Sharing the Birds with Kids

We had our grandson here for Thanksgiving and had a chance to share our birds with him.  He is 18 months old and just starting to discover things.  What fun we had!  During the nine days they were here, he helped feed our birds everyday. First,  we would dig in the bag to get some seed in his cup;  ( he loved feeling the texture of the seed on his hands) Then, he  poured the seeds  out on the ground for our House Sparrows, Towhees, and White-crowned Sparrows.  Next, we filled the feeding tray and our feeder. ( His mom and I laughed over the seed she found in his front pocket of his overalls, so I guess not all of the seed made it to the birds!)

Then it was time to get the peanuts for the Jays.  With one in each hand, he would put the peanuts out on the feeding platform. The Jays, of course, would come immediately to get the peanuts, carefully picking up each one before making their choice.  What a priceless expression our grandson would get on his face!

I found such pleasure in sharing the birds with him!  His other grandparents are birders too, so maybe we are creating a bird lover for the next generation!  It’s such a little thing to share…