Weird Rooster with an Afro

We don’t normally show domestic birds, but we couldn’t resist with this one.  We found this chicken at the Avila Barn near Avila Beach, California.  They have local produce, hay rides, gifts, and some farm animals. We like to stop and get their roasted corn-on-the-cob in the summer time.  We were sitting there eating our corn with this character came strutting by, flicking his head feathers.  He gave us several spectacular crows and checked us out.  It was obvious that he couldn’t see very well with his feathers hanging over his eyes, which made him all the more entertaining.  Any way, here are some interesting facts about this bird:

As near as I could find out, he is called a White-crested Black Polish Chicken.  These chickens have black plumage on their bodies with an elaborate white crest (can also include some black feathers). The crest droops off  the sides and the back of their heads.  The chickens are raised domestically; they come in bearded and non-bearded varieties.  They are one of the most common breeds of the crested chickens, and are very tame.  As we noted, sometimes the crest is so large, the chickens don’t see very well.  They have a habit of being picked on by other chickens, and they often get lost because they can’t find their way home!  Sometimes the feathers have to be clipped back so they can see.  So,  that’s our rooster with his unusual bouffant crest!  ( I still think it looks like an Afro!)


white-crested-polish-rooster-crowing white-crested-polish-rooster-back white-crested-polish-rooser-profile2