Best Bird Feeders Of 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Squirrel Buster 2. Nature’s Hangout 3. Squirrel Buster
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Having a bird feeder is fun and exciting at the same time. It is a wonderful way to welcome birds to your backyard, garden, or to almost any place you live. To attract different types of birds to your yard, you need to choose from best bird feeders that can offer various types of seeds to birds safely and at the same time you can enjoy watching birds.

But before you go ahead and buy one, it is important to know what they are, how and why they are used, and the types available.


What Are Bird Feeders?

If you want to watch birds up-close, having a bird feeder can provide you with an opportunity to do so. A bird feeder also known as a tray feeder or a bird table, are devices that are placed outdoors to provide food to the birds. Many use bird feeders to attract birds and for bird watching, and also use the trick to capture images of various birds.

You can set up a bird feeder during winters or summer to attract different birds. It is also a wonderful way to introduce bird watching to children and educate them about various species of birds. You can even add a birdbath alongside the feeder as birds get attracted to water as much as food.

Most bird feeders are used to supply bird food or seeds to species of seed-eating birds. These are available in various sizes, styles, and designs and one can choose a specific type based on the placement and the type of food offered. The bird table you choose needs to be sturdy and good enough to withstand various climatic conditions.

What Are Different Types Of Bird Feeders?

If you are planning to buy the best bird feeder, you need to know that there is no “one size fits all.” Just scroll through to know about the various kinds of bird feeders available and the bird species they can be used for.

1. Simple Tray Or Platform Feeders

Birds like sparrows or pigeons love to feed on a flat surface and might not get attracted to elevated feeders. You can choose a flat tray feeder to attract birds like Song and Fox Sparrows, or towhee species.

2. Large Hoppers

A hopper feeder is more like a platform on which you can build a wall and a roof. This style of feeder not only protects the seeds from weather conditions, but the size can be adjusted to attract small or large birds. You can use large hoppers for birds like grackles or doves.

3. Tube Feeders

Tube feeders look like hollow cylinders and are mostly made of metal or plastic. These have various perches or ports and you can choose the one based on the size of the perch and the seeds you are using. If you are using nyjer seeds, you can choose small-sized feeding ports to avoid any spillage.

4. Nectar Feeders

These feeders are used to dispense nectar via the small holes present in them. You need to choose a feeder that is easy to clean.

5. Suet Cage

If you are feeding suet or suet mix to the birds, you can use onion bags or special suet cages for the same. You can easily tie these to the trees in your backyard to prevent any animals from getting stuck inside.

Why Choose A Bird Feeders?

Are you wondering why a bird feeder is necessary? There are many reasons why you need to bring home the best bird feeder home and let us have a look at a few of them.

1. Experience Nature

The best bird feeders provide both kids and adults with an opportunity to take a break from their busy lifestyle and experience nature. Children who have access to bird feeders can learn about bird species and can be taught the importance of animal and bird care. If you provide a study supply of bird feed, you can watch birds in your garden throughout the years.

2. Birds Can Feed The Younger Ones

Though we think that birds only benefit from the feeders during a certain time, but birds need a steady food source, every day. The population of the birds’ increases in summer and the demand for food too is high. So, if you provide enough food for the birds via feeders, the birds need not stay away from their younger ones looking for food.

3. Keeps the Birds Healthy

Birds that feed on feeders in gardens or backyards are always in better health when compared to those that do not. So, you can make a lot of difference by feeding wild birds regularly.

4. Brings Joy

A bird feeder brings your garden alive, and adds joy. Watching birds eating seeds from the bird feeders, and chirping around soothes you and helps keep stress away. The sight of such natural beauty cannot be missed for sure!

5. Provides Energy

Bird feeders that provide food to birds all year are indeed helping birds meet their daily food requirement. This not only keeps them healthy but provides them with a lot of energy, which most birds need to migrate. The same applies to hummingbirds. You can use a nectar feeder and keep it filled till you see the very last hummingbird. Feed the birds to provide them with the energy needed for long journeys.

6. Provides Food During Barren Months

There are many days during the year when birds cannot find food by themselves. When food sources are destroyed by rains or covered by snow, bird feeders can provide the needed food supply, especially for winter birds.

