Barn Owl Spotted by Road

We were lucky to spot a nocturnal bird, called a Barn Owl, in the daytime when it is not usually seen. It was covered in bright tawny-colored feathers that were shining in the sun as it sat on a post.We just loaded the information sheet;   Click here to read more about this beautiful bird!

What’s in a Tweet? 25 interesting facts about bird songs

It’s 4 A.M. and the Mockingbird outside my window is tuning up for another string of songs. He sings three notes and repeats, and repeats, and repeats…I used to think birds sang because they were happy, but here are some of the things I learned about these so called “Tweets”! Birds sing to carry messages [...]

Sharing the Birds with Kids

We had our grandson here for Thanksgiving and had a chance to share our birds with him.  He is 18 months old and just starting to discover things.  What fun we had!  During the nine days they were here, he helped feed our birds everyday. First,  we would dig in the bag to get some [...]

20 Interesting Notes on Migrating Birds

As fall touches the air again, migration is in full swing. We have been seeing the occasional warbler passing through as well as the returning sandpipers to our beaches. Each bird has to make the decision to migrate, whether to endure the long flights and innumerable dangers, or remain to face a sometimes rigorous winter. [...]

Weird Rooster with an Afro

We don’t normally show domestic birds, but we couldn’t resist with this one.  We found this chicken at the Avila Barn near Avila Beach, California.  They have local produce, hay rides, gifts, and some farm animals. We like to stop and get their roasted corn-on-the-cob in the summer time.  We were sitting there eating our [...]

15 Unusual Ways Some Birds Beat the Heat

Birds are warm blooded and try to keep the inside of their bodies at a constant temperature. They pant through their mouths, fluff their feathers for better circulation, lift their wings for air flow, seek shade, and take baths. Here are some of the more unusual ways birds beat the heat! 1.  Pelicans flap their [...]

Birding Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, Colorado

Two weeks ago we got back from a family trip to Colorado.  We visited Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge twice, both times while we were waiting for planes. ( The Refuge is very close to the Denver airport.)  It  is  15,000 acres of prairie lands which have been turned into a sanctuary. The area [...]

Western Bluebirds Feed their young

We have been watching this Western Bluebird nesting box for some time in a remote canyon area near our home.  For several weeks the parents have been busy feeding their young.  In the morning, juicy worms seem to be their choice.  In the afternoon,  butterflies, beetles, and flies are on the menu.  Several weeks ago, [...]

Funny video of Parrots

You’ll get a kick out of this…. Gimme Kiss.. cmok cmok cmok.. watch ya doin? (talking parrot seduction) HD – YouTube Be sure to check out more information on the Rose-ringed Parakeet from our information page under “Parrots”!

Farmers Gather Duck and Goose Eggs

It’s almost that time again when the ducks and geese will be laying their eggs.  Mallards at our local pond lay their eggs in the rushes along the shore, but a great number of ducks and geese travel to a different kind habitat to lay their eggs.  I’m talking about the pothole areas of the [...]