Western Bluebirds Feed their young

We have been watching this Western Bluebird nesting box for some time in a remote canyon area near our home.  For several weeks the parents have been busy feeding their young.  In the morning, juicy worms seem to be their choice.  In the afternoon,  butterflies, beetles, and flies are on the menu.  Several weeks ago, I stood on a chair and was able to determine that there were 3 young Bluebirds.  However, that same day a Cooper’s Hawk planted itself right above the nest.  Last week we could only see these two chicks as they poked their heads through the hole in the box. We think the hawk might of taken one of the chicks.  The remaining two always seem to know when the parents are approaching and start screaming for food.  Maybe the adults make a noise we can’t hear? In tandem, the parents take turns feeding their young.  The male is much more tolerant of our presence;  the female is more cautious. They are both tireless in their mission!

From left to right: female with bug, spotted chick, male feeding chicks

Western Bluebird|Alamo Canyon|San Luis Obispo County, CA Western Bluebird|Alamo Canyon|San Luis Obispo County, CA [SinglePic not found]