7. Restores Nature’s Balance

You might not realize, but by feeding birds, you are indeed helping in restoring the balance of our nature. Everything in nature is interconnected, and when you are feeding the birds, you are also helping the younger birds survive. When there are more birds, they eat more insects, reducing the need for chemicals. This way, you are keeping our environment healthy.

So, get the best bird feeder, feed the birds every day, and make the difference!

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Bird Feeders

If you are thinking that getting a bird feeder is an easy task, it’s time to think once again. There are various models and sizes of bird feeders available in the market which can often make a choice overwhelming. But you can make the things easy by keeping a few tips in mind. In the section below, we have listed some tips that can help you make a smart purchase.

1. For Wild Birds Or Captive Birds

The first thing you need to decide before getting a bird feeder is the kind of bird you wish to feed. Is the feeder meant to be used for captive Birds or wild birds? If you want something that can fit in a cage, you need to opt for a bird feeder that is smaller in size so that it fits comfortably.

2. The Location Used

The kind of bird feeder you require depends on the location where you are planning to place it. The bird feeders available to be used in the house or apartment might not be suitable to be used on your terrace or your backyard. Most of the outdoor models of bird feeders are wall-mounted or those that can be hanged from a tree. Whenever you choose a bird feeder, make sure that the feeder can be placed where it is out of reach of various animals like cats or dogs.

3. Easy To Use

The bird feeder you choose needs to be easy to install and to clean. It also needs to be simple so that you can refill it in no time. You also need to have a feeder that is comfortable for the bird as well, which means that the birds need to have enough space for the feeding as well as for perching.

If you are planning to get a feeder for clinging birds, they would require perches to grasp onto when feeding. So, you need to keep the number of birds, the various kinds of birds and the style of their feeding in mind before you choose a bird feeder.

4. Material Used

The durability of your bird feeder depends on the material used in its making. Make sure you always choose a feeder that is weather resistant. Wooden feeders are an ideal choice, but they need to be treated from time to time to protect them from damage caused due to water or humidity.

5. Maintenance

The bird feeder you choose needs to be easy to clean. Choose the models that come with detachable parts as they are easy to clean. You can also choose feeders that are made using glass, plastic, or steel as they can be kept germ free. Feeders made using clay or wood can be hard to sanitize.

6. Keep Safety In Mind

The bird feeders you choose should not have sharp edges or a design that can cause harm to a bird. If required, place more than a bird feeder and space them at a distance to avoid any crowding.

7. Choose Larger Bird Feeders

Larger bird feeders are not only easy to maintain but are easy to refill as well. You need to consider the fact that it might be hard to step out often to refill the feeder when it is raining or snowing outside. You can choose a feeder that can hold at least 2 lb of seeds.

Always remember that bird feeding is not a hobby or a one-time activity. It is an investment you make for the long term. So, choose a bird feeder that can easily endure climatic changes and attract from garden pests like raccoons or squirrels. So, make sure you invest in a high-quality, durable bird feeder that comes with a product guarantee.

While there is no perfect bird feeder, there are a plethora of options available, most of which are popular and in high demand with customers. Let us have a look at the best bird feeders available for purchase this year.

Top 21 Best Bird Feeders 2022

1. Squirrel Buster Standard

Squirrel Buster Standard Best Bird Feeder

If you are worried about the squirrels in your garden disrupting the birds when they are feeding, the Squirrel free bird feeder is the one for you. The shroud of the bird feeder gets closed automatically when the squirrel gets over it, blocking access to the seeds inside. Also, the parts that are exposed to squirrels are made of chew-proof materials. The bird feeder is easy to use, install and dismantle as well.

One of the best features of the bird feeder is the Seed ventilation system that helps keep the seeds fresh for long. The feeder uses a spring mechanism, using which you can easily control the size of the birds that will feed on the Squirrel free bird feeder. The feeder is also dishwasher safe and the perches and the hanger are made from durable stainless-steel material.


