All of the owls except the Barn Owl are found in the Strigidae family.  Barn Owls are found in the Tytonidae family.  Owls are mostly nocturnal birds.  They are birds of prey and will eat rodents, birds, fish, large insects, and reptiles.  They have large heads with facial disks, large forward facing eyes, hooked bills and claws. Their feet are usually feathered.  Some owls also have feathered “horns” on their heads. The sexes are similar but the female is usually larger.  They hunt by roosting and waiting for prey.  Their flights are noiseless due to their fluffy feathers, which gives them an element of surprise.  Most owls, except the Burrowing Owls, nest in tree cavities.  The Burrowing Owl, as its name suggests, nests in burrows.

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