.

The feeder is crafted with an easy twist-off cap which allows you to easily refill the feeder. Unique envisaged design allows the seeds to inflate easily and distribute evenly. Even more the in-built drainage holes allow water to vent out easily as well as air circulation to keep the seeds dry and fresh.


  • Powder coated metal to prevent rusting
  • Squirrels cannot chew the body
  • Internal baffle for even flow of seeds
  • Easy to clean and refill


  • Only suitable for thistle

15. More Birds Stokes Select Abundance

More Birds Stokes Select AbundanceFeeding birds is not just a hooby, for some it is also a passion. Catering to this passion More Birds have come up with a 3.5 lb capacity bird feeder in their Stokes category.

Aptly named as Select Abundance, this bird feeder comes with adjustable perches and can cater to more than just finches. You can expect visits from black – capped chickadees, northern cardinals, evening grosbeaks and even tufted titmouse.

The thistle port birders can separate their love for finches and still cater to other large and small birds. The hinge design at the top makes this bird feeder not only easy to clean but also be dried up easily. You need to just remove the top and unbuckle the base. The feeder separates in two.


  • easy to clean
  • thistle port for just finch feeding
  • seed tray can be attached


  • plastic perches are not chewable proof
  • perches can be made wider

16. Heath Outdoor Products Cling and Catch

Heath Outdoor Products Cling and CatchThe Cling & Catch Bird Feeder from Heath Outdoor Products is a simple, affordable and high capacity feeder you can get for your backyard, if you are thinking of getting a pocket friendly feeder for your finches.

This is a nicely designed feeder, easy to clean and refill. The perforated tube of the feeder allows multiple finches to perch at a time as well as comfortable cling on to perch.

The top of the feeder comes with a shield like cap which can be opened to refill the feeder with Nyjer seeds, as well as it offer a comfortable shed to the birds clinging on to the feeder on sunny days, rainy day or snowing days.


  • Steel mesh to ensure better grip
  • Simple design
  • Easy to clean and refil
  • Bright yellow for attracting finches


  • Prone to rust fast

17. Droll Yankees Onyx Clever Clean

Droll Yankees Onyx Clever CleanOffering seeds to birds is a passionate act undoubtedly, but it comes with responsibility of cleaning the feeder, the mess around as well, and with Onyx Clever Clean and Fill Magnet Bird Feeder from Droll Yankees, the trouble of maintenance is simplified and made hassle free.

All you need to do is twist open the removable base to clean the feeder or refill it when required. Finch magnet bird feeder can hold up to 1 pound of premium mix of nyjer seeds in its uniquely designed mesh tube as well as seed tray allowing numerous finches or birds to perch at a time.

Moreover, one of the attractive features of the product is its diamond-shaped magnet mesh, making perching convenient. Besides, the spring-loaded top makes handling of the feeder easy and comfortable as well. This 6.75 x 6.75 x 13.63 inches feeder is a smart consumer pick if you are looking for a good feeder within $30.


  • Spring loaded top for one hand use
  • Easy to clean
  • Sleek design to fit any surrounding


  • Only hold nyjer seeds

18. Droll Yankees Nyjer Seed Classic

Droll Yankees Nyjer Seed ClassicDroll Yankees has crafted this Nyjer Seed Classic Finch Feeder with a capacity to hold 1 pound of premium Nyjer mix. It is a seamless design of feeder with integrated 6 feeder ports. The entire body of the feeder is UV stabilized, which means you have no scope of color fading for this product.

The design of the feeder involves easy ring pull advantage mechanism wherein you can dismantle the feeder with a single pull. Easy handling ensures lesser mess, comprehensive maintenance easy and easy refilling the feeder comes in a standard measure of 2-1/2 x 5-1/2 x 20-1/2 inches.

Besides the latest attraction on this product is the life time warranty offered by the company on squirrel damage, since the manufacturer claims a squirrel proof design.


  • 6 feeding ports
  • UV resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Attractive design


  • Not very effective as squirrel proof

19. Gray Bunny Classic

Gray Bunny ClassicGray Bunny has introduced the Classic Metal Tube Feeder made out of high-grade premium metal, which makes it completely safe against squirrel attacks.

The product is essential weatherproof as well as water resistant, a perfect choice for bird lovers residing in humid areas. The tube of the feeder comes with 4 distinguished chambers to allow multiple finches or birds to perch at a time.

One of the intriguing features of the feeder is its unique enclosed circular chamber for seeds which prevents humidity to enter inside and mold built up, keeping the seeds fresh and dry, healthy for birds.

Transparent body of the feeder allows you to keep track of the seeds inside and refill it as required. Strong metal built structure makes it chew proof as well.