  • A closing mechanism based on squirrels weight
  • Chew proof materials
  • Seed ventilation system


  • The feeder is small and only suitable for small birds
  • Small dispensing ports

2. Nature’s Hangout Bird Feeder

Nature's Hangout Bird Feeder

Your search for a window bird feeder that is easy to clean ends right here! The amazing bird feeder is made using a highly transparent acrylic sheet, which provides a detailed view of the birds. Just place the bird feeder right outside your window, and start experiencing close views of the local bird species.

The high-quality bird feeder is easy to clean and fill. It includes a removable tray, which can be taken out easily to get rid of any debris or seeds. The surface, too, can be wiped using a damp cloth to remove any water or dust marks.

The bird feeder also includes drain holes, which keep the seeds dry and away from any moisture. This makes it a perfect feeder that can be used in almost any climatic condition. You need not worry about rotten seeds or molds anymore. The bird feeder also has powerful suction cups that will ensure your feeder stays stable and does not fall.


  • Large and lightweight design
  • Quality suction cups
  • Can hold at least 4 cups of bird feed
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly transparent
  • Squirrel-proof


  • Seeds at times fall below the feeder tray making it hard to clean
  • Once moved, it is hard to stick it back using the suction cups

3. Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder

Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder

Bird feeders need to be kept away from squirrels, and that is what Squirrel Buster Plus helps you with. The feeder has openings at the bottom, which are aligned with the seed ports. When a squirrel climbs over the feeder, its weight closes the seed ports. Both squirrels, as well as large birds, are kept away, but no harm is caused to them. The feeder also holds a lot of seeds, thus reducing your effort of refilling it time and again.

One of the best bird feeders available in the market, it can easily be assembled and dismantled without the need for any tools. So, filling the bird feeder or cleaning after a few days is not a hassle anymore. Like other models, this feeder too has the seed ventilation system that keeps the seeds fresh for long, thus attracting more birds. It also includes a Cardinal ring that can be used to attract Northern Cardinals.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Includes Cardinal Ring
  • Seed Ventilation System


  • A little expensive but worth the money spent

4. Squirrel Solution200

Squirrel Solution200

An efficient squirrel proof bird feeder, the Squirrel Solution is a tube styled feeder that works like a charm for smaller birds. The feeder helps to tackle the most common problem faced by bird feeders, squirrels. The feeder, though effective, does not include any hanging hardware. So, you will have to hang it on a tree or use alternate hanging equipment. The feeder has a loop on one end of the hanging wire, which his big enough to be placed on a large post or branch.

The inner tube of this bird feeder is made of high-quality plastic, which is durable and UV treated. It also includes a yellow plastic tube that provides the lock-out action to keep away the squirrels and is hardly visible when you fill it with seeds. The bird feeder is heavy-duty, and the product description also states that the company provides a “Lifetime Care” support. So, this is a bird feeder you can buy without a second thought.


  • Works as advertised
  • Easy to fill
  • Appealing and attractive design


  • Does not attract large birds

5. Natural Gear Crystal

Natural Gear Crystal View

A perfect bird feeder for Bluebirds, Finches, Robins, and more, the Crystal View Window Bird Feeder is what you need to enjoy bird watching up-close. The feeder provides you with a never like before experience with this feeder that can be placed on the window using the suction cups provided.

The feeder does not cause any condensation and provides a crystal clear view of the birds. The seed tray too can hold approximately 4 cups of bird food or seeds, making food available to a lot of birds at the same time. The feeder also has drain holes and includes a dome roof to protect the birds and the food from harsh climatic conditions.


  • Excellent design with great quality
  • Sturdy and highly functional feeder


  • The food tray does not hold much

6. Perky-Pet Panorama

Perky-Pet Panorama

If you want to give the birds in your garden or the backyard a place to rest and eat, the Copper Panorama bird feeder will get your job done. The feeder not only looks attractive in copper but also keeps squirrels away.

The size of the feeder can also be adjusted as required, and seeds too are kept fresh with the ventilation system. Plus, the bird feeder also looks attractive when placed in your yard, especially when you do not need to worry about the squirrels stealing the bird food.

