Chickadees, Titmice, Verdins, Bushtits

Chickadees and Titmice are tiny birds found in the Paridae family.  They are plump, small billed, and roam around in small bands.  They eat insects, seeds, and berries, often hanging acrobatically upside down from tree branches and bushes.

Verdins are found in the Remizidae family.  They are tiny active birds with pointed bills found in the southwest United States.  They are most known for their elaborate and intricate nests.  Their main foods are insects and spiders.  It is common for them to be found hanging upside down like the Chickadee.

Bushtits are also tiny birds but they have longer tails and are found in the Aegithalidae family of birds.  They are very social birds and are commonly found feeding in large flocks, flitting from tree to tree.  They build elaborate, hanging, nests.

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