Best Cardinal Bird Feeders 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Perky-Pet C00322 2. Perky-Pet 312C 3. Nature Gear
Perky-Pet C00322 Best Bird Feeder For Cardinal Perky-Pet 312C Nature Gear Window

Do you love watching colorful birds in your garden? Then, the best way to attract the singing and chirpy birds to your backyard is by having an attractive and best bird feeder for cardinal. You need to fill the feeder with grains and keep it in the right location so that you can see it even from a distance.

If you keep refilling the feeder with yummy treats that are loved by the birds, especially cardinals, they make your place an everyday destination to visit.

Many bird feeders are exclusively made to attract cardinals and turn them into your pets. Once they know that you keep food for them in the feeder, they become your pets and hop around in your garden frequently.


The best thing about cardinals is that these birds are loyal and act as spiritual messengers. Before learning about the various factors you need to consider while buying birds feeder for cardinals, you need to know about what exactly a cardinal feeder is.

What are the different cardinal feeder types out there, and what are the most popular options available at present.

What Is A Cardinal Feeder?

Cardinals are friendly and colorful birds that are definitely a treat to look at. As these birds are territorial, it is better to have a bird feeder specifically made for them.

Many bird lovers like to place their bird feeder in a place that is away from squirrels, mice, rats, and other predators. They place the feeder close to a window or in the middle of the garden, so that they can easily watch the birds flocking without disturbing or scaring them.

Cardinals are the birds that are fed first in the morning and the last ones to eat in the night. By keeping this in mind, you can choose the feeder that perfectly meets this requirement. If you have a huge space in your garden, you can refill the bird feeder twice a day.

The best bird feeder for cardinals is specifically designed to accommodate small and medium sized birds, and they contain perches on which the birds can rest while feeding. They also have a cover to allow only small birds to get in and make it difficult for large birds to gain access to the seeds that are stored in the container.

Different Types Of Cardinal Feeders

Here are few different types of bird feeders specifically designed to meet the feeding requirements of cardinals.

1. Hopper Feeder

This feeder type gives ample protection from birds dropping and water getting mixed with the seeds. If there is moisture content in the seeds, then there are high chances for the seeds to get stale. There is a perch available to let the small birds get inside the feeder to eat grains.

2. Tray Feeder

This is an open type of feeder that is purchased by many. This feeder is exposed to the air, so the birds can directly land on this feeder and start eating the grains. The downside of this type of feeder is that when seeds are exposed to the outdoors, there are chances of seeds to get spoiled.

Moreover, the seeds would be stolen by the squirrels in your garden. If you keep the seeds in the open tray, it invites unwanted guests such as squirrels, chipmunks, and other predators to come and have the seeds in the night times and leave nothing for the birds to have the next day.

3. Window Feeder

If you love watching the delightful scene of birds eating the grains from a closer distance, you must keep the bird feeder at your window.

This is equipped with a suction cup that you can use to fix the feeder with your window glass. You can sit inside your room and watch the birds feeding and perching from a very close distance.

4. Tube Feeder

This is hollow in shape in which you can fill the seeds. This is resistant to squirrels and is equipped with a locking mechanism too, so that only birds can comfortably peck the seeds. The seeds are distributed in an even manner so that you do not have to refill the seeds regularly.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Cardinal Bird Feeders

It is a challenging task for people to buy the best bird feeder for cardinals, considering the overwhelming number of options available out there. If you are buying the bird feeder for the first time, then there are many factors you need to keep in mind. These are.

1. Perch

The first thing you need to check in a bird feeder is whether it has a perch or not. The feeders that are equipped with perch can attract a number of birds compared to the feeder without perch. The perch will offer a resting place for birds, thus making it easier for them to eat.

2. Deep Seed Tray

You need to search for the feeders that have deep seed tray. When the feeder has a deep tray, you can fill sufficient quantity of seeds, so that a number of birds can eat to their heart’s content. If there are not enough seeds in the feeder, then cardinals will immediately move from your place to another in search of more food.