  • Circular chamber that prevent humidity to ruin seeds
  • Water resistant body
  • Chew proof metal feeding ports
  • Easy to refill


  • Plastic body is susceptible to squirrel attacks


20. Squirrel Buster Classic

Squirrel Buster ClassicSquirrel Buster masters the art of offering unparallel designs in bird feeders and Classic Squirrel proof bird feeder is a great example of all in one comprehensive feeder solution for birds and finches.

UV stabilized, seed ventilation system, chew proof material to squirrel proof design makes it a perfect pick for any garden or backyard.

Simple handling and refilling is added advantage on top of premium grade product features. This 18-inch/47-cm hanging feeder offer clearance and feeding space on all sides.

A little high priced, yet a long term buy with life time care guaranteed on the product, it is a definite consideration.


  • Lifetime care and replacement guaranteed
  • Seeds remain fresh for long with seed ventilation system
  • Squirrel proof in every aspect


  • Nonadjustable

These are the best picks in the market filled with numerous options of finch feeders. Finches are little, moody birds who are also known to be fuzzy eaters. But undoubtedly finches can add to the glory and warmth of any garden or backyard.

In this age when urban life in engulfing all connection with nature, eliminating the warmth of being close to nature’s family, investing a small amount in a finch feeder and installing it in your yard can bring you a step closer to nature.

Using A Finch Feeder

Simply buying a feeder for finches and hanging them anywhere around your garden or yard is not enough to attract those little colorful feet. The basic tip to successfully use a finch’s feeder is to know exactly the flock of bird you are intending to invite, the position of locating the feeder, the type of feeder you choose to feed.

For newbies who are not experienced finch feeders can try out mesh feeders, with a metal mesh. You can try to use thistle to attract finches and you should essentially hang the feeder in a place which is not hidden by tall trees.

Choose a branch which is clearly visible from top, so that birds out there can know their food is hung out there. As a starter, you can put thistle in specially designed finch feeder – store bought—metal mesh are the best options..

Ways To Attract Finches

When you are inviting or expecting a guest at your house you generally decorate your house to make it more attractive. The same theory should also be applied for finches who simply love being around colorful setting.

Moreover, finches love coming back to same place, even in the breeding and nesting season when they find the ambience and settings of the place warm and lively. So, what you can do to make your yard more beautiful, attractive and lively are.

1. Flowers

Birds love flowers. Flowers add vibrancy and liveliness to any space and flowers can be a key addition to your yard if you want to attract finches to the yard. Try adding different colors of flowers so that it looks livelier to finches so they stay back even after the breeding.

2. Shrubs

When you are planning to invite finches for the breeding season you need to keep in mind to provide them with nesting space. Like for example yellow finches love bushes, while other color finches go for nesting in trees. If you do not have space to plant trees, try planting multiple bushes, with enough space between the shrubs, to avoid a messy appearance.

3. Fountains

Birds like finches love to play and stay around water bodies like rivers and lakes around. It is indeed not possible to dig an entire lake or pond in a yard, but simply adding a waterscape with a fountain can be pretty inviting for birds of all kinds. Indeed, curving out shallow water body can also be inviting. In summers it can attract many birds to soothe their thirst.

FAQs on Finch Feeders

1. Where Should I Place The Finch Feeder?

When you are planning to feed a bird which has the reputation for being picky, you need to ensure that they are not made to feel awkward. That said, placing the feeder too far from your sight also is a bad idea as this makes the finches vulnerable and you cannot protect the birds or your feeder.

The best place is near shrubberies. The shade of the leaves will encourage the finches and you can also be assured of their safety.

2. Why Aren’t Finches Visiting My Feeder Anymore?

The answer lies in your cleaning habits. Finches are finicky and that includes being very particular about cleanliness. If they detect dirt they will not come. Make a habit of cleaning your finch feeder every alternatve day. in such cases having a spare feeder will be very helpful. You can also decorate the feeders in bright ribbons to attract finches.

3. What Food Does Finches Like Best?

Thistles or black niger seeds are an absolute favorite of finches. Sunflower seeds are close second for finches. In short, pitch black seeds attract finches more. But, sunflower seeds are in the top 5 list of many birds so if you specifically want to attract finches, sticking to thistles will be favorable. But keep in mind that the seeds are fresh. Any dull looking seeds will put off the birds and they might stop coming to your feeder.

4. Is There A Certain Height That I Need To Maintain While Hanging My Finch Feeder?

While there is no hard and fast rule about the height, it will be better to det it at an elevation of 5ft above the ground as that’s the height you will usually find a finch’s nest. But do make sure that it is near proper shrubbery for the shrubs will help attract the finches.

Feeders might sound to be a simple thing to buy without much consideration, but it is just like the dinner set, the perfect spoons and serving trays you pick for yourself, family and guests.

Serving a guest whether a human or a bird is an art, an art of hosting, therein consider reading through the reviews and the article in order to know more about the best finch feeding products in the market and get ahead with your buy.