The feeder has a tray-style feeding port, and this allows the birds to eat from all the angles. It can hold up to 2 pounds of bird food or seeds. Like other feeders, this too has drain holes to keep the seeds fresh and prevent moisture.


  • Antique finish
  • Feeding on all angles
  • Sure lock cap system


  • Rusts easily
  • Does not provide a shield from rain or snow

7. Kingsyard Bird Feeder

Kingsyard Bird Feeder

The wooden bird feeder with an elegant design is what you need to attract various kinds of birds. The feeder is not squirrel proof, but it is excellent in terms of quality and durability. The bird feeder works well with different types of birds and you can feed smaller as well as bigger birds using this.

The feeder has drainage holes that keep the seeds fresh for long, and it has a tray-style feeding port which makes it easy to fill it from time to time. The tray has access from all the angles and also includes U shaped perches. The metal feeder is rustproof and looks more like a wooden one. The design of the feeder looks more like a house, but the roof can be removed for easy cleaning and filling. If you are looking for an excellent quality bird feeder to add to your backyard environment, this is the one to choose!


  • Easy to clean and fill
  • Very durable and sturdy
  • 100% lifetime care


  • Not suitable for cardinals to hang and eat

8. Perky-Pet 325C

Perky-Pet 325C

A two-tier squirrel proof bird feeder is what you need if you have many birds to feed at one go. This feeder can be placed on a tree or you can use a pole to place it on a landscape or a patio. The birds love this feeder as they can focus on what they like and what is around them, and forget about an attack from squirrels.

The feeder has two different compartments, allowing you to feed a lot of birds. You need not worry about refilling the feeder from time to time, and this feature comes in handy during winters. The feeder has the sure lock cap that keeps the squirrels away.

The feeder also has an antique copper finish that looks excellent in any landscape. It can even hold various kinds of seeds or nut blends and mixed seeds as well.


  • Copper finish
  • Drain holes
  • Dural circular perches


  • Rusts easily when the temperatures are low

9. Tube Bird Feeder

Tube Bird Feeder

The tube styled bird feeder is an excellent add-on to your garden. The bird feeder is available in classic green color and has 6 feeding ports, thus allowing more birds to feed at one time. The feeder can be filled with seeds of various kinds, and the feeder can hold up to 4 cups of seeds or bird food.

The tube bird feeder is perfect as a hummingbird feeder and can be easily hung from a tree or another place in your garden or balcony. Ideal for small places, the bird feeder is made of high-quality plastic but does not protect squirrels. So, make sure you place it at a height where squirrels cannot reach.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Mixed seed feeder
  • 6 feeding ports


  • Delicate
  • Not squirrel proof

10. Classic Bird Feeder

Classic Bird Feeder

If you love to watch different kinds of birds that visit your garden to eat, the classic squirrel proof bird feeder is worth a try. The feeder is easy to clean and maintain, thus saving you a lot of time. You will also save on money as squirrels will not be able to steal the food from this bird feeder.

Users can easily adjust the weight settings, and when a squirrel tries to get on to the feeder, the ports are closed, deterring the critters from the food. Even the parts that are exposed to squirrels are chew-proof.


  • Excellent seed ventilation system
  • Easy to install and dismantle
  • Squirrel-proof


  • The feeder is not adjustable

11. Perky-Pet 325S

Perky-Pet 325S

If you are looking for a stylish add on to your garden or your backyard, the Panorama bird feeder is what you need. The bird feeder has two compartments, each with different feeding ports. The feeder has tray style feeding ports that allow the birds to feed from every angle.

The feeder can also be used to feed about 2 pounds of seeds at one go, so you need not fill it often. If you are looking for a bird feeder that is easy to clean and maintain and can hold a good amount of bird feed, this is the one to choose.


  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Sure lock system to keep squirrels away


  • Not suitable for larger birds

12. Woodlink Absolute II

Woodlink Absolute II

A durable and one of the best bird feeders available for purchase online, the Absolute Squirrel resistant bird feeder from Woodlink features the innovative TopLoc feature that enables easy cleaning and filling. The bird feeder is large in size and can hold up to 12 lbs of bird food, which means more food for the birds, and not so frequent filling.