3. Sturdy

You need to look for a bird feeder that is sturdy and is resistant to all weather conditions, since you are going to place the feeder outdoors.

The feeder should remain intact despite getting exposed to dust, snow, sunlight, and water. You should avoid buying the feeders that are made of fragile materials, since there are high chances of it getting broken soon.

4. Chew Proof

Squirrels will try various ways to gain access to the seeds that are stored inside the feeder. They may also chew the feeder barrier and get inside to eat the yummy treats that you have placed in it.

To avoid this, you need to buy the feeder that is chew proof. This means you need to make sure that the feeder is made of durable materials that no rodents can chew.

5. Water Tray

You can look for a feeder that has a water tray too. When you keep food grains as well as water at the same place, it becomes an ideal destination for the birds to arrive every day.

6. Size

This is the most crucial factor to consider while buying the best bird feeder for cardinals. The size of the feeder must be larger, since cardinals are large birds and their diet is also bigger than other smaller birds. The large feeder would offer enough space to store the food and allow birds to perch around.

7. Material

You must check the material with which the feeder is made. It is a known fact that cardinals are heavier birds, so the feeder must be sturdy enough to bear the weight of these birds. Therefore, you must buy a bird feeder that is made of metal or brass.

You can also buy plastic, but make sure that the bottom of the feeder is made of metal to offer additional protection.

8. Multiple Trays

If you want multiple cardinals coming to your place, then you must buy a feeder that has multiple trays. This allows a greater number of birds to peacefully hog on the delicious treats that you have filled in the feeder.

9. Easy To Clean

You must buy a feeder that is easy to clean. The feeder is prone to birds’ poop, dust and grime, due to which you need to regularly clean it to grab the attention of birds. There are many cardinal feeders that are quite easy to disassemble and clean.

10. Price

You will get what you pay for. There are many decent models of bird feeders that are exclusively made for cardinals at pocket-friendly prices. You need to buy the feeder based on the number of birds coming to your garden, space available in the garden, and your budget.

However, when you invest more, you can get the feeders that are made of durable materials. These feeders will last for a longer period of time, thus saving your money in the long run.

Top 20 Best Cardinal Bird Feeders 2022

1. Perky-Pet C00322

Perky-Pet C00322 Best Bird Feeder For CardinalIf you want to buy a traditional bird feeder to grab the attention of colorful cardinals at your home garden, you must buy this feeder from the house of Perky-Pet.

It has a mesh surface and a circular perch around it, so that the birds can sit on it and feed on the grains. The zinc plating on it makes it resistant to rust, and the large roof on the top gives shade to the birds.

This is quite easy to use and can accommodate many cardinals at one go. You can easily fill the grains in this feeder and hang it in the lawn. This is affordable, as it is priced at around $25 only.

Thousands of people who have purchased this product like it and are using it to watch the birds flying to their garden every day.


  • The perch is circular in shape to accommodate many cardinals at a time
  • Made of solid material
  • Zinc finishing assures rust resistant and high durability


  • Being small in size, it stores only a little amount of grains

2. Perky-Pet 312C

Perky-Pet 312CThis model of bird feeder has received a long list of positive reviews from the customers. This is easy to set up in the garden so that you can happily keep watching the colorful cardinals from your window.

The circular perch allows the birds to enjoy the grains from all sides. The locking cap will lock the lid to avoid squirrels from eating away the grains that you have kept for the birds.

The finishing is done using copper materials, which is anti-corrosive. This can hold up to 2 pounds of seeds with ease.


  • Affordable price
  • Sturdy in build
  • Free from rust


  • Available in limited colors

3. Nature Gear Window

Nature Gear WindowThis is the best bird feeder for cardinals that you can install on your window, so that you can clearly watch them from your living room, kitchen, or bedroom as they eat their fill.

The built-in window made of 100% crystal clear design will allow you to watch the birds like never before.
No condensation is built between the feeder and the window that can stop you from watching the birds.

