Farmers Gather Duck and Goose Eggs

It’s almost that time again when the ducks and geese will be laying their eggs.  Mallards at our local pond lay their eggs in the rushes along the shore, but a great number of ducks and geese travel to a different kind habitat to lay their eggs.  I’m talking about the pothole areas of the Prairie States, or areas like the farming belts in  the Sacramento Valley in California. The females are laying their eggs right in the middle of the cultivated fields!  This has become a problem for farmers during harvest time. According to  Joe Scott on Farmview Radio,, the farmers are now gathering goose and duck eggs from their alfalpha fields and are taking them to hatching centers. They use a flushing bar attached to their tractors to scare the birds off of their nests, and then follow-up with ATC vehicles to collect the eggs.  Way to go farmers!