It is hard to keep Squirrels away from plastic or wood bird feeders as they chew it easily. This is one of the reasons why the bird feeder from Woodlink is made of a high-quality steel body and a durable powder-coated finishing. The bird feeder has feeders on both sides, helping you attract more birds. The feeder can be hanged on a pole or a tree with the help of a steel hanger provider, or you can even pole mount the same.


  • Durable feeder
  • Keeps squirrels away
  • Feeds birds from both the sides
  • Adjustable perches


  • Does not keep large birds away

13. Droll Yankees Bird Feeder

Droll Yankees Bird Feeder

Are you worried about a squirrel scaring the birds away from the feeder and stealing the food? If yes, you need a bird feeder that uses a seed locking mechanism that will help you keep the critters and rodents away.

The squirrel proof bird feeder is not only durable and weather-resistant but will also add to the aesthetic appeal to any landscape. Birds too would love to spend more time around this feeder as squirrels are kept away. The feeder can also hold about 5 pounds of seeds and allows the birds to feed from the 4 ports available.

So, bring home the durable and functional bird feeder and enjoy bird watching in your backyard.


  • Highly durable
  • Motorized perch ring
  • No seed spills


  • Low battery performance

14. Twinkle Star Wild Bird Feeder

Twinkle Star Wild Bird Feeder

Most bird feeders have a lot of features in common, but stylish design and ease of use sets the Twinkle Star wild bird feeder apart from the rest. The bird feeder is made using durable plastic and comes in a trendy, eye-catching design.

The large capacity bird feeder can easily hold various kinds of seeds, including sunflower seeds or peanuts. The cover of the bird feeder uses a twist-lock mechanism, making it easy to open and close. It also includes a mesh that makes it easy to keep a tab on the seed level.


  • Attractive design
  • Large capacity
  • Can be used to attract wild birds


  • Does not keep squirrels away

15. Solar Bird-Feeder

Solar Bird Feeder

This is a solar-powered, durable and high-quality bird feeder that is made using eco-friendly bronze metal. The bird feeder is not only sturdy but is weather-resistant and waterproof as well. The feeder comes included with a solar cell and a panel, and it can be used as a lantern at night.

Available in an attractive vintage lantern shape, it is made using mosaic glasses, with the base and the cap made using copper tone metal. The glass is transparent and reflects the sunlight, adding beauty to your garden.

The bird feeder also has an inclined roof that protects the birds and has a metal hook that can be used for hanging it on a tree or a porch.


  • Solar enabled
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Attractive mosaic glass design


  • The feeder is a little heavy

16. Droll Yankees YCPD90

Droll Yankees YCPD90

If you have tried various bird feeders and have always been disappointed as they do not keep squirrels away, it is time you give the Dipper squirrel proof bird feeder a try.

The hanging style bird feeder can be placed almost anywhere. You can hang it from a tree or even place it in your balcony. Whatever place you choose, this is certainly going to be an attractive add-on to your garden or backyard. The feeder can hold a good amount of seeds, and the perches dispense the seeds evenly via the four seed ports.


  • Durable
  • Fade proof UV treated feeding tube
  • Squirrel Proof


  • Does not chase large birds away

17. Effortless Bird Feeder

Effortless Bird Feeder

Specially designed to attract wild birds like orioles and cardinals, the elegant tube styled bird feeder allows you to feed the bird and watch them at the same time. The feeder has a drop-down feature that promises easy filling and cleaning.

The bird feeder also has a unique tray and a roof design that helps protect the seeds from harsh climatic conditions. The feeding tube is UV treated and can easily hold 5-6 cups of bird feed.


  • Elegant design
  • Highly functional
  • Rust free steel material used


  • Not easy to refill

18. Hanging Wild Feeder

Hanging Wild Feeder

The handing wild bird seed feeder is heavy duty and stands tall at approximately 14 inches. Made using high-quality metal and with a copper finish, the feeder has four ports that allow a large number of birds to feed at once. The feeder can be easily placed on a pole or a feeding station or even a tree branch.

The hanging bird feeder works well if you want to add mixed seeds in it. The lid can be easily lifted for cleaning and refilling purpose. The seed compartment is transparent and helps you see when the seeds are running out.