This is weatherproof. The extended roof offers protection to the birds from rain and snow. There is a feed tray drain hole that drains the water and keeps the seeds dry. You can easily refill the seeds by sliding the feed tray.


  • Weatherproof
  • Gives a clear view from the window
  • Easy to refill the seeds by removing the tray
  • Sturdy
  • Elegant design
  • Anti-rust
  • Cheap price


May disturb the birds if you try to look at them from too close


4. Roamwild Red Squirrel

Roamwild Red SquirrelIf you are looking for a feeder that is squirrel and crow proof, then you must buy this feeder from Roamwild. This has a pull-down perch along with a hood on the feeder to avoid squirrels and large birds to get access to the seeds.

This all-metal feeder is made in red color to grab the attention of cardinals to the feeder. It is water and weatherproof too. This is easy to clean and fill the grains in the feeder.


  • Easy to detach and clean
  • Squirrel-proof
  • Can store 3 pounds of grains


  • Expensive than others

5. Droll Yankees

Droll YankeesThis transparent designed bird feeder is perfect for adding elegance to your garden besides grabbing the attention of colorful birds.

This has enough capacity to hold the grains, and it also has a dome on top to provide protection against squirrels, crows and other invaders. The distance between the dome and the tray can be adjusted as per the requirement.

All you need to do is to fill the seeds in the port and hang it. Its dome protects the seeds from getting mixed with rainwater, so that the seeds are kept dry. You can easily fill the seeds, and it is easy to clean as well.


  • Simple to use
  • Free from weather effect
  • Easy to refill and clean


  • Expensive than other similar products

6. Brome Squirrel-Proof

Brome Squirrel-ProofIf you want to protect the bird feeder from squirrels in your garden, you must buy this one from the house of Brome. You can easily assemble the feeder without using any tools.

This is made of superior quality plastic and steel material called RoxResin, due to which when the squirrels try to bite the feeder, it gets a bad taste and it goes away.

There is a spring-loaded mechanism. When squirrels step on the feeder, detecting the weight, the seed ports will shut down.

This avoids squirrels from gaining access to the seeds. This is ultraviolet resistant, so this feeder looks like a new one for long despite being exposed to extreme weather.


  • Highly durable
  • Light in weight
  • Chew proof
  • Spring load mechanism is easy to adjust
  • The ventilation system will keep the seeds fresh
  • Easy to assemble using the tools
  • UV resistant


  • Pricier than others

7. Twinkle Star Hexagonal

Twinkle Star HexagonalIf you want to enhance the natural beauty of your garden, you need to add this bird feeder in your surrounding. This attracts the birds to your garden, and it would be a perfect addition to your landscape.

The lid and base of the feeder are made using plastic with fine copper finishing, and the seeds are put in the plastic tube.

The perch is hexagonal, which allows the birds to go around and hog on the grains from all sides. The seeds in the shallow tray at the bottom will let the birds have grains comfortably. The tray is replenished with the seeds once the seeds are over in the tray.

This can hold 2.15 lb of seeds. It also has a hexagonal roof to provide protection to the seeds and also the birds sitting on the perch.


  • Hexagonal perch allows the birds to feed on multiple angles
  • Seeds are picked from the bottom, and fresh seeds are added to the tray automatically
  • No need to refill the tray once it is full
  • Can hold 2.15 lbs of different seeds
  • Made of plastic, it is resistant to rust
  • Beautiful nature-inspired design


  • Holes that are equipped to the feeder are too big

8. Gift Boutique Wooden

Gift Boutique WoodenThis is the feeder that makes sure that the birds have a good time sitting on the perch and eating the grains in your garden. It is a wooden cardinal shaped feeder made in red color. It has a mesh surface and a perch underneath so that the bird can sit and eat comfortably.

Its sturdy build allows it to keep hanging without falling off. The ventilation system will leave a vent for air to pass through and keep the grains dry. This also keeps the feeder in good condition.

