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We became birders quite by accident when a job transfer precipitated a move to the Orange County area near Los Angeles, California. We found ourselves in some of the many city and county parks of the area, and noticed birds we hadn’t seen before. We lived in this area for a year before being transferred to Ventura, California.  Ventura provided us with new habitats and new birds!   We were hooked! We currently live in the Central Coast area of California and continue our birding  journey.

In the beginning, we had trouble finding the birds we were seeing in books. Our books would often show only one picture of the bird.  We quickly learned that each bird  might look different as a juvenile, a male, a female, during breeding, during molting, or in the summer and winter.

As beginning birders, we realized other new birders must be having trouble too! We began documenting the birds we were seeing using our cameras. At home, we compared our images with the book’s images.  We read about the individual bird, studied what it “might” look like, and noted  any unusual behaviors. This system has continued to work for us.  We are now better informed for our next encounter with that particular bird!

Our site shares some of what we have learned about the birds we have seen. We have tried to photograph each bird in its natural habitat. Almost all of the birds displayed have been seen by us in the wild.  Occasionally, we will visit a zoo or an educational center when we feel it is necessary to complete a description. We hope these additional images will provide you with the best possible chance of identifying a bird.

We have become fascinated with birds, discovered both humor and beauty, and have gained a lot knowledge. We certainly have been royally entertained by their antics!  The nice thing about birding is that we will probably never run out of birds to see and to photograph. We hope you will look around and enjoy our bird site. Maybe it will encourage you to become a birder too!

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Bob and Jan Shriner

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