  • High-quality copper finishing
  • Easy to clean and refill
  • Lightweight yet sturdy


  • Is not squirrel proof

19. Perky-Pet 336

Perky-Pet 336

The bird feeder is squirrel proof and is designed in a way only to feed the bird’s weight and not that of a squirrel. You can place these bird feeders in your backyard without the worry of any critters coming and scaring the birds away.

Made using metal, the bird feeder is weight activated and thus keeps squirrels away. It has 6 feeding ports and allows more birds to feed at the same time. If you want to transform your garden into a nature lover’s paradise, this is the feeder to choose from.


  • Rustic design
  • Can feed multiple birds
  • Keeps squirrels away


  • Is not rust-free

20. Perky-Pet 338 

Perky-Pet 338 

A bird feeder inspired by the country-side is perfect for your backyard or garden. The feeder has a functional design that helps keep squirrels away while welcoming various species of birds. The roof the feeder can be removed for easy cleaning and filling.

The bird feeder has adjustable springs that allow you to choose from four available positions. You can change the position based on the kinds of birds you wish to feed. If you have tried various bird feeders but were not able to keep large birds and squirrels away, you may wish to try this product.


  • Blocks squirrels
  • Easy to maintain
  • Attractive design


  • Does not chase squirrels away completely

21. Mountain Chapel

Mountain Chapel

If you are looking for a trendy and functional bird feeder, it is time you choose one that has a natural design and transparent windows with leaf prints on it. The Mountain Chapel bird feeder has a transparent seed compartment that makes it easy for the user to check the seed levels.

The feeder can hold up to 3.5 lbs of birdseed, which can be filled easily by lifting its roof. If you need a bird feeder that can easily accommodate large seeds or seed mix, this is the one to choose.


  • Durable
  • Functional design


  • Not squirrel proof


1. How To Keep Squirrels Away From Bird Feeders?

One of the best ways to keep squirrels away is by choosing squirrel proof bird feeders.

2. How Can I Hang A Bird Feeder Outside The Window?

Window bird feeders are easily available for online purchase that can be installed with the help of suction cups.

3. Which Foods Can I Use With Bird Feeders?

Foods like nuts, seeds, bird feed, nectar, fruits, millets, and peanuts can be used with most bird feeders.

4. Where Should I Place The Bird Feeder?

Bird feeders can be hung in places where the birds are safe from predators. Make sure they are away from noisy areas and away from a cat or dog’s reach.

Tips To Keep Your Bird Feeder Clean

One of the biggest responsibilities of a bird feeder is to keep the feeder clean. Birds can transmit diseases, and this is one of the reasons why every bird feeder needs to be cleaned at least 2-3 times a month. If you are using an open-air feeder, you can wait till the end of the season to clean it well. Mentioned below are a few tips that will help you with the cleaning of the bird feeder.

1. Equipment

Make sure to wear rubber gloves as it prevents the spread of pathogens, if any. You can also use a hand brush that can be found at pet stores with ease. You can even use an old toothbrush for cleaning.

2. Detach Parts

Detach all the parts of the bird feeder so that you can even clean it thoroughly without leaving even a nook or a cranny.

3. Exterior

The exterior of the bird feeder has to be cleaned thoroughly to get rid of any bird feces or seeds.

4. Products

While there are many commercial products available for cleaning bird feeders, it is always safe to make your cleaning agent. Just add one part of chlorine to nine parts of warm water. You can even use a very mild dishwashing soap for cleaning.

5. Drying

Once all the organic waste as well the debris is cleaned off, rinse it well and dry it in the sun for your refill it with seeds. Once it is all dry, fill the seeds and hang it in place.

Buy Best Bird Feeder To Enjoy Bird Watching

Buying the best bird feeder might feel like a task, but it is worth every second and every penny spent. Watching the birds feed on the seeds without the need for any binoculars is an experience of a lifetime. Not just that you will enjoy bird feeding buy using the best bird feeder but you will also help birds especially during winters when the food for birds is less. Order a bird feeder today and enjoy bird watching while sipping your morning coffee!