The best part of this feeder is that it grabs the attention of wild birds, thus increasing the number of birds to the feeder.


  • Beautifully designed in cardinal shape
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Proves to be a great gift for bird lovers


  • Does not have drainage holes
  • Pricey, but you won’t mind paying for its beautiful design

9. Perky Pet 338

Perky Pet 338This is a home-style bird feeder that adds natural beauty to your garden. You can hang it in any corner in the garden and it serves a dual purpose. One is to add elegance to the place, and the other one is to feed the birds.

This country house shaped feeder can hold 8lb of feed and looks good when birds arrive at the house. The roof can be removed to refill the seeds, which you can lift up and down with ease. This is squirrel proof, making it difficult for squirrels to gain access to the seeds.

Four adjustable options attract colorful birds and keep small squirrels at bay. The cardinal weathervane lets you attach to the bird feeder pole or hang to the branch of a tree.


  • Hang to the branches, trees, and ledges
  • Weight sensitive perch will prevent squirrels from gaining access to the feeder
  • Roof with lock facility to fill the seeds


  • You might face trouble to clean the feeder due to its intricate design

10. Perky-Pet 325S

Perky-Pet 325SThis feeder uses evenseed technology to keep both the feeders active all the time. You can empty or fill each of the two components separately. This will improve the longevity of the seeds without frequent refilling.

With two different components, you can fill two different varieties of seeds in each component. This grabs the attention of many birds to fly and arrive at the feeder.

The seeds will move towards the down parts, and the the lock-cap will keep squirrels away from the feeder.

If you are busy, then this is right for you, as you no more have to refill the grains every day. This can withstand extreme weather conditions too.


  • Made of durable metal
  • Circular perch will let the birds gain access from all angles
  • Sure lock system will keep the seeds inside
  • Huge capacity to save time
  • Elegant finishing
  • Fill different types of seeds in both compartments
  • Can place the feeder on the patio, porch or the deck
  • Reasonably priced


  • Bulkier than others

11. Nature Gear XL with Extended Roof

Nature Gear XL with Extended RoofThis is a beautiful and superior quality bird feeder that has stylish roofing to protect the birds sitting inside and eating the grains. The feed tray is easy to remove and refill the seeds.

The viewing window with a 100% crystal clear view will allow you to watch the birds right from inside your home. No condensation gets formed on the glass, which stops you from watching the birds. This is weatherproof and has an extended roof with four suction cups.

The two-compartment seed tray will drain out the water and keep the seeds dry. The overhanging roof will keep the birds safe while feeding on the grains.

You can open the slide to fill the grains. You do not have to remove the whole feeder to remove the tray and refill the grains.


  • Large size
  • Made using the crystal clear acrylic
  • Easy to remove the tray
  • Drain holes


  • Pricey

12. Twinkle Star Lighthouse Shaped

twinkle Star Lighthouse ShapedIf you want to attract wild birds to your garden, you must buy this bird feeder. The nautical style of the feeder will grab the attention of birds, and the birds can comfortably sit on its perches and enjoy the food grains. You can happily watch the birds from the deck, patio, or your window.

Made of durable and superior quality plastic, it is easy to assemble and hang to the branches. The lighthouse shaped feeder, when hung in the garden, will improve its elegance. It can hold up to 1.9 lb of seeds, and you can fill a wide variety of seeds, such as sunflower seeds, peanuts, safflower seeds, etc. in it.

The twist lock open will let you open and close the feeder with ease. You can simply remove the top to refill the grains. The metal mesh will let you monitor the level of seeds, so that it never goes out of food for the birds.


  • Easy to fill the seeds
  • Keep a watch on the level of seeds in the feeder
  • Durable
  • Stylish


  • Cannot accommodate too many birds to perch and eat

13. Brome with 4 Feeding Ports

Brome with 4 Feeding PortsEveryone wants to buy a squirrel proof bird feeder to add in their garden for feeding grains to the birds. The best part of this squirrel-proof bird feeder from Brome is that when a squirrel jumps on the feeder, the external cage will slide down to close the ports due to excess weight.

If the squirrels are small, you can adjust the weight using weight sensitivity mechanism to avoid even those smaller ones to gain access to the feeder ports.

You can also adjust the height if you do not want to feed the large birds. The feeder can be used for clinging and perching birds. If you want to grab the attention of clinging birds, you can remove the perch.

This feeder can be hung to the branches of a tree in your garden. You need to place this feeder 18 inches away from where squirrels will gain access to the birds’ feeder. The metal construction will not let squirrel chew it. It is UV resistant, so the color won’t fade off.


  • It keeps the squirrels at bay using the weight sensitivity mechanism
  • Will not hurt squirrels while closing the feeder port
  • Highly durable
  • Good ventilation system to keep the seeds dry
  • It has 4 feeding ports on which the birds can sit and eat


  • It’s tough to clean the feeder due to its mesh design

14. Brome with 6 Feeding Ports

Brome with 6 Feeding PortsThis is a beautiful bird feeder that is made to grab the attention of colorful birds in your garden. The construction is so strong that it lasts for a long period of time. The cardinal ring attached to the feeder will let you notice northern cardinals in your own vicinity.

The squirrel-proof design will close the feeder shroud when there is a huge weight detected, like that of a squirrel. This avoids the squirrels from gaining access to the seeds.

The parts through which squirrel can gain access to the feeder are made of durable material called roxresin, so that they cannot chew on it.

The adjustable weight adjustable technology and seed ventilation system make this feeder unique and highly useful. With the seed ventilation system, you can keep the seeds fresh. The weight adjustment feature will let you choose the birds you would like to feed.


  • Holds the seeds up to 5.2 pounds
  • Easy to adjust the desired weight
  • Cardinal friendly
  • Chew proof
  • Weight will close the seed ports


  • Expensive

15. Nature Gear Squirrel Proof

Nature Gear Squirrel ProofIf you want to refill the seeds during harsh weather conditions, you must buy this cardinal feeder for sure. The construction of this feeder makes it last longer, and its transparent look assures good looks and high performance.

This is designed using crystal clear acrylic, which makes it visible for you to watch the birds sitting and feeding near your window.

The large suction cups make it pretty easy to install this on the window. The removable sliding feed tray will make it easy for you to refill the seeds without having to remove the whole feeder. This is weatherproof and protects the feeder from all weather conditions.

The sidewalls and the roof will keep squirrels off from the feeder. The feeder is constructed to attract clinging and perching birds of different sizes. The moisture removal system will control the temperature inside this bird feeder, thereby keeping the seeds fresh for long.


  • Durable
  • Highly functional
  • Weatherproof, which keeps the seeds fresh even in extreme weather
  • The feed tray is easy to refill
  • Easy to install
  • Can accommodate many varieties of birds
  • Simple to clean
  • The sloppy roof will avoid the birds to perch on the top
  • Reasonably priced


  • Big birds can taunt the smaller birds

16. Nature Gear Hanging Window

Nature Gear Hanging WindowIf you want to gift something to your friend who loves birds, then this will be the perfect gift for them. The crystal clear design makes it easy for you and your family to watch the birds eating the food grains next to your window. The best part is that condensation is not formed.

The weatherproof housing will protect the feeder from extreme weather conditions. The feed tray drain holes will drain out the water and keep the grains dry. It also has an integrated water tray, due to which you are able to provide water as well as food to the birds at a single place.

It is equipped with three suction cups to install to your window rigidly. The metal frame withstands extreme weather, and the housing is made of crystal clear acrylic with big suction cups. These cups will hold the feeder in a rigid position.

You can easily remove the food tray to refill the grains or for cleaning purposes without having to remove the suction cups.


  • Three suction cups to hold the feeder tightly to the window
  • Weatherproof
  • Durable
  • Offer a good view to the birders to watch the birds eating
  • Lightweight
  • Transparent and clear
  • Integrated water tray


  • It comes in parts, which you need to assemble before installing

17. Brome Squirrel Solution200

Brome Squirrel Solution200If you want to avoid squirrels from gaining access to the grains in your cardinal feeder, then you must buy this squirrel proof feeder from Brome. When the weight of the squirrel falls on the feeder, the feeder ports get closed and the squirrels cannot gain access to the seeds kept inside.

The feeder parts which can be accessed by the squirrels are made using high-quality material. The chew-proof construction will avoid squirrels from feeding on the food, or even on the feeder. The construction of this feeder is highly strong and durable.

Even when large birds land on the feeder, it stays strong. There must be at least 18 inches distance between the feeder and all surrounding sides so that squirrels cannot reach the foothold of the feeder.

A seed funnel also comes in the package, with which you can fill the seeds in the feeder and also store the seeds in it for later use.


  • Chew proof
  • Squirrel-proof
  • UV Resistant
  • Highly reliable
  • Can feed the birds with wide varieties of seeds


  • Expensive than similar products

18. Nature Anywhere Hanging

Nature Anywhere HangingIf you want to gift something to a nature loving friend, then this model of bird feeder would be the perfect choice. It is a hanging bird feeder that looks elegant and gives easy access to the birds to the food grains kept in it.

You do not have to remove the feeder from the tree branch to refill the grains. All you need to do is to slide the tray and refill the grains and then slide back.

There are two compartments for this feeder to let different varieties of birds to feed. The quality of this feeder is superior, as it is made using premium quality materials. There is a proper ventilation system that keeps the seeds dry and free from mold.


  • Keeps the seeds dry using the air circulation system
  • Can grab the attention of birds with wide varieties of seeds
  • Reasonably priced in less than $20
  • Drainage holes underneath


  • Cannot accommodate large birds
  • No protection from squirrels

19. Effortless Products 702BK

Effortless Products 702BKThis is the best bird feeder for cardinals that allows you to watch the colorful birds flying to your home garden and make them stay there for longer by arranging food grains for them in this feeder.

You can slip up and down the feeder to refill the grains. It is easy to clean and will not bend so easily. The powder-coated steel material will stay free from rust.

The roof design will protect the seeds from extreme weather conditions. The UV resistant finishing will keep the feeder look like a new one always.

The tube can hold up to 6 cups of seeds. The tray-style of feeding will let the birds land in multiple angles and hog on the grains.


  • Perch allows small birds to sit and feed on the grains
  • UV resistant
  • Durable
  • Light in weight


  • Not squirrel proof

20. Perky-Pet 305 Holly Berry

Perky-Pet 305 Holly BerryThis is a must buy bird feeder if you are tired of buying feeders and seeing them getting damaged quickly. This antique looking piece will make your garden look elegant, and at the same time grab the attention of wild birds to your garden.

This is designed exclusively for birds which you love watching from your window. This can store 2 pounds of seeds; therefore, you would not need to keep on refilling the feeder.

This is compact and highly durable. This is made of plastic, but is given a rustic gold resin finish that can withstand the weather conditions and moisture for long.

It has a sure lock cap system which keeps squirrels at bay from the seeds. The circular perch underneath allows the birds to sit and eat.


  • Circular perch will let the birds feed on all angles
  • Rustic antique gold finish
  • Sure lock cap system will keep squirrels away
  • Affordable
  • Can grab the attention of birds to your property


  • Cover comes off if not secured properly

Benefits Of Having A Cardinal Feeder In Your Garden

Cardinals are colorful, vibrant and extraordinary birds that would love to stay around your home if you take good care of them and provide them with food and water they need. Few of the benefits of having a cardinal feeder in your garden include

  • A good feeder specifically made for cardinals would be large enough to hold such large birds. You must not buy small feeders, as it does not accommodate cardinals. This is the main reason for you to buy cardinal specific bird feeder if you are planning to attract cardinals to your garden.
  • A cardinal feeder is highly sturdy and durable, and it can withstand extreme weather conditions. It is made using quality materials to last longer.
  • As compared to a regular bird feeder, a cardinal feeder is easy to disassemble and clean. A cardinal feeder is simple and comes with a ring. This delivers what exactly you would expect without getting prone to rust.
  • The cardinal feeder will not harm the birds. There are a few feeders that hurt the birds with their bells and whistles. If you go for a bird feeder specifically made for cardinals, it is easy to deal with such problems.
  • A cardinal feeder is easy to refill, quite easy to use and highly efficient.
  • Having a cardinal feeder in your own garden would allow you enjoy the view of birds within your vicinity.
  • Viewing birds chirping and perching is an ultimate relaxing activity that relaxes your mind, boosts up your mood, and makes you ready for a happy day.

FAQs on Cardinal Bird Feeders

1. When To Fill The Cardinals’ Bird Feeder?

Cardinals would often be visiting the bird feeder early in the morning and late in the night times. So, you need to make sure that the food grains are available in the feeder particularly at these times.

2. Do I Have To Leave Water For Cardinals?

Similar to the other birds, even cardinals will drink water regularly. So, you need to place a water tray as well to offer them water to quench their thirst. You must place a bird feeder alongside this tray. You can also buy a feeder with a birdbath attached.

3. What Are The Best Seeds That Cardinals Would Love To Have?

You must know what cardinals would love to eat to grab their attention to your garden. The diet of cardinals would primarily include seeds, berries, and insects.

Though there are different varieties of seeds available, these birds even have their favorite seeds. They love to feast on safflower seeds, sunflower seeds, peanuts, and mealworms. You can mix all these seeds and add them to the feeder to keep them coming back to your garden.

4. Where To Hang The Cardinal Feeder?

You must hang the feeder in a place where humans would not move frequently. The birds will get intimidated by seeing humans and they will fly away. You must hang it on the branches of trees where the squirrels are less.

5. How To Clean The Bird Feeder?

The cleaning of a bird feeder depends on the type of feeder you are going to buy. Whether it is a mesh type, tube type, or tray-type feeder, you must wash it regularly to keep it clean and hygienic for birds to feed on.

If you are going to wash the feeder in a dishwasher, you need to make sure that it is dishwasher safe. You need to check the instructions carefully written in the manual.

When you are cleaning the bird feeder, ensure that you have scraped off the dried poop on it. You also must remove the seeds that are remaining in the feeder and then clean it.

6. What Grabs The Attention Of Cardinals To Your Backyard?

The cardinals will land in your garden only when you arrange the bird feeder properly with their favorite food treats. For example, cardinals will not like to use a bird feeder that is hanged too high. Also make sure that the feeder is placed closer to shrubs, bushes, or trees, because if you place the feeder in an open area, they feel intimidated and would fly off soon.

Make A Haven For Cardinals In Your Own Garden With A Cardinal Feeder

Cardinals are beautiful and attractive birds, which you can attract to your garden by buying the best bird feeder for cardinals. There is a wide range of bird feeder models available for cardinals. However, you need to buy the best one that suits your needs and budget.

We have listed out the top 20 cardinal bird feeder options with all their pros and cons. You can read each and choose the right one. You can be lucky enough to watch the cardinals in your garden by having a feeder filled with their favorite food treats.

Although cardinals are quiet and peaceful, they are different and vibrant when compared to other birds. You must select the bird feeder that can accommodate these birds while creating a beautiful environment around it. By having an attractive feeder, you can see many cardinal birds thronging to your garden.

It is recommended for you to invest in a good quality feeder which is beautiful, squirrel proof, easy to handle, and safe for cardinals. This feeder must be installed in dense trees or plants and filled with their favorite food. By doing that, you can keep the birds in your garden